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Resistant (Whitewalled and Spiky Part 3) by Bob

Note: This will be a little different from the parts before, but I still recommend reading them.

My name is Christopher Sawyer, and I have had the same haircut since I was a freshman. I went to college and spread my look. Then, I joined the Air Force with my friends. After that, I opened a barbershop to spread my haircut even more. I've loosened up about what haircuts I give; I'll cut anything with buzzed or shaved sides and fairly short on top. However, I refuse to give anyone a man ban, undercut, a trim, or anything of the sort.

My barbershop does well, and I have a few stories about some clients.

One day (I didn't have many customers on that particular day) , a child and his dad walked in, and I said, "What'll it be today?"

The child had a blonde bowl cut grown around his eyes and way past his ears. His hair was grazing his collar. The father had a super short business cut shaved on the sides with a small part to his right. I approved of his haircut.

"Thomas over here just turned 13 today, and now that he is a man, he needs to start getting his hair cut at a real shop. What do you recommend?"
I grinned, "There is one haircut that I like, but it may be a little much for Thomas."
He replies, "Don't worry, he can handle it. I don't mind what you give him as long as it's short. You can shave it for all I care."
"Oh no, I'm not planning on going that far."
"Ok, I do need to go take care of something next door; I'll be back in twenty minutes. I'll go ahead and pay you now."
"It'll be $25." I include the gel in the cost.

The man hands me the money and takes his leave, and I direct the child to the barber chair facing away from the mirror. I pull out my materials: clippers, razor, shaving cream, spray bottle, comb, scissors, and, of course, my signature hair gel. I get the
clipper and buzz the left side down with no guard, leaving them grainy. He reaches up to feel it, and I see him go pale.

I say, "Don't worry, you'll like it soon."

I finish buzzing the sides and spread the shaving cream on them. I get the razor and go all around twice. It looked so shiny, an improvement from that ugly dirty blonde shield guarding the sides and back of his head. Next, I spray his hair with water and comb it forward. I cut the bangs first, so the hair wouldn't be in his face. I cut the the top (other than the bangs) to a half an inch. I cut the bangs to an inch. By now, the hair is damp. I get a dollar coin size of gel and rub it into my hands. The child by instinct moves out of the way trembling in fear. He'd probably never gelled his hair. However, the next time I get his hair and push my hands from the back and spike up the front. It looked perfect. I turned him towards the mirror and gave him a container of gel. He loved the whitewalled and spiky look. He touched his sleek top and bare sides.

"Th-thank you, sir."

His father walked in and saw his son. He was shocked but pleased.

"It looks great! Maybe I should get my hair cut like this."
"Why not? I'll only charge you fifteen if you do it now."
"Okay. I'll change my style up a little bit."

I gave him the same treatment, but he definitely wasn't as scared of the gel as the child. I gave him a container of the gel too.

"Come back in two weeks for it to continue looking right.
"Thank you; I appreciate it."
They left and I cleaned up the hair on the ground.

Terence and Thomas left the shop feeling great. Terence drove home, and Thomas was unusually quiet. Thomas was always shy around other people but never around his parents.
Terrence said, "How do you like your new cut, Thomas?"
"Good, sir."
Thomas never called Terence sir, but Terence liked. After buying fancier clothes and giving away most of Thomas's gym shirts, shorts, toys video games, hats, and all the other childish belongings he had,they return to Terence's wife Mary.
Mary says, "I love his new hair; it is very manly. These clothes are also nice!"
"Thank you, ma'am."
"Those manners! I love them."

When Terence went to check on Thomas in his room, he saw him doing pushups. Thomas was a full adult now. He didn't know what made him completely change, but it was something. Everyday from then on, Thomas would wake up, shower, apply his gel in his darkening hair, go running, do pushups, eat breakfast, go to school, do homework, lift weights, study, and go to bed for eight hours. Every two weeks, he would get his hair cut with his father. Maybe it was the haircut. I think a whitewalled and spiky haircut would do you some good.

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