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Small World by Dave

Are you one of those who had a best friend in high school and then
circumstances happen where you lose track of that friend over the years? If
you aren’t one of those individuals, I am sure you know of several people in
that ‘boat.’ I am one of those individuals. It seem like it was just
yesterday that I was in my senior year in high school. I had a great time
with my best friend Jay. He was the complete opposite of me. I was the
quiet one and reserved. Jay on the other hand, was very fun loving and very
outgoing. I was into the academics and Jay was more inclined towards the
general courses. I do remember he was excellent at art. He could draw
anything. Me? I couldn’t even draw a straight line with a ruler….if you
know what I mean.

After graduation, I went to college out of town. Jay got a job in the
community. Whenever I was home, I would look up Jay and we had the best
times together. Gradually I found myself coming home less and less due to
the nature of the course work. I had decided to become a veterinarian. I
found four more years of study ahead of me and lost track of Jay. I had
asked my parents several times about him and they admitted they hadn’t seen
him in some time. When I was home the last time, I had inquired about Jay,
but couldn’t find out anything about where he was.

As I was completing my studies to become a Veterinarian, my parents sold
their home in the city and bought a small farm in a different state. I had
decided to find a small town where my services would be needed but where I
could make a living. By the time I had graduated, the folks had settled in
on their little farm. It was nothing more than 20 acres of rich soil, small
barn, and a small home they had built. Upon visiting them after I finished
my studies, I found that they had settled it a small community where most of
the citizens were well-educated, professional individuals. No Vets were to
be had for miles around. I found the perfect spot for my Clinic. I would
be really close to my parents as well.

The first thing I did when I had made up my mind was to tell the folks.
They were happy to hear of my decision. Dad told me to go and see a friend
of his at a bank in town. He was sure I would be able to work out a deal
for the money I would need for setting up my clinic. To my surprise, the
officer of the bank was most helpful and we were able to work out an
agreement that would meet my needs, financially. Finding a suitable
building was a little more complicated, but I found one that was almost
finished and would be easily changed to meet my needs. Supplies were
ordered and I would be in business in about a month.

I found a beautiful place just outside of town that appealed to me. It had
a new home on the property and about 50 acres of rich land. It turned out
that one of the members of the church that I began to attend owned the
property and was looking to sell. I talked to him about it and the only
thing holding up the sale was the finishing of the house. I couldn’t
believe how things were falling into place for me. It wasn’t long before I
was able to move in and get settled. Spring was just around the corner so I
knew there would be lots to do once the growing season began.

I had been so busy with a lot of things that I didn’t have time to explore
the town itself. One morning while I was shaving, I noticed how badly I
needed a haircut. That morning I was determined to find a barber and take
care of that need before going to the clinic and get started unpacking and
setting things up. On Main Street there were no barbershops. The only
person I knew besides my father who might know of a barber was my banker. I
stopped in to say Hi. Jed wanted to know how things were progressing. I
told him I was about ready to open up my clinic and the little farm was
coming right along also. He asked me what he could do for me and I know I
turned a little red in the face when I said, “I need to find a barber.” Jed
didn’t hesitate one minute. He told me of a young barber just off Main
Street on Maple Street. He said I couldn’t miss it. I thanked him and off
I went.

It was so nice that spring day that I decided to leave the car in the clinic
parking lot and walk. I loved this town. It was so nice and quiet except
for the birds singing. It was no time that I was at the barbershop. I saw
the sign, Jay’s Clip Joint. All of a sudden I was taken back to my high
school days and Jay, my best friend. As I entered, I thinking of the fun
times Jay and I had during our high school years. I thought to myself, I
wonder where Jay is now and what is he doing. There was no one in the shop
when I entered. It wasn’t long before someone from the back room appeared.
He had his white smock on with his name on it - “JAY.” I noticed that his
name was most unusual when it came to design. In fact it was quite

