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not what i asked for by Dudley

this is a true story about a bad haircut. i had gone for my regular barber Joe for my 3-week haircut tune up and when i arrived at the shop my barber was packing up his stuff yelling at the who i thought was the owner. i hesitated at the door but Joe said come on in and get the last haircut i will ever do at this shop. i sat down and got amy usual great looking Howie Long style flatto the perfect cut gor me. I gave joe my business card and told him to call me when he got settle at a new place. Well, it has been 5 weeks and I have not heard from Joe, i had to get a haircut as my flattop was now a slicked back combover as I could do nothing with all way to long hair. I had a national conference to go to next week and I had to find a new barber to get cleaned up. i went to a small shop close to my office with two chairs, when i walked the barber with a great flattop was working on a customer. the other chair was empty. he said to have a seat someone will be with you in a minute. i took a seat and watched the barber give his customer a great short flattop. he finished up and the guy paid i went to get up and the barber said sorry but he had to leave, but Sarah is finishing up her lunch and will be cutting your hair. Oh the disappointment . so i got in the other chair and Sarah came out. A older lady with short cropped spiked haircut. She asked me what i wanted today and i told her a Howie Long style Flattop. She turn me around and started asking me if this was my first visit. i said no but it was 15 years since i had been at the shop. then told her about my barber Joe of 15 years left the shop he was working and i did not know where or if he was working anywhere but I really need a cut as i had an important meeting to go to next week and need to look my best. As she was cutting the sides of my hair hair she asked is this Joe that worked at Franks Barbershop. I said yes do you know where he went. she said no but if i heard from him have him call her she would love to talk with him. i thought she wanted to give him a job. Then all of a sudden she took the clippers and ran the down the middle of my head. I was in shock and trying to strain my head to see the damage of the #2 guard cutting a strip down the middle of my head. i yelled what are you doing. She said giving you a good short Haircut. i said that was not the cut I asked for, she just said you are going to loved this cut, she said i do not know about you but i am really enjoying giving it to you. i know there was nothing i could do at this point so i let her finish the cut. As she finished up the cut and turning me around to the mirror now i could see i had an awlful looking uneven crewcut. it looked terrible . i was in shock as i weak kneed got up out of the chair and looked a little closer at the damage i said this is not even closed to a Howie Long Flattop this is terrible. i am not paying for this butcher job you gave me, what were you thinking. All she said this one is on me HA HA HA one good thing about a bad haircut it will always grow back out in about a month. HA HA HA By the way if you heard from Joe tell him that the owner of Franks Barbershop said Hello. HA HA HA and that i did not appreciate him walking out of my shop with no notice. Have a great day. As I walked out she yell what no tip for a free haircut. i jusy kept walking. Cannot believe she took out her anger on a customer. Thank God Joe called me a few week later and when i told him the story he gave me free haircuts for 6 months.

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