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Mr.Vincino'sBarbershop-Jack and Tim by SailorNaruto52

"So which one of you feels like a nice short haircut for the day?” Mr Vincino scoffed at them.
"I'm not going. You can't make me.” Jack announced.
"I have some different opinions on that matter,” Mr. Vincino proclaimed with his devilish smile. "In fact I'll save you for last Jack. So Timmy boy you're up first.”
Mr. Vincino dragged Tim into the chair and his snake around Tim tightened him to the chair securing him into chair and making sure he could not move.
"So Timmy-boy what would you like?”
"I'd like to get the hell out of here.”
"So a short horseshoe flattop?”
Tim gulped and Mr. Vincino laughed a laugh that resonated throughout the entire room and sent chills down Tim's spine. Mr. Vincino picked up his clippers and then started cutting Tim's jet black hair.
He started on sides cutting off the stubble from Tim's undercut and created white walls while simultaneously creating the vertical sides of the flattop. When he was done he got out a boar comb and butch wax. He worked the butch wax into Tim's hair and he combed it until he got every hair exactly into place. He put the clipper in the middle of Tim's head and pulled back to reveal a landing strip on the top of Tim's head. He then pulled out a comb and set them on the front of Tim's flat and cut it down to Ό of an inch. Tim's mouth dropped and Mr. Vincino continued cutting. Tim's hair fell and the hair that covered the top completely covered the stubble shaved off previously. Once the top was nice and flat Mr. Vincino lathered all of the stubble and shaved it off. He was finished.
"So how do you like your nice horseshoe haircut now Timmy boy,” Mr. Vincino taunted. "Your hair was really nice it is a shame that it had to go.”
Tim ran out of the chair and tried to open the door with tears streaming down his face.
"I just want out of here damn it”
"There's still one more customer left. Come on and get over here Jack.”
"No I don't want my haircut.” Jack pleaded his voice cracking in his attempt to sound tough.
"Your getting it cut and you're going to like it.” Tim said and hurled himself at Jack.
The two scrambled for a while and Tim was being overpowered by Jack's brute force. Both boys looked pretty lanky however the difference between them was that Jack only looked that way and had some hidden strength in him whereas Tim did not. Just when it seemed Jack would win Cory came out of nowhere and grabbed Jack by his silky brown hair his pure brute strength beating Jack's. He then placed Jack in the chair and the last snake entrapped him in the chair.
"Now, now Jack I was going to give you something nice and clean cut like a short back and sides, but you forced me to this. You're getting a nice baldy with shaving cream and all.”
"No, please don't. Come on. I don't want to. Cory,, Tim please.”
"You heard him. You're getting a nice baldy.” Cory said with a devilish smirk. With that Mr. Vincino grabbed the clippers, fired them up and started cutting with a long white stripe down the middle of Jack's head.
Vicino continued cutting and ran the clippers over the top as Jack's silky brown hair fell to the ground and covered the rest of the hair shorn easily. Jack was horrified through all of this and eventually started crying. This caused Vincino great pleasure and cut with more fury. Starting on the left side as the hair continued to fall as if it were a hair tsunami. In the place of the hair was a completely white head full of stubble. Mr. Vincino then lathered it with shaving cream. He then scrapped it all off with his straight razor and thus ended the haircut and Jack's crying face at what had happened.
"Well I guess that's all there is to it,” Mr. Vincino said and then laughed. "I hope you all enjoyed your haircuts. Goodbye and have fun.”
And just like that Mr. Vincino was gone and the shop changed back to its abandoned state. The hair was cleaned up and the only thing that remained were the changed boys. They stood still for a while and just looked at each other. After a while they all left the barbershop. As the walked they started talking.
"Man can you believe what happened. We probably all look like strangers.” Tim noted.
"Yeah I know.” Jack said downtrodden.
"I still can't believe the stories were true and that Jim was right,” Tim said in disbelief. "It's gonna take forever for our hair to grow back though.”
"No it's not,” Cory said.
"What do you mean?” Jack questioned.
"It's not because we're keeping them and you two are going to like it.” Cory commanded.
"What? Why would we do that?” Jack said astonished.
"Because I said so.” Cory said and then grabbed them.
He held them both by their necks choking them while he simultaneously kept them in place. And this was all it took as Cory, Tim and Jack all kept their new look. Cory because he enjoyed the power it seemed to give him. Jack and Tim however did not like their looks at all, but kept them because of their fear of Cory. Cory would schedule weekly haircuts for the boys to make sure their looks were spiff and span and he did so with a set of clippers very much like Mr. Vicino's. No one knew where these clippers had come from they had appeared mysteriously on Cory's doorstep after the boys' visit to Mr. Vincino's barbershop. In the end Mr. Vincino had started a chain reaction with these boys that would enact a giant change throughout the entire town that would last for quite a while.

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