Jay came over to me and extended his hand and said, “Hi! I’m Jay!” I
couldn’t believe my ears. The face looked quite different, but the voice
could not be mistaken. I thought I would play along for a short time to see
if he recognized me. I introduced myself as the new vet in town. No
reaction other than he said he was glad to have a clinic in town so he didn’
t have to travel such a long distance for his veterinarian needs. He asked
me to have a seat and he proceeded to put the cape around me. I was so
surprised that he didn’t recognize me. I knew I had changed a lot in
appearance over the years but I thought sure he would recognize my voice, as
I had his.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I mentioned to Jay that I had a
best friend in high school with the same name. As Jay was combing my hair,
he said, “Oh!” I went on to describe his artistic abilities and wondered
what had become of him. Still no positive response came from Jay. Jay then
said, “What became of your Jay?” I then turned to Jay and said, “Why he
became a barber.” Jay didn’t have a clue. Then I thought of the name I
used to use for him and said, “You know ‘BIRD’ I didn’t ever think you would
forget you best friend. Just then Jay dropped his comb. He didn’t even
bother to pick it up. He walked around until he was facing me and said,
“Nerd” is that you. I smiled. He couldn’t believe his eyes. I said,
“Small World isn’t it?” Here we were in a different state and we should
meet. Jay still couldn’t believe it. He gave me a big hug and I him. We
talked for a minute or two and then Jay said, “How are your parents?” I
told him that they had bought a small piece of land just outside of town and
had built a small retirement home.

Jay told me that his parents were still living the same home where he grew
up. After a minute more of catching up, I said, “Jay! What’s with the bald
head?” Jay laughed and said, “Do you like it? I got tired of combing,
shampooing, and drying my hair so I shaved it all off. I think it is cool.”
I said, “It looks comfortable. What possessed you to become a barber?” Jay
said he had tried making a living being an artist but it was a very slow
business so he decided on barbering. “I can still use my artistic skills
here in the shop and I still do paintings. I do sell one from time to

I asked Jay if he had any paintings at home for sale. I told him I had
bought a home and would be in need of some paintings for it. Jay invited me
to his home to look over his inventory. We agreed on a date.

I said, “Ok! Let’s see what you can do with this. It is in bad need of
attention.” Jay picked up the comb he had dropped and rinsed it off and
placed in some sterilizing solution and got out another. He dried it off
and combed my hair. He wanted to know how long it had been since I last had
it cut. I told him it had been some time - at least 2 months. Jay said,
“Then you must have had it quite short the last time” and I said, “Yes! I
guess it was. I don’t really remember.”

Jay laughed. I asked him what he was laughing about and he said, “Yep! It
is the Corey I remember, always the one who was deep in thought most of the
time.” I laughed also. “So Jay, what are you going to do for me today? I
am leaving it up to you.” Jay said, “Leaving it up to me are you?” I said,
“Yes! But it has to be nothing wild.” “Such as?” I said, “NO! MOHAWK!”
We both laughed and Jay clicked on the clippers. Jay said, “I can’t believe
you are going to let it up to me. You were always so definite on things
like haircuts, dress, etc. You used have your hair cut into a Businessman’s
cut all the time. You never once changed that style…like now. You still
have it, even if it is grown out considerable. I think it is time that you
break out of that stuffy mold.” I looked up at Jay and said, “That’s fine
with me.” I was so excited about meeting up with my best friend in high
school that I didn’t really care about the cut.

Without pausing, Jay took the ‘talking clippers’ and began removing all of
my hair. I didn’t say a word, besides after the first swipe on the top of
my head there was no point to say anything. Besides I was excited about
seeing Jay after all of these years, that I didn’t really think much about
how I would look. I did become a little apprehensive when the warm lather
was spread over the entire head. I knew I was going to get a baldy. When
Jay made the first pass over the top of my head with the razor, I had just
experienced a sensation that I had never before had. It was a wonderful

It wasn’t long before Jay had turned me from a shaggy businessman’s cut to
the HEAD SHAVE. I couldn’t believe it, but it did look good. Thank
goodness I had a few weeks before my clinic opened so I could get some sun
on the white noggin and get a tan.

When I left Jay, I found myself rubbing my head. I said to myself, ‘Yep!
Jay is still an artist.

I have since opened my clinic and found the people of the town and
surrounding area most appreciative of my work. I was able to spend a lot of
time outside in the sun so the head now sports a great tan. I think the tan
added a special touch to Jay’s work. I go in to have Jay give me a shave on
his slow day. The folks were surprised of my new haircut but when I told
them the story behind who cut it, they couldn’t believe it.

