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Haircut by Mrs Lloyd by nigel stephens

I remember it was in early 1981 and was at school in an English Class, with a teacher Mrs Lloyd, who was a lady in her mid to late 50's. She came across with authority although I wouldn't say she was strict. I had let my hair grow quite long over the collar of my school shirt, but as it curled out it looked very untidy. During the class, I had my head down at my desk during an assignment and Mrs Lloyd was walking up and down the aisles checking the students work. I then heard her heels clatter behind me. She said, Nigel, I am surprised that your hair has gone so long and untidy. I remember that I spoke to you about it a few weeks ago and you said you will get to the barber's. I will have to report it now, as rules are set by the school for boys with long hair who don't get to the barber's and therefore I will now get authorisation for you to get a haircut by me. I knew that this would now be carried through as I heard that a few other boys had been seen with short back and sides the same day as having long hair within school and they had been to see Mrs Lloyd.. The following morning, I arrived in my form class and I was told by my form tutor, to go and see Mrs Lloyd at the utility room at 12.15pm. . Ironically, there was an English class with her at 1.15pm. During the morning, I was getting comfortable with the idea of getting my haircut and was just wishing the time away to the time of me going to see Mrs Lloyd.. The time came round and I duly made my way to the utility room,which was next to the school library. When I arrived,Mrs Lloyd had just arrived, wearing a smart brown woolly jumper, over the knees skirt, with brown suade boots and had just started to put out her barbering equipment and electric clippers. She asked me to take a seat on an adjustable upright stool, which was very comfortable. She then grabbed a white sheet and said, I have spoken to the head and it has been authorised for me to give you a haircut as you have become very untidy. The sheet was then placed round me and I felt her fingers just tightening it into my neck. Next, she placed a towel just round my neck, resting on the white sheet. Mrs Lloyd said, Don't worry, you will just be getting a smart short back & sides to tidy you up. The next thing I new she was wetting my hair down with her water sprayer and then started to comb it though, straightening out all of the curls. Then with her comb and scissors, she started cutting away and I could feel my hair being sheared away and I could not do a thing about it. I could feel the comb right against my head and the cold sensation of the scissors.Mrs Lloyd continued to cut away and I was getting the sensation of her shaping around my ears with precision. During the haircut, I could hear the clattering of her boots on the hard floor as she was going round me.Next, her scissors went down and she pulled forward the electric clippers which were unguarded. I then felt a tickling feeling on the back of my neck as she was clipping the neck hair with the aid of her comb.. She then continued just to clip my sideburns. I could feel that I was being scalped by the scale of cut hair on the white sheet wrapped around me. Whilst she was clipping Mrs Lloyd was continuing to move my head forward, so she could clip my neck neatly with precision. The clipping eventually finished, she then pushed her hands through the hair and started to look at her work, wondering whether she could go shorter. However, she then said,that should be short enough Nigel and I would expect for you to keep it tidy now. It certainly felt shorter. I then saw Mrs Lloyd lift up a brush and she started to clear all of the loose hair from my neck. She then removed the sheet and told me I could leave the stool. I then saw my myself in the mirror hanging up on the opposite wall and saw what was mean't by a smart back and sides. I felt that much tidier in myself.. Mrs Lloyd, then said we are running a bit late, can you get to off to the classroom and wait with the others, until I get to you for English. I shouldn't be too long. When I got to the classroom, the rest of the class were waiting outside, wondering where Mrs Lloyd had gone. Only one or two commented on my hair and said that looks a bit severe Nigel but it looks smart. No one seemed to have any idea, where I had just been. After a 15 minute wait, Mrs Lloyd could be heard walking towards the classroom and when she arrived , she said, sorry class for being so late, I have been busy getting involved in some other work... Mrs Lloyd is well and truly the School Barber

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