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Father In Law Part 3 by Dave (recovered)

Father in Law Part 3

Paying the Price

By Dave

It has been a little over a year since I had let my father-in-law first razor shave my head , Since then I had only let him shave my head one other time after that I started letting my hair grow again and I have grown my stach & goatee back. And as i'm looking in the mirror now i'm glad i've got my hair back , The back and sides are just lightly tapered and the top i'd say is around 2 inches long and I keep it gelled and spiked very different look for me but I really like it. I travel a lot with my job (if you all remember) and during my latest trip me and a few of the guys I work with went out drinking. Well I ended up drinking to much and had flirted with a couple of girls , Now that was all I did just flirted with them nothing else.....But one of the guys told him wife and she in-turn told my wife. Boy she was pissed with me and nothing I could say made a difference.

So for the last few days she hadn't really spoken to me but this morning after breakfast she told me she was going to pick her mom up and they were going to a movie and do some shopping and that her dad was going to be coming over to talk with me. That was pretty much all she said , With that she picked up her keys and left. All I could think of was the big talking to I was going to get from her Dad and I wasn't looking forward to it at all , But I had been the dumb-ass that screwed-up so now it was time for my medicine.

No more then an hour had gone by before Dad was knocking at the door , I let him in and first thing he did was give me a big bear hug and told me it was great having me home again , I was a little shocked I wasn't expecting that. We walked into the kitchen talking about mine and his jobs and he put the box he was carrying down on the kitchen table , He opened it and pulled out two beers handing me one we opened them and started drinking. Then he looked at me and shook his head , I heard you really messed up buddy.

Dad I know what your thinking but I didn't do anything bad I just got a little drunk and flirted with some girl , It wasn't anything really , I love Kris with all my heart I just messed-up a little "And i'm sorry".

I know you are kid but Kris is really upset and she thinks that what happened has a lot to do with this new look of yours.

You mean my hair and the goatee ?

Yes , She thinks this GQ look of yours has a lot to do with the way you acted while you were gone.

I don't think it does Dad , But what does she want me to do ?

Well son that's why i'm here she wants you to get rid of your new look and go back to the old you.

I shook my head......I knew what was coming.

Dad opened the box again and pulled out his clippers , the cape , and the shaving cream and razor. He looked over at me."Buddy she wants you to let me clean you up" , Now I know this look you've got now really didn't make you do what you did , But my little girl thinks it did. And i'm here because she really wants you to let me do this , But it's really up to you son you don't have to do it. But I think going through with this will mend some fences. "So what do you say"? You know kid it wasn't that long ago that I was the only person you'd let cut your hair , And to be honest I miss being your barber.

I ran my fingers through my hair , Just what kind of haircut are we talking here Dad ?

What she wants you to do is just set down and let me start cutting no questions asked.

Dad !!!!!!!! That not fair.......

Hey your the one that messed-up son not me , But it's up to you. So what's it going to be ?

I just stood there for a minute , Then I walked over grabbed the cape and took a set on the bar stool that we keep in the kitchen.

O.K O.K !!!!!!! Do it......However you and her want it cut , Cut it !!!!!! I won't say a word i'll be a good boy and set here i'll let you do whatever you want and i'll like it.

With that Dad plugged in the clippers , I noticed that they were the Oster Turbo clippers that he had bought about 6 months ago.

I just shook my head as he fastened the cape around my neck and picked up the clippers , I had no ideal what blade he was using but it really didn't matter I wasn't going to have much hair left after this (if any).

He put his hand on the top of my head and push my head forward my chin almost resting on my chest , I felt the clippers at the back of my neck "I shivered a little" i'd almost forgotten what it felt like having clippers resting on my neck getting ready to shear my beautiful hair to stubble.

Son i've really been waiting a long time to do this again , I've miss giving you haircuts. And as he was saying those very words the clippers started up the back of my head and he was pressing hard into my head , Almost digging into my scalp and the clippers traveled up and over the crown of my head , And he repeated this action until the back of my head was clipped of all it's hair. I really had no ideal what kind of haircut he had planned for me but I knew I wouldn't be needing my gel or comb for sometime.

I looked down and seen my hair laying on the floor behind me , Then my father-in-law started on the right side of my head again digging into my scalp and the clippers going all the way up and over my crown , I realized my cute sideburn was gone with the rest of my hair , This time the hair was laying on the cape for me to see. And at that moment I noticed I had a woody going on "YES" I had a hard-on. And I was embaressed a little , Because as he started clipping the left side of my head it just got harder so I put my hands over it as Dad finished scalping the left side of my head.

Dad put his hand in the box and pulled out his edger and plugged it in.

"Dad please !!!!!!!!"

"Hey you said you'd let me do whatever I want" So let me do my job O.K son.

Sorry.......I won't say another word.

The edger started up the back of my head clipping whatever hair was left on my head , Then the sides were peeled of all there hair , Then the clippers were turn off and Dad looked at me.

Son I was going to give you a recon , But after thinking about it i've decided not to. There's one look I really like on you and that's what i'm going to give you , So just relax we'll be done soon.

And before I could say a word the edger was being pushed down the center of my head and he repeated it until there was no hair left on top of my head , He took his barbers brush and brushed the lose hair off my head and off my shoulders. All my hair was gone most was in my lap which I push off onto the floor.

Dad started rubbing my head with his hand , It felt like he was massaging it , Then he took my hand from under the cape and put it on my head pretty much making me rub my own freshly clipped head.

"O.K son now what do you want me to do next"? , He kept ahold of my hand and just rub my head with it. Come on what next ?

"I knew what he wanted me to say". Sir , I want you to shave my head with the razor.

And how many times do you want me to shave it?

As many time as you see fit Dad.

"Good Boy" , Good answer. And then he took the can of shaving cream and covered my head with it , Then he took his Mach III and started scraping the foam off my head leaving a path of white skin in it's way , he kept scraping until all my stubble was gone , Then he covered my head with shaving cream again and re-shaved me again after that shave my head was a little tender.

After he wiped my head clean with a towel he picked up the edger turned it on and handed it to me.

O.k son I want you to start clipping that goatee and stach of yours off , Then after that i'll give you a good shave to get rid of the shadow that's left.

"I couldn't believe it" , He was going to make me run the clippers over my goatee & stach.

Come on dad don't make me do this , You do it...

"No" your going to do it buddy , So go on start clipping.

I knew there was no way out of it so I started cutting , Running the edger over my chin and feeling to make sure I had cut it all off , Then I ran the clipper over my upper lip removing my stach. in one swipe.

Dad Smiled , Then picked up the shaving cream and razor and finished the job. He picked up the towel and wiped my face off.

Then he removed the cape and brushed off my neck and I stood up my legs a little weak , But the good news my hard-on was gone "Thank Goodness" , Then Dad handed me a mirror and I look at myself , Again I was looking at a stranger my bald head a little pink from the double shave , My face clean-shaved again. It had took me a year to grow my hair and Dad had gotten rid of it in an hour and a half. But hey it was my fault and I had to pay the price.

Then Dad walked over and started rubbing my head again , Son there one more thing that my daughter wants you to do.

I'm ready for it what is it ?

He's still rubbing my bald tender head. Well she wants me to come over every week and keep you shaved clean both head and face , Until she decides other wise.

So what do you say Son ?

Well dad I love your daughter so i'll see ya next week , and the week after that............

He smiles at me and puts his arm around my shoulder , Good answer Son.

The End

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