Dad made a statement that made me laugh. Dad said, “I can’t wait to go and
see Jay, but I am not going to let him near me with clippers or razors.”
Then Dad grinned. It turns out that Dad now goes to Jay each week for a
light trim. I asked Dad if Jay has tried to talk him into my haircut and he
said, “Yes he has, on numerous occasions and I haven’t given in yet.” I
told Dad he would look really sharp and cool with his head shaved. Mother
looked at him and smiled. Dad said, “What do you say about it Mother?” Mom
looked at him and said, “Why not try it. I like Corey’s bald head, who
knows, I might fall in love with a baldheaded man and dump you.” She then
hugged Dad.

We went on talking about how I was doing with the farm and clinic. When I
left, I was thinking about what Dad said about not giving into Jay’s offer
to shave his head. The next day I was in for Jay to shave my head, when I
mentioned that I had discussed Dad’s trip in for you to give him a trim.
Jay laughed and said, “Yes! He comes in and I offer to shave his head like
yours and mine.” Then Jay laughed again. Just as Jay was finishing up my
shine, in walked Dad. Jay and Dad exchanged greetings and I said, “Looks
great, doesn’t it Dad?” Dad said, “It sure does. Jay you do a great job on
my son. I thank you!” I got up and paid Jay and Dad sat down. I remained
and talked with Dad as Jay placed the cape on Dad. Jay then said to Dad,
“Well! Are you going to let me shave that head for you this time?” Dad’s
answer shocked both Jay and me when he said, “Yep! Let’s see if you can get
this to shine. I have a gal who is looking for a bald man to fall in love
with. I’m going to do my best to get her to pick me.” Then Dad laughed.
Of course I couldn’t leave now. I called the clinic and there was no one
waiting and no problems that needed my attention. I watched as Jay clipped
off what little hair Dad had be able to save over the years. After Jay
finished shaving, Dad looked years younger. Dad reached up and touched his
head. He said, “I should have done this before now. It feels great. I can
’t wait to see how my gal is going to like this.”

After work that night, I called the folks and Mother answered the phone. I
told her I wanted to speak with the Bald Headed Man of the House to see if
he was able to attract that cute chick for whom he had his head shaved.
Mother said, “I can’t talk now. I am busy with my new boyfriend with a sexy
bald head. I think tonight is going to be very special.” She laughed and
hung up. I smiled and thought about how much those two were in love after
all of these years. Who says a change can’t be rewarding.

On the agreed date, I stopped at Jay’s home to select some paintings for my
new home. I couldn’t believe the ‘find.’ Jay had a lot of paintings. He
could have a one-man show! I had an idea! I asked Jay if I could take some
of his paintings to my clinic and have them available for sale. I was sure
some of my clients would want them. Jay looked at me and said, “Are you
serious?” I said, “Dead Serious!”

Well! I went home with a bundle of paintings for my home. Jay is a
talented artist. Of course I like Nature Scenes - not much into abstracts.
The day before my Clinic was to open, I went to Jay for a good cleaning up!
I sure did want to make a good impression on my clients. I had hired an
assistant who turned out to be really great. Joey was quite good with
animals. He loved them all. I could tell that the animals responded to his
gentle touch. The only problem was that Joey had this really long hair and
it often times got into the way of his activities.

One day before we opened for business, I had a talk with Joey. I told him I
was delighted with his work, but he had to do something with the long
hair….either keep it under control or get it cut. Joey looked at me and
smiled. I asked him what I had said that made him smile. Joey said, “I
have been wanting to get rid of this hair, but didn’t have a way out. Now
you gave it to me. Now to find someone to do it.” I found myself with a
sadistic smile. Joey then asked me what I was smiling about. I told him I
had the perfect barber if he wanted to lose that hair!

After work that day, I headed to Jay’s and told him what might happen in the
very near future. Jay said, “If Joey comes in here, he will leave with one
of these”, pointing to his bald head. It was late Saturday afternoon when I
was speaking with Jay. Little did I know that something would happen that
would afford me opportunity to see Joey’s transformation.

