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Summer holiday part 1 by Bald K

Summer holiday part 1
By bald K

Matt picked up his suitcase and pressed the button to open the train door and got off the train. Putting his ticket into the barrier Matt walked through and saw his Uncle Mike standing in the ticket hall.
"HI uncle it was nice of Jay to invite me down for a week before I sort out going to university. Matt said as they walked out of the station.
"Well it has been a couple of years since you last came down and Jay loves spending time with you." Mike told Matt.
"Yeah I know and it is good to get away from my stepdad who is still a prick." Matt said as he put his case in the boot of the car.
"Could never see what my sister saw in that man Matt." Mike replied as they got into the car. "See you have grown your hair out though."
"Yeah my stepdad hates it." Matt laughed as they pulled out of the car park.
"Jay is working until seven in the pub so I said we would meet him in there and get a bite to eat there after he finishes if that’s ok." Mike told Matt.
"Sounds good to me as long as they do real ales." Matt replied.
"They have four real ales on all the time Matt so you will have a nice choice of ale." Mike smiled as they pulled up on the driveway. "Let’s get you settled in."
Mike took Matt’s case to his room and put it on the bed.
"You know where the bathroom is if you need to shower before we go to the pub to meet Jay." Mike told Matt as he left the room.
Matt opened his case and took his washbag out and took his shoes off before walking into the bathroom and switching the shower on. Matt stripped and stepped into the shower and quickly washed before getting out and drying himself before going back into his room and dressed before drying his hair and putting the gel into it so the quiff did not fall into his eyes before going downstairs to the living room where his uncle was waiting for him.
"Ready for the pub then Matt?" Mike inquired.
"You bet I am Mike and I cannot wait to see Jay." Matt replied as he put his shoes on.
"Pub is only a two minute walk." Mike told Matt as he locked the door behind them.
"Good as I am dying for a pint." Matt grinned.

Walking into the pub Matt looked round trying to see where Jay was but could only see a man with a shaved head and a polo shirt with braces on with his back to them.
"You ok Jay." Mike said as he walked to the bar and Jay turned round to see Matt and his dad standing at the bar.
"Jesus Christ Jay what the hell!" Matt exclaimed as he realised the skinhead was his cousin Jay.
"Hey cuz like the skinhead on me mate?" Jay inquired grinning.
"Last time I saw you the hair was like well a quiff like mine mate." Matt said. "Real high quiff greaser style."
"Shaved it off about six months ago cuz after I got into the skinhead scene but not the racist area." Jay told Matt. "Do yours if you want."
"Nah cuz I am fine but I will try a pint of the bishop Nick mate." Matt replied running his hand through his hair.
Jay grinned as he poured two pints of the bishop Nick out for them and took the money off his dad.
"Guess I should have warned you that Jay had changed Matt." Mike said as he took a mouthful of his beer.
"Guess it is just a bit of a shock Mike." Matt replied. "Nice pint though."
"Greg has said I can finish at six so I will not be too long before we can catch up Matt." Jay said.
"Great I cannot wait to hear all about what you have been doing cuz." Matt replied.

After they had eaten and had a couple pints of ales the three of them walked home and Matt went with his cousin to his room as Mike had some paperwork to catch up with from work for a presentation the next day.
"You look so different cuz." Matt said to Jay as he sat on a chair.
"Yeah it sort of happened pretty quick mate after I met Scott and Tommy in the pub and I was getting pissed off having to style the hair every day." Jay replied. "I went along to a gig with Scott and Tommy and started getting into the music."
"So you came home and shaved the hair then?" Matt inquired.
"No, that quick cuz." Jay replied laughing. "It was a couple of weeks after when I decided to lose the hair for cancer research and raised a fair bit in the pub."
"Nice one cuz and you kept the shaved head after I guess." Matt said. "Can I have a feel?"
"Sure Matt." Jay said as he put his head down. "It has a bit of growth on it till I shave for a gig on Saturday." Jay said as he put his head down for Matt to feel.
"Feels like sandpaper cuz." Matt said as he rubbed Jay’s head.
"Fancy coming to the gig Saturday? There are still tickets available." Jay asked Matt.
"Why not cuz? After all I am here to spend time with you and I would like to meet your mates." Matt replied. "But no haircut ok?"
"Sure thing cuz there will be others there with hair." Jay replied. "Fancy listening to some of the stuff I listen to now?"
"Yeah sure mate, have you got anymore beer?" Matt asked Jay.
Jay grinned as he put a CD on and pressed play before walking out of the room returning with some bottles of ale.

