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Haircut in Japan(Part 1) by Harresh

It was a winter morning in Japan,Chiba.My dad and I were in japan for vacation.My Dad and I decided to visit the night market.But we decided to do the fun part now.My dad was ready while he saw me fiddling with my black long hair,covering my collar and bangs that covered my eyes.I was applying my haircream.Suddenly he asked me get my hair sorted out today.I was surprised and said"What??!,Here in Japan??".He replied "Yes,son.I want you to cut your hair short.And i mean it.If you are not getting your hair cut,We are leaving Japan today"We were into a hide quarrel.

Then we left to visit the theme park around Chiba.We were both quiet and we decided to take a shorter route to the park by going through an alley.While we were walking something caught my eye.A big red and blue barber pole.And a huge poster outside of it.As i was able to read Japanese abit,It showed the price of the haircuts.I really wanted to enjoy Japan and i tapped my Dad on his shoulder and told him i would get it cut.

He wasnt surprised and handed me 1000yen.He asked me to give him a call when i was done and he left.I took the yen and entered the barbershop.It was a modern barbershop.There was only one chair and a barber aged around 30 yrs was working on a customer.I greeted him traditionally and he ordered me to sit.I sat on a blue sofa and i was waiting for my turn.A few mins later,The customer left and i was taking my earmuff and jacket.Before i was about to sit,He ordered me to wash my hair to get rid off my gel.While he was washing,i was able to see his hair which was like a mushroom.

After washing and Blowdrying,He placed a white cloth off my collar and brushing hair.He placed an orange cape over me and started touching my hair.He started complimenting me on hair smoothness and thickness.He asked what kind of haircut i wanted.I told him about my quarrel and asked him to give me a buzzcut.He used a no2 clipper and started buzzing my hair on the sides.I felt the warm clipper going through my hair and chucking off huge clumps.My eyes started tearing up and he was still buzzing off.All of my hair were falling down my cape.He the bend my head down to buzz my back of my head.After 3 mins my sides and back were buzzed down to no2.Then,He started puffing my top part to make it look big and asked if i wanted to trim it or buzz it.I told him to buzz and then he took a clipper with diffrernt attachment and started going through my top vigoursly.Buzzing all of my hair.My hair were dropping very fast on my face and on the capeI was looking bald after he buzzed me.And he started trimming my sideburns and clean up my nape.The when was about to dust all of my hair off the cape before shaving my neck and face with lather, Someone entered the barbershop and......(To be continued in Part 2)

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