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Hair Master Part 2 by Trev

(First bit is a reminder - keep reading!)

Johnny had a beautiful head of hair - and he knew it - he had always known it!

As the years went by, his hair grew and grew and became the awesome mane it is today.
He was a true hair farmer who tended his crop with the utmost care and concern. He LOVED his long
It was his pride and joy.
The silky strands cascaded down over his shoulders and down almost to his waist band now - but
not straight - it undulated in waves and bulky turns. The long hair was like a living thing
itself - the way it moved, the way it shone, the way it attracted attention from all corners.
The hair flopped down over his eyes and over his nose, the point of his nose was visible - and
usually that was all apart from his chin. He swung the hair constantly more to annoy others
than for any other purpose.
The HAIR was massive and gorgeous.

And Johnny knew it - and lorded it over everyone.

He literally strutted in his skinny jeans - though they were not actually on his ass. His long
His colorful sleeveless t-shirts revealed thinly muscled arms and a very slender physique but it
was the all encompassing hair that gave him his strength and power.
He called himself the Hairmaster. "I am the Hairmaster!" he would announce to anyone within earshot.

After the bus incident, he was quite happy to get home and have a nice wanking session with his super skinny
jeans pulled even lower on his tight little ass and the super-long rattail that he had stolen from the idiot
sleeping kid on the bus.
He smirked as he looked at his prize trophy beside him, and he reveled in his own long hair surrounding him - still
intact - still beautiful - still awesome personified!
He - The Hairmaster reigns supreme. He laughed at his own ingenious pride and vainglory.

Suddenly, with his bangs falling well over his face, a few of the slightly curly wafts of hair slid into his mouth
and gave him the last jolt of excitement he needed. His back arched and he felt the rush through his slender body
as all the pent-up sexual excitement slid through and out of him all over his pillow with his favorite wank cloth on
top -soaking it with boy's release.
He always felt a bit guilty right after one of these - and he quickly hid the stolen rattail in a secret compartment under
wooden floorboards where he briefly sighted a ponytail that he has stolen earlier.

Not to worry, gents. The smirk returned soon enough during dinner time.
As usual, he was sitting at the table and eating with his head leaned forward so his long blond bangs hung over the
top of his plate as he shoveled the food in underneath. God forbid he should move the long hair off his face!
But not everyone felt as he did.

"Son, get your goddamned hair off the table and out of your food," his father glowered at him. Johnny glanced up
and peered at his father through the thick curtain of hair. He could only see his father as if through a hairy
haze, but he could see he was pissed - as usual.
The boy smirked knowing that his father couldn't see his eyes or his mouth at the moment.
"Son, did you hear me?"
The boy shrugged his thin shoulders and kept eating.
"I said to get your hair out of the way. We need to see your face."

"I don't see why," Johnny answered. "You already know what I look like," he sneered. "Anyway, I like my hair like
this, and it keeps it outta my food, dude."
He didn't bother to mention yet again that he was 22 years old and can't be told how to keep his hair.

The father's face turned red with fury as he looked at the hairy beast eating at his table. His son's pink "muscle" shirt
(a bit of a misnomer in his case with the sinewy muscles available) and his skin-tight skinny jeans that were lowered to
3/4 mast or lower below his ass all the time infuriated him as well.
Mother could see the conflict arising again.
She put a hand on father's arm, smiling gently.
"Just leave him be for now. It's just a stage."

"A long f***ing stage," he says but more quietly and less angry.

Johnny can't help but smile underneath his glorious long locks of stud's hair still cascading down over the top of his
plate and swirling around on the table.

After he finishes eating, the boy lifts his head quickly to keep the hair out of the remnants on the plate. Hey, having
extra long hair takes talent.
His long blond bangs completely conceal his face but for the tiniest bit of not tip sneaking out through the tendrils and
his chin and lower lip. His hair tends to fall into his mouth a lot when he talks or when he wants to suck on it, but a
shift of his head both directions will wave it slightly to the sides so he can speak and breath at the same time.
He looks at his dad and then lifts his heavy hair with both hands, raising the curtain off his face for the briefest of
"Hi DAD!" He smirks and giggles like a fool.
His father gives his son a weak smile and shakes his head. The boy lets the fantastically long hair sweep back down over
his entire face. He licks his lips which move the hair slightly, and he plays his tongue over his lip ring for a moment
before getting up to leave the table now that he has thoroughly annoyed his father.

Soon the young man was waddling out the door, yelling at his parents that he was off to a party. They just saw the tiny
round ass clad in bright orange underwear over the leather skinnies as he waddled like a diaper boy going out the door.

The party was fun. But, Hairmaster was of course looking for another victim. There wasn't much chance at the party, he
supposed, but maybe he could scope someone for later.
He didn't know most of these people.

Finally, he saw just what the doctor ordered. The man was a little older than him, maybe 24 or 25, but he looked much
younger. He had shaggy hair, but not what you would call long exactly - except for one long swath of hair that hung
over his face and down past his chin. It had quite a bit of curly to it and basically ended in a f***ing ringlet.
'Like a f***ing reverse rattail," Johnny sneered as he thought of it.
This extra long tail of hair that Johnny learned later was often called a devil's lock - irritated him throughout the
party. This devil's lock was not greased - at least not tonight - it flowed and waved, turned, and then curled in soft
radiant glory.
It swayed, it flowed, it got caught in the boy's mouth and he spat it out - it obliterated one or both eyes from time to
time and the dude just kept talking as if the hair wasn't a huge lump hanging down over his face.
Listening to the dude was almost like listening to himself, Johnny thought. the dude bragged constantly and was always
the hero of his stories, and he was vain - very vain, and completely attracted to himself, and especially his long lock of hair.
He spend almost as much time finding reflective surfaces to admire his long hair, pulling at it and letting it spring back
as he did bragging and boasting.