Sunday afternoon I received a call from Jay saying that one of his cats was
in real trouble. Could he bring it my clinic for help? I never turn anyone
down if they have an animal in trouble. I told Jay I would meet him there
in 10 minutes. I called Joey and he said he would be glad to come and
assist. We all met and found that Timmy, the cat, had somehow fallen and
had punctured his abdomen. While I scrubbed, Joey was busy clipping the
hair from around the wound. Timmy was given a shot to put him under just
before Joey went to work. As soon as Timmy finished the clipping, Jay said,
“I can give you that same look at my shop if you cared to drop by sometime.”
Joey replied, “How about today after we finish here?” Jay smiled and said,
“It’s a date! I’ll be happy to help you out!” Joey came and washed his
hands and got ready to assist me. Timmy wasn’t in any immediate danger, but
Jay’s assessment of the situation was correct - couldn’t wait until normal
business hours to take care of the problem.

An hour and a half later, Tommy was coming around. There wasn’t any damage
to any organ inside. Tommy will be a little sore for several days that
would keep him from his usual routine, but he would be fine in a week. I
assured Jay that the hair would grow back in a short time. I put a ‘collar’
on Timmy so he couldn’t get to the incision and disturb it until healed.
Everything was put in order and we all left.

Unknown to me, Jay took Timmy to his shop and Joey followed. Later, Jay
told me what happened. When they arrived, Joey checked Timmy and found him
to be resting without any problems. Joey got in the chair and Jay came to
him and said, “I do appreciate you giving up your Sunday afternoon to help
Timmy out. You will never know how much I appreciate it.” Jay put the cape
on Joey and said, “Well now! Let’s get you looking fantastic. What did you
have in mind?” Joey began to smile and said, “I love the look you and Doc
have. I would love to surprise Doc in the morning with the same hairstyle.
Is that possible?”

Jay laughed and said, “It’s possible and here we go.” It wasn’t long before
the long hair of Joey’s became a donation to the ‘Locks of Love.’ In no
time Joey was stepping from the chair with a beautiful, shiny head. Of
course the first thing he did was to reach up and feel his head. He said,
“This is amazing! I think I know why you and Doc went this route. I thank
you very much!” Joey got his money out and Jay refused to take it. Joey
insisted, saying, “You were good enough to take up your afternoon to help me
out. I do appreciate it. I insist in paying you.” Joey had his way and
they both left the shop after Joey once again checked Tommy and pronounced
him to be doing well.

The next morning, before Joey arrived, I called Jay to find out how Tommy
was doing. Jay was delighted to tell me that he was doing fine. Tommy was
eating and moving around even if it wasn’t at his normal speed. As I was
hanging up the phone, in walked Joey. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He
looked so different. I congratulated him and of course had to give him a
good rub. He had it so smooth. Joey told me what he had done after we left
the clinic that afternoon - Sunday. I had to call Jay back and thank him
for being so kind to give Joey that haircut. Jay said, “He does look much
better now, doesn’t he?”

One day when I went in to have Jay give me a good cleanup since I had gotten
busy and didn’t feel like shaving for several days, I handed him an
envelope. I told him that we were successful in selling some of his
paintings. In fact, I told him, if he wanted to continue, I would need more
paintings as I had only one more remaining to sell. Jay thanked me and
wanted me to keep the money for what I had done for Tommy but of course I
couldn’t do that. The following morning, Jay arrived at the clinic with
more paintings. It seems the patrons liked the animal pictures, cats, dogs,
rabbits, and yes, even wild animals.

It wasn’t long before Joey had a good start on a tan. I noticed that he
seemed to have more energy after the shearing. Time and time again he would
tell me how much he liked the bald head. I can tell from the way he talks,
he is sold on the head shave. I am also and so is Jay. Oh! Yes! Mother
is in love with a BALD MAN! She and Dad are like newly weds.

I must tell you, time and time again I have been asked by my male clients
about my bald head. I have directed them to Jay and a lot of them have
found the wonderful freedom and feeling of the head shave. I know Jay has a
good product there. It seems that everyone, including me, go back to Jay
from time to time and avail ourselves of his wonderful shaving technique.

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