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The School Barber by Abhishel

I have always liked having long hair .. Though the thought of getting a short haircut always makes me feel butterflies in my stomach .... It was start of my 9th grade .. Ill basically give u a breif about my school .. I was from a convent school ... Here at least from what I can remember we had no problem about upkeep of our hair until 8th grade ... But all of a sudden our school rules wanted us to keep either a buzzcut fade or a totally smooth and a shaved head ... My school had started and it was the 3rd month of school ... Basically September ..... As the school rules had changed all of the boys in school had to compulsorily sport a buzzed head ... There used to be inspections round the week at any time by our principal ... And the ones who had grown hair had to get a haircut and show her ....and only then could we sit for our lectures .... I still remember that her rules were not followed much by anyone as no one except few liked to keep a total buzzz so everyone sported a medium haircut ... It was Monday morning when there was a surprise inspection and the principal had thought of a better plan that would start effective implementation of the school rules ... There were a bunch of about 65 students including me who had quite long hair ... So the principal had called the barber in school itself .... We had to be severely punished according to her so she told the barber to totally get our heads shaved off ... All we could do was plead .. But that was of no use ...

The barber sharpened his blade on a stone and started shaving the students one after the other .. I was feeling scared as well as happy ... Since I always wanted a headshave ..... It was my turn ... He made me sit on a chair .. And 100s of students seeing me .. He started pouring some water of my head and the tiny drop of water started to drip on my shirt ... He started to massage my head and then removed his razor .... He gently placed my head down and started to scratch my head with the blade.... I was feeling the cool breeze around my head .... Sooner I had been done with my heads have and all of the students were totally bald ...
I don't know if this was the start of my heads have fetish ... But it always gives me an erotic feeling when I recall the incidence... Ever since then seeing heads have and getting it done fascinates me !

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