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Whitewalled and Spiky Part 2 by Bob

Note: If you haven't read the first one, I would go back and read it. I decided to disregard the part about Chris joining the Air Force. Everyone else did, but Chris didn't. Some of the things will be a little different, so let's just call this a slightly different universe.

My name is Christopher Sawyer. My hair has been styled the same way since Mr. McAllen opened my and my friends' and brother's eyes to the whitewalled and spiky look. He told us where to buy the gel after we graduated, so we could still style our hair. Of our whitewalled and spiky group, I was the only one to go to college rather than the air force. They all understood but were a little disappointed. Dexter and I went to the same college.

I made a new group of friends and was content for the first few months. I constantly had a craving to cut my hair. I couldn't wait until my hair was long enough to pull out the razor, clippers, and scissors. I loved the feeling of holding the vibrating object; the satisfaction of touching it to my hair gave me an urge to masturbate. After using the razor, I looked sexy and manly but not complete When I rubbed the hair gel between my hands, I became even more erect. I could hardly contain myself when I rubbed through my brown hair to make the top push forward to the spiky front.

On one of my morning runs, I thought to myself "I love the feeling of this haircut, so why should I keep it to myself? All guys would enjoy this even if they don't know it yet. I can show them the pleasure, respect, and manliness of this style. They just need a little push and some of that hair gel."

One day, I called up Dexter and said, "Dexter, Can you come over? I need help with something."
"Wait is everything all right? Does anyone else need to come?"
"No it's not an emergency; I just need to talk to you for a second."
"Alright, be right there."

Before he arrived, I prepared some tea. We aren't British nor from any tea serving culture; I just knew that Dexter liked tea. When he got to my apartment, I told him to sit down. I sat on the couch facing him. At the time, Dexter had been getting his hair cut into an undercut with long sides for the cut. Even I agreed that it was a step up from the ugly afro-bowl cut thing he had as a freshman.
After a minute long silence, the red haired man took a sip of his tea and asked, "Well, what do you need to talk about?"
"What do you think about my hair?"
"If that is all you needed to talk about, you should have just asked on the phone. It looks good on you, your brother, Jake, and Colby, but I don't think it would suit me very well."
I replied, "Why is that?"
"My red hair is too unruly and could never be spiked like that."
I laughed back, "You'd be surprised."
"Wait what do you me..." Dexter trailed off mid-word.

I drugged his drink, so he wouldn't be waking up for at least an hour. I got out my supplies and cut his hair like mine. When I applied the gel in his unruly hair, it turned dark, wet-looking, and straight. He woke up whitewalled and spiky just like Mr. McAllen. He was confused but when he looked into the mirror, he immediately asked for a tutorial and some gel. I gave him both. He was apart of the crew like he should have been as a freshman in high school Over the next month, his hair darkened and straightened, and he looked more like Mr. McAllen. He never disappeared again and acted more respectful. He joined me for my daily run and workout routine. My urge to transform didn't end there.

We had a friend named Trey. He had golden hair to his shoulders. Unacceptable. Dexter and I snuck into his room at night and shaved his long locks. Yet another person who found the right path. We actually did this to more and more of our friends until the entire circle was whitewalled and spiky. Our gelled hair glistened in the sun.

I became discontent at college and me and Dexter joined the air force like my brother and friends. After, I opened up a barbershop where I gave only one cut no matter what was asked: whitewalled and spiky. You should come to my shop or at the very least get your hair cut whitewalled and spiky.

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