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My head shaved At 17 In 1985 by John Nelson

In 1977 when I was in 5th grade the barber decided on his own he would give me a very short flattop. I thought I had funny ears that had little dents folded in at the tips. My worst,worst nightmare was getting a hair cut that showed my ears. I was ten years old and had nice long light brown hair. On day at the barber shop my mom told him trim it and leave it covering the ears. She left the shop. That's when he got the clippers buzzed me with a zero fade flattop.I could do nothing it happened so fast and it was too late to stop him. I was horrified! I faced it the next day at school. The weird thing was I started to like flattops. It would grow out spike every time, get too long and I'd get another flattop. I no longer cared my wavy folded ears showed. It was the late 70s so besides marines I was about the only kid in California with a flattop. I'd go out to busy places and people would just stare! I got used to it. My worst nightmare of having my ears completely exposed was ok now. People in lines asked to touch it and I always let them. In 1985 about 7 years later I had gotten used to the flattop and loved it. By the 80s flattops were accepted
Then one day I decided to bleach what little hair was on the top. Well it turned bright,bright orange. I had to do something because Christmas vacation was nearly over. I went to the barber expecting to just trim it way down. He said oh we have to shave it off. I had had a flattop but never a shaved head. I said ok and 15 minutes later I was bald, bald, bald. Not even peach fuzz. Oh no! My ears showed more than ever! I see the dents in the ear tips in my shadow. The shape of my head in my shadow too. I was in high school it was 1985 and not many people had this. Punk was in so some did. People tripped out after I want back from Christmas break. It felt really weird with NO hair. I had gotten used to the flattop.After about a week I really started liking it. I shaved it again a few more times. Sometimes a flattop and sometimes bald. Now it just bald. Weird that in 5th grade my two nightmare haircuts would accidently be the way my hair would wind up for life.

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