Saturday arrived and Matt and Jay were listening to a CD when the doorbell rang and Jay went to answer it.
"Hey Scott looking forward to the gig tonight?" Jay asked as he opened the door.
"Sure am mate but we got some work to do first." Scott replied rubbing the stubble on Matt’s head.
"Yeah I know mate you sure need to feel the blade." Jay replied grinning.
"Bloody family weddings and having to grow hair." Scott sighed. "Still it is over and done with now."
Jay and Scott made their way upstairs and walked into the bedroom where Matt was sitting.
"You must be Matt mate." Scott said as he put his hand out. "Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you as well mate." Matt replied as he shook Scott’s hand.
"Right let’s get started Jay you can have me first." Scott told Jay. "You getting shaved Matt?"
"Nah he likes his hair to much Scott." Jay said as he picked up some cordless clippers and walked into the bathroom with Scott.
Matt followed jay and Scott and stood in the doorway as Scott stripped his shirt off and sat down. Matt looked at Scott’s chest with a swallow inked just above each nipple. Turning round Matt saw the word ‘skinhead’ inked between his shoulders. Matt then watched intently as Jay quickly reduced Scott’s hair to a fine covering of stubble before watching Jay shave Scott’s head completely smooth.
"Ok mate your turn." Scott said to Jay as he stood up.
Matt saw that his cousin had exactly the same tattoos inked on his body as Scott had. Matt watched as Jay was soon bald like Scott and told Matt that he would be back in the room after a quick shower.
"You sure you don’t want a haircut Matt?" Scott inquired as they walked back into the bedroom.
"Nah I am fine thanks Scott, nice ink though." Matt replied.
"Thanks mate I done your cuz as I am a tattooist so if you fancy some at a cheap rate before you leave let me know." Scott told Matt.
"Thanks for the offer I may take you up on it." Matt replied as Jay walked back into the room.
"Right who is ready for a beer?" Jay inquired as he slipped a polo shirt on and secured his braces before putting on his boots.
"Let’s get to the lion mate and meet up with some others." Scott said.
"Sounds good to me let’s get going." Jay replied as they walked down the stairs.

"Well Matt you seemed to enjoy tonight." Scott said as they walked out of the venue.
"It was certainly different to what I usually listen to Scott." Matt replied. "Don’t know why I got the shirt though.
"When you leaving us?" Scott inquired.
"Thursday mate I have to go and arrange my university accommodation and other stuff." Matt replied.
"Well if I don’t see you before you go have fun and come back soon ok." Scott told Matt.
"Yeah I will do mate and I will be back soon I hope." Matt replied as he got in the taxi with Jay.
Arriving home Jay and Matt went inside and into the lounge where Jay poured them both a large vodka before sitting down.
"So what did you think of the band tonight cuz?" Jay inquired.
"Yeah it was good I enjoyed it in a way." Matt replied as he drank some vodka.
"Want the haircut then mate?" Jay asked Matt.
"Nah its fine mate honest." Matt replied. "But I do like it on you."
"Hair does grow Matt." Jay said sensing that Matt was starting to get into the look.
"Yeah I know but you know what my stepdad is like." Matt sighed. "I will see you in the morning."
"Yeah see you in the morning cuz." Jay replied as he walked into the kitchen with the glasses.
Matt went inti his room and stood looking at his reflection in the mirror wondering what he would look like with no hair before getting undressed and going to bed.