Johnny watched the dude, waited, hoped for a chance to add to his collection.
He followed the young man into the washroom and stood right beside him at the urinal. On closer inspection, he could see that
the guy was very good looking, but the real attraction was that sinewy, thick, long tendril that taunted and/or inspired
everyone. Some got excited wanting to touch it and fondle it as a sexual toy.
Others got a hardon wanting to take a sharp pair of scissors to his devil's lock and snip snip snip.

Just as Johnny was getting ready to leave the urinal - he couldn't go anyway with a boner on - the dude looked at him and said,
"Hey, dude, nice hair."

Johnny face burned red, but nobody could see his face anyway. "Thanks, dude, you too." He smiled his sweetest smile and
tongued his lip ring.

But there was no opportunity to take his prize - his trophy was still hanging off that punk's head.

Finally, the break he needed.
A bunch of Tony's friends, the boy with the super face tail, were drunk enough to start pulling pranks. They decided to
duct tape some members to posts in the nearby warehouse. Each man bragging about how he could escape any duct tape job.
"It's only f***ing tape," Tony's bravado claimed. "Ain't no tape keeping a good man down," he reached for his crotch and
laughed at the other dudes who were just as drunk and stupid.

They gathered in a gang and taped two of their friends who wanted to try and escape from the duct tape.
The poles were metal, so no pulling them out. They would have to break free from the tape.
Johnny quietly followed along to watch, even though these guys didn't really know him, he was at the party so nobody
thought much of it.
They went to town duct-taping the lads to the poles all the while everyone is giggling and laughing and swearing and
generally being young punk dude idiots.

Tony harassed the boys even more, "Come on dumb asses, you can do better than that." They decided they would at that.
The young boy was so well tapped to the pole, he couldn't move an inch. His slender body looked really tiny and young now
that he was incapacitated.
For a moment, he lost his bravado and hormone driven stud punkness, feeling like he might wet himself.

The dudes were all laughing and joking.
One said, "Let's go get everyone from the party to watch these dweebs try to escape."
They all left the warehouse, patting Johnny on the back as if he was one of them and saying, "Come on dude, let's go get the
others, these dudes ain't going anywhere fast."

Johnny laughed out loud and then bent down to tie his shoe that wasn't untied.

Once he could see they had gone far enough away and before they could get back, he spun around the back of the metal poles.
The two duct-taped boys were still laughing and joking with each other, thinking they were all alone.
Then from behind him, Tony could feel a couple of hands.

"Come to put more tape on, asshole," he smirked and spat.

Johnny did not reply. He wrapped one hand around the pole and tugged on the lad's long devil's lock of hair that hung down
past Tony's chin.
He carefully strung out the massive long strands that created the punk hairstyle that Tony strutted with pride.

"What the..." Tony began to say. Then he saw the other hand with scissors.
The other taped lad couldn't turn to see because he was so well taped up.
"No dude, no dude, let me go - not that. Anything but that, dude."

Johnny held the beautiful extra-long boy's hair by the root now, wanting to make sure to steal as much of the hair as he
"Anything, dude - honest. I"ll do anything. I don't want to lose my hair." Johnny enjoyed the pleading from this
strutting, mouthy, horny, proud young man. But he knew he could not wait too long.

The other taped dude yells, "What the hell is going on, dude."

"Some f***er is trying to cut my long hair, my hair lock!"

The other dude laughs out loud.
"It's not funny!" Tony screams and his voice rises to a girly squeal that embarrasses him. "It's not funny," he tries
again, but no better - maybe higher.

The hairmaster can wait no longer, he feels himself tightening in his skinnies and the other dudes will be returning with
everyone in tow.
He reaches around and slides the long shiny blades of the scissors into the root of the massive tail of long hair.
In order to reach around the pole and the young man's head, he needed to lean well into the pole his arms getting a little
stuck on the duct tape himself - but no issue from the outside. He leaned in enough that his own massiely long tumbling
waves and curls of strawberry blond hair fell over himself and the pole, but the taped lad's hands were taped too well to help
himself or give Johnny any grief.
The blades close slowly and Tony can feel their coldness as the sharp edges bite into his long hair.

Cruuuunch, crunch, snip, twang, snip, twang.

It's as if he can feel each gentle strand pop with the slicing of the scissor blades. The hair is being dismembered from
his scalp.

"Noooooooo!!!" he yells but it does him no good.
A final loud CRUNCH and the hair is removed. No more devil's lock, no more long hair to fall in his mouth to suck on,
no more hair to annoy the oldsters and others with, no more long hair to draw attention to his beauty.

The boy can't escape the duct tape and he begins to cry like a baby.
His tight jeans are getting wet as he reverts to the little boy within.
And then.......he remembers - the whole party is coming to see him - to see the smartmouthed punk without his long lock of


Johnny could hear the others starting to head down. He went out a side door to the warehouse, dragging his new trophy with him.
He was smiling from ear to ear and could hardly walk in his skinny jeans what with a flagpole inside.
He was so preoccupied with his escape, that he didn't notice himself being observed the whole time. Sitting atop a pile of
crates in the corner was a short-cropped, neo-nazi looking dude with bright blue eyes and a smirking grimace across his face.

One other slight detail, our super hero, Hairmaster didn't notice in his rush to leave was the few strawberry blond waist length
hairs that got tugged out of his beautiful head as he ran for the side door. These pretty long strands were only a few and fine
but massively long and stuck to the duct tape on the pole.

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