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Get It Done Part 2 by Justin

Get It Done!
- A coming of age story.
Part 2

*Be sure to read Part 1 of "Get It Done" to learn how Jake found himself in this most difficult situation. We join Jake who is in the process of getting a much overdue haircut at Joe’s Barbershop at his father John’s insistence.

"Dad, please!" Jake begged. "Please, I absolutely give you my word. Just please, not a crewcut."

One-eyed Joe held the clippers with a firm grip, cord wrapped behind his wrist, and ready to provide its service. He flipped the switch and they sprung to life with their distinctive clatter that only classic Oster Clippers make. Joe raised them towards Jake’s forehead ready to move them from front to back over Jake’s head to execute the Crewcut. He gave a final look to John with his good eye to elicit a final confirmation.

"Wait a second Joe." John said hesitantly.

Turning his gaze to Jake, John said softly: "Do you promise? A man’s word is his bond, and if you give me your word, I will hold you to it."

Jake was taken aback by his Dad’s sudden reversal.

"Um, yea." Jake replied in relief.

"That’s Yes Sir!" John scowled.

"Yes Sir!" Jake stood corrected enthusiastically.

"It goes against my better judgement. We’ve been down this road before with your empty promises. How do I know you mean it this time? Why shouldn’t I just let Joe plow those clippers right over your head?"

"Because dad, I promise. If it’s OK with you Sir, I’d like Joe to give me the Regular Haircut as in the picture. I promise to keep it neat and off the ears and collar."

"And parted on the side?"

"And parted on the side." Jake parroted.

"And slicked down?"

"Yes Sir. And slicked down." Jake surrendered. The last ounce of fight had left him.

"Well Joe. You heard the boy. He wants a Regular." John said proudly.

"Very smart choice Jake. Or shall I start to call you Mr. Johnson?"

"Jake will do Mr. Grant", Jake smiled.

With that, Joe turned off the clippers and grabbed a pair of barber shears. With the 3-4 inches still on top of Jake’s head, Joe began to sculpt a respectable side-parted Executive Contour Business cut just as depicted on the poster that hung on the wall. This seemed to be Joe’s specialty as Jake saw the transformation take shape in the mirror. His likeness to his Grandpa and dad was unfolding. Soon it was hard to distinguish Jake from a younger version of his dad. Joe meticulously carved the left side-part in with the comb and tidied up the final few loose strands.

"Almost done Jake. Joe said. "Now for the finishing touch."

Joe turned to the counter and grabbed a long neck bottle of yellowish liquid. He approached Jake and began to shake the bottle vigorously above his head. With each shake, liquid from the bottle fell in splashes onto Jake’s head. Joe massaged the liquid into his hair until it became very damp. The aroma of the tonic filled the shop – a sweet lemony, though masculine, scent was nothing like Jake had ever experienced.

Joe stepped back to the counter and opened a jar that said "Gentlemen Pomade" on the label, and took out maybe a tablespoon size of pink goo that looked like pink Vaseline. He spread the goo into his hands, then applied it into Jake’s hair. After a vigorous massage, it seemed every strand of Jake’s hair was coated in a shiny film and wet like he had got out of the pool. Joe then meticulously recombed his hair back into the side-parted Executive Contour as before – only this time, it appeared darker and very wet looking. The hair easily followed Joe’s combing and stayed in place without a hair out of place.

Jake couldn’t believe the man looking back at him in the mirror. It was Grandad, but as he might have looked in his youth. In fact, it was uncanny to Jake. He had seen old photos of Grandad when he was in college. He could swear it was Grandad looking back at him. Same super tight haircut, same super straight side-part, and looking like he could model for a hair tonic ad.

Joe finished up with a shave around the ears, carving in a very distinct arch, and along his neck.

The haircut was done, and Jake was freed from the Blue and White Striped cloth that had covered him.

He stood up from the chair and looked to his dad.

"Well, what do you thing?"

"Jake. I’m the proudest father today." John paid Joe and continued to say to Jake: "We started out today on a rocky foot, but I hope we can put that behind us and move forward."

"Absolutely Sir."

Jake walked away from the chair – the aroma of lemon and spice following him – and extended his hand to his father.

"Thank you dad." Jake said as they shook each other’s hand firmly.

"And Thank you Joe." Jake added.

"Yes, Joe. Thank you very much. I not only got my son back, but you helped make a new beginning for two men."

"Glad to help gentlemen." Joe said with delight. "Now I expect to see both of you back here in two weeks. I’ll have the chair waiting for you."

"You better." John smiled. "And be sure you have enough hair tonic and pomade on hand next time for two. Better put in an order. I have a feeling you’ll be needing enough on a regular basis from now on."

John put his arm around Jake and the two men left the shop to take a stroll down the street together before heading back home.

Joe noticed, as the two men left the shop, that it looked like the weather was starting to pick up.

"Looks like we’re in for some bad weather" Joe thought.

Suddenly a crack of thunder and lightning hit and the sky turned an ugly shade of green.


Stay tuned for Part 3 and the conclusion to this most strange story - coming soon.

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