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23 to 63 - part five by Titan

Chapter 5

Brian was very surprised when Sean entered his shop. He subconsciously adjusted his wig which he had grown use to. He hadn't seen Sean since his first visit to the small tobacconist he ran and now here he was not looking so hot. His perfectly shaved head sported a fringe of stubble making him look a lot older. He'd let his goatee go with the whiskers starting to form a full beard. But what he noticed the most was the kids belly. It was very pronounced with the t shirt he was wearing riding up slightly exposing his skin. What had he been eating?
"Morning, how can I help you today?" Brian said a touch of aloofness in his voice. He blamed Sean for his hairs desecration at the barbers shop and so far he still hadn't noticed any hair growing in except in a horseshoe identical to Sean's. He knew the barber had used something more permanent on his crown area and he wasn't happy.

"I'd like to buy some more tobacco if I could." Sean said looking closely at Brians hairline. Something seemed different. His hair looked different. Not as luxuriant as he remembered and much greyer.
"Certainly." He answered while looking up the customer file on Sean.
"Been back to that barber of yours?" Brian casually asked.
"No....I haven't.....why do you ask?"
"You look as if you could do with another headshave."
"Oh, well I'm not sure if I like the smooth look."
"Really? Well I think it suited you more than the balding look." Brian said a touch gruffly knowing he wore the same haircut under the wig. It seemed this Barber liked everyone to have the same looks he had; mpb.
Feeling self conscious Sean rubbed a hand over his stubble finding the sensation between the hair free crown and the horseshoe of stubble amazing. It had become addictive. "Well not all of us have such thick, dense hair like you. He couldn't stop looking at Brians hair. It looked sort of...well, different, unnatural.
"I thought you were going there for an overdue haircut."
"Yeah, well I changed my mind didn't I." And with that he quickly completed the sale and sent Sean on his way.

As Sean left the pipe store he wondered why the owner had been so off-handed with him. He actually thought there had been a mutual attraction then without hesitation lit his pipe as if he'd been a pipeman for years and walked in the direction of his barbershop. Maybe he should have that hunky barber give him another headshave just like Brian had mentioned. That would be a way to cheer up as there was definitely mutual interest there and besides, he liked how he was looking. More like the older man he wanted to be.


"So you want another headshave?" Clyde asked as he puffed on his oversized pipe. He was surprised Sean was back. He felt sure he'd be angry at his forced mpb haircut.
"Yeah, I'm not so sure about this stubble and why isn't it growing on top? That can't be normal!"
" Well no it's not, I took the liberty of using a strong hair retardant to slow the growth. I thought you would look better with just a shadow of hair. Like me." He said as he rubbed his own scalp.
"I...I....I'm not sure I like it on me." He lied as he turned his head each way as he faced the mirror. "So how long does it take to grow back on top?"
"Maybe a few weeks....I used quite a bit to keep it looking more natural. Look I'm really sorry ....I thought you'd like it. How about I make it up with a free headshave and I'll use some of that retardant on the remaining hair so you stay bald longer just like the scalp on top."

Before he had time to say anything the barber was capping him up.
Of course Clyde offered his newest client a whisky and before long his hypnosis was being used once again on reinforcing Sean's new life.
"Yes Sean, it's lucky you came to me. I have the tools to help you become the man you always wanted to be. No more mistaking you for a teenager.withmy help you will become a totally new man. It's what you've always wanted and now with my help its all possible."
Sean merely moaned as Clyde rubbed the bristles around the side of his head with a thick white cream. "You love the bald look I've created so much you will never let anyone shave your head again. You will look in the mirror and be happy with what I am doing. Slowly making you into the man I want. You will be eager for all the changes I have planned and will not question me. Do you understand Sean?"
"Yes what?" Clyde pressed.
"Yes Sir."
"That's better." Clyde smiled as he rubbed the cream into the skin where the horseshoe of hair was starting to grow. It was the same stuff he'd used on the kids beard. It seemed to work on all hair types and miraculously fast. Maybe he should market it once he convinced the Chinese merchant.
He spread more of the cream through the beard noticing Sean had stopped shaving the sides and the van dyke was well on the way to a full beard. He decided to see what the beard would look like in the end. It could always be altered.

He needed Sean to see he was never going to be the same again.

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