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Late night haircut by nigel

One Saturday evening, I had been out with my Partner and friends for a meal and later we had been invited back to our friends for a coffee and to watch some late night TV. We had settled down to relax and my girlfriend June, who was sitting opposite me, then said to me in front of our two friends, you need your haircut. My girlfriend, June, had cut my hair ever since we had been together. She had good barbering skills and she had said there will never be any need for you to go the barber's.
She then said to our friend, Michael, have you got a pair of hair scissors and aa comb. He then said, yes, they are in the kitchen.June then asked if it was ok for her to give me a haircut in his kitchen. He wasn't overly keen. but he agreed.. I was then led to the kitchen and sat on a kitchen chair. June said your hair needs cutting and said she wouldn't have time to do it tomorrow as I will be busy. Her daughter, Charlotte, was due to visit with her children
As we had been out for dinner, we were both smartly dressed and June was getting to work wearing a smart dark dress, purple patterned tights and black leather calf boots.. She placed a thick white towel round me, which Michael had brought down from the bathroom and securely tightened it into my collar.She then wet my hair down, combed it through as it grown a little out of control and proceeded to cut. June was quite scissor happy and my previous haircuts by her were always close to the scalp..As she was cutting, II just new it was going to be a short one, but I was enjoying the expereience,although , I was getting tired.She did break off from the haircutting, to go out of the kitchen to go and get her reading glasses out of her bag. When she walked out, I have to admit that I was looking at her legs with those calf boots on . She needed her glasses on to cut the hair round my ears and neck, so she could see closer to shape. Whilst, June was cutting away, she was asking Michael, would you like yours doing. She said to him, the last time I spoke to you about it, you said you would let me do it, to avoid a trip to the barber's..He declined her offer, fearing for his locks, which kept with his rock musician look. After her use of the scissors, she asked Michael for use of his electric hair clippers. He brought these into her and they were plugged in to start buzzing..As my hair was short as a result of her use of the scissors, she used the clippers to tidy my neck hair. I could feel her clipping by a tickling sensation on my neck.The buzzing finished and June just did a final tidy up with the scissors. She then removed the to well, covered in hair and said , that should do you and said go and take a look.. I was really pleased with my hair, it was so short and tidy. He continued to remove the loose hair from my hair. It was about 1am in the morning now and said she said to Michael, next please, he still declined a haircut by June, which is something which I would never do, from my lovely lady.

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