The next morning Matt woke and showered before getting dressed and saw Jay cooking some breakfast.
"Morning cuz see you have put the shirt on." Jay said as he put some bacon and eggs on a plate in front of Matt.
"Yeah I have cuz, what plans have you got for today?" Matt replied.
"Meeting up with Scott at ten so he can do a bit more ink work on me before I do a shift in the pub mate." Jay replied. "Dad is out so you will have the place all to yourself until you meet me in the pub at say four."
"Sounds good to me cuz, means I can do some work on my move to Plymouth university." Matt replied.
Jay and Matt ate their breakfast before Jay left for town leaving Matt on his own. After sorting a few things for the start of his university Matt wandered upstairs and into Jay’s bedroom opening up his wardrobe. Matt pulled out a polo shirt and some bleacher jeans and changed into them before putting a pair of doc marten boots and tying them up. Matt pulled out a pair of braces and managed to put them on and looked in the mirror before putting a CD on. Matt picked up a can of deodorant and started to use it as a microphone unaware that his cousin and just walked in through the front door.
"SKINHEAD SKINHEAD LOUD AND PROUD, SKINHEAD SKIN……" Matt stopped abruptly as he saw Jay standing in the doorway grinning.
"I thought you had an appointment with Scott cuz?" Matt said with a puzzled look on his face.
"Had to cancel as Scott is a bit hungover cuz." Jay replied as he walked in and picked up the cordless clippers off his shelf. "Let’s get you sorted and no if or buts cuz."
Matt followed Jay into the bathroom without saying a word and took the braces off before removing the polo shirt and sitting down facing the mirror.
"Ok Jay just do it." Matt said as he looked at his quiff in the mirror.
Without saying a word Jay flicked the switch on the clippers and pushed matt’s head down and placed the clippers at the base of Matt’s head before pushing them through Matt’s brown hair leaving a path of stubble .Matt looked as the hair tumbled into his lap as Jay continued to clip the back of Matt’s head before moving to the sides.
"No going back then Jay." Matt laughed.
"Ok cuz final push so look straight into the mirror." Jay told Matt. "Yeah no going back cuz."
Without saying a word Matt lifted his head and saw the shaved sides as Jay placed the clippers at the centre of Matt’s forehead and pushed them through removing six inches of brown hair. Jay finished the top of Matt’s head before switching the clippers off and soaked a towel in hot water before wrapping it round Matt’s head.
"I knew you wanted to be a skinhead yesterday Matt so why did you not say anything?" Jay inquired.
"I was too scared cuz I am scared of what my stepdad will say." Matt replied as Jay removed the towel.
Matt watched s Jay covered the stubble in shaving gel and picked up the razor and started to shave with the grain.
"You are going to look fab as a skinboy cuz." Jay told Matt as he continued to shave Matt’s head.
Jay finished the first shave before lathering up Matt’s scalp again and went against the grain to make matt’s head totally smooth. Jay then rinsed Matt’s head under the shower with cold water before drying it.
"Wow cuz I look a right hard case!" Matt exclaimed as he rubbed his smooth head.
"A proper skinboy like me cuz." Jay replied. "Now let’s post some pics on your Facebook."
Matt pulled the polo shirt on again and put the braces back on so Jay could take some pictures before Matt uploaded them to his Facebook page.
"Bet I get some comments cuz." Matt said as he uploaded the pictures.
Jay and Matt walked back into Jay’s room and sat down.
"So cuz when were you going to tell me to shave your head?" jay asked Matt.
"The day before I went back home I guess." Matt replied. "But you knew I wanted it shaved."
"The way you got into the music last night yeah me and Scott both knew and you proved us right." Jay told Matt.
"I don’t want any ink though cuz, at least not yet." Matt said as he rubbed his bald head.
"No problem there mate." Jay said. "See you at four in the pub."
"Yeah see you then cuz." Matt replied.

Matt checked his watch and saw it was coming up to four in the afternoon so he checked his Facebook page and laughed at some of the comments before he left the house. Walking down the road Matt felt the warm sunshine on his head and thought to himself how good it felt.
"Alright baldy!" Jay shouted out from behind the bar as Matt walked in.
"Yeah baldy cuz I feel real good." Matt replied as he walked to the bar.
"Before you go I will put some of the albums on memory sticks if you like." Jay said as he handed Matt his pint. "I will get that one for you."
"See you have joined the ranks of skinheads then Matt." Mike said as he walked up to the bar.
"Yeah Jay caught me in his stuff and shaved me." Matt replied.
"You look good with a shaved head Matt are you going to keep it?" Mike inquired.
"Not sure if I will for university but who knows." Matt replied as he took a mouthful of his beer.
"Well if you need a place to stay you are always welcome here." Mike told Matt.
"Thanks uncle but I better go home still as I have university stuff to sort." Matt replied.

"Cuz can you shave my head before I catch my train?" Matt asked Jay.
"Sure thing mate you want to go home bald then?" Jay asked Matt.
"Yeah I do cuz and thanks for letting me have copies of the albums." Matt replied as he walked into the bathroom.
Jay lathered up Matt’s head and quickly shaved his head before rinsing it and putting some oil on it buffing it so it got a shine on it.
"Thanks cuz I am going to miss you." Matt told Jay.
"I am going to miss my bald cuz as well mate." Jay replied. "Come back next summer for longer cuz."
"Yeah I will if I can cuz." Matt replied. "Who knows I may even get some ink."
Matt picked up his case and took it downstairs just as the taxi arrived to take him to the station. Matt climbed into the taxi and waved to Jay as the taxi pulled away.
"Time to face my mum and stepdad." Matt sighed.

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