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My First Big Job by Jeff

I could not believe it. I finally got a job modeling for one of the largest men’s clothing designers in New York City. Here I was, 21 years old, and only in the business for 3 years when I finally landed the big one.

It was the perfect situation for me. I am young, finally living on my own in great shape and I am about to start my first big job. I have a rocking body tanned and toned with great medium length black hair. I always kept it longer, about 4 inches on top and then it tapered down to about one inch at the nape of my neck. I thought it brought out my dimples just right and my eyes also stood out.

It was my first day of modeling. I walked into the shady looking brick building from a back alley entrance. At first when approaching the building, I did not know what I was getting myself into. When I opened the door, I was amazed by my warehouse looking surroundings with what had to be a hundred people running around. I walked up to a receptionist sitting at a desk and introduced myself. She then instructed me to follow her.

We weaved through the crowds until we approached a middle aged lady named Jessie. The receptionist introduced her as my clothing a looks stylist. Jessie then told me to follow her. We walked by a huge rack of cloths and she began to throw stuff at me. Pants, shirts, even underwear. We then walked over to her station and I set the clothing on a chair behind a big dressing screen. She told me to sit in her styling chair and she would be right back.

She returned with a very important looking lady and then I realized it the designer, Lisa. They looked at me and then I heard Lisa say, I agree, he needs a haircut. Jessie than turned to me and said, I am cutting your hair. I thought nothing of it. The two put them between me and Jessie’s station and began looking through photo albums. When they reached the picture they liked, they both said that was the cut that would suit their cloths the best.

Lisa walked away and Jessie assembled her tools. She rapped her leopard print cape around my neck and fastened it tightly. She picked up her clippers and attached a blade. She then turned them on and without any indication of what cut she was going to give me, she began to sheer the hair off the side of my head. Just as I was about to ask her what she was going to do, she got a phone call. She put on her headset and cut as she talked. I figured I was getting a short back and sides which I did not mind because it was summer time.

She worked her way around my head while talking on the phone and she turned the chair as she did it. Soon, I could no longer see my reflection but I knew the back and sides of my head had been stripped to what appeared to be a #1 blade. When she finished with the back and sides she turned the clippers off and turned towards the station. I figured it was time for her to get out her scissors and go to work but all she did was hang up the phone.

She then flicked on the clippers with the same blade and in one movement; she turned toward me and ran them down the middle of my head. Oh my gosh, she was buzzing me bald. She did not say a word as she rid me of my hair and I was speechless. She finished the cut and turned me to the mirror. I could not believe it. I did not have hair this short since junior high. She brushed me off with a smile, gave my head a quick rub, and told me to put on the first outfit.

I walked behind the screen and put on the blue denim jeans and the red flannel shirt. I looked in the mirror and I was amazed how good I looked. I could not help but smile and rub head. After my first photo shoot, I felt like was on top of the world. I quickly became one of the top models for the designer and my hair style changed frequently but it always seemed to end up buzzed for the important shoots. For some reason, every time Jessie buzzed my head, she didn’t say a word but I knew what was coming.
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