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Ramon's Ears by John Nelson

I met Ramon in 2002 from a friend of mine. Ramon was 26 or at the time. A big Mexican guy a 6 foot and 200 pounds. My friend had been letting Ramon stay with him for awhile. He asked if he could stay with me for a couple days. He then moved away. He just wanted me to keep him.

I was working and had money. At the time I was around 30 years old. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment. Ramon's family kicked him out when he was about 20. They were all in Texas. So great I had a 200 pound couch potato to take care of.

Ramon had 0 money, a worn out pair of Converse shoes and a bag of clothes. Oh yah a big mop of waved dark brown hair he could not afford to cut.

After a month I got used to him watching TV and living with him. He was lazy but cool. I enjoyed his company. I started to notice his hair was getting really long. Also when he got out of the shower his hair was wet and you could see his ears. Big round ears that stuck out like Mijio Mousey character.