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Chris's forced haircut by Chris

Hey im Chris, 22 years old study medicine in UK.

I was talking with this barber online in a haircut Fetish chatroom, we were kind of teasing each other of maybe meeting. This have been going on for years.

We finished our last credit Friday 9. December 2016 and I wanted to celebrate! So I wanted to ask the barber if he was free 10. December (tomorrow). He was free most of the day he told me so I though why not..

My hair is 14 cm on top, and 7-8 cm on the side. The barber I was gonna meet is a Dom barber, he is into the military and forced BDSM cuts. He was located in Austria so I had to take plane to get there. Me myself have never had a haircut form anyone on the site, cause I have been nervous of loosing all of it, since everyone talk about bald and buzzed…

The test went really well, and we chatted and he was teasing me a lot, sending pictures of bald, HnT, Flattops… I was kind of horned up by the though, so I started teasing a little back..

The day came and I took the plane 7:10 from UK to Austria. when I landed I was very scared, kind of hit me what the f*** I’ve done. No way back now..

I arrived at his door, he welcomed me. Such a nice guy! His bald head, and his eyes where so nice and mysterious, could clearly see he had been working out cause his muscles where pumped. I was terrified, but he kind of made me fool okay, by being such a nice guy. But I had to make some guidelines so I wouldn’t end up bald or buzzed, so I told him 1. Taper on the sides, 2. Enough hair on top to colour white, 3. Something you would find attractive you where 22 in 2016.

Maybe after 2 hours it was time. He asked me to sit in the chair. I sat down, he took away the mirror, so there was no cheating. Was a hot touch, kind of turned me on a little. He started with putting on guard one, and took one slow but sensual-sexual line with he intense and angry clippers. I cant tell what type of guard was on but it felt shorter than I ever been.. I knew he broke rule nr. 1 but I was expecting it to be honest, its 2016 everyone has a skin-fade. Than he took all of my hair on the sides and back away, than he went over it again and again until he went so high and buzzed away all of the hair on the temple.

That was the moment I though FML! Seriously I have never felt more panic! It was crazy why would he do that!?

After completing both temples, he put down the clippers, he started playing with my hair on top, no snipping, no nothing… than it happened 10 cm of hair fall down in front of me. I was in shock! I could feel my hair standing up by itself, haven’t felt the feeling In years. No, it wasn’t a good feeling, WHY THE F*** would he do so!? I got so mad! He asked me "what do you think you’ll get?". I didn’t know what to reply, I was in shock, but I answered pretty accurately. That was 3/3 rules crushed, smashed and f***ed!

From that point all it was one big erection and a furious Chris!

After 1 hour with cutting everything shorter and shorter everywhere possible he uncoated me, and gave me a slap on my freshly shaved neck. "Satisfied?" As he gave me the mirror.

"No" ….I replied

I wasn’t surprised how short it was, it was more the 3/3 rules he broke, and how much I looked like a military guy. Something I don’t fantasise or enjoy AT ALL.

He had to leave for work so I used the day to buy myself a hat and see Austria. Even tho everything I did was trying to avoid people looking at me and thinking what type of excuses I could use to explain what had happened…

The evening and night came and I was gonna get back to his place, since he was gonna host me that night. "How do you like your hair?, hot right?". "I hate it". He got quiet, started talking to his Horney guys online again while expressing what he had done to me. I felt so sick, used and abused. "I’ve been googling, and I want it recut", "What ever I cut, you’ll be unhappy". I knew I had touch something personal…

We ended the night with him shaving my pubes and pits, and giving me the most amazing orgasm ever, even tho the hair didn’t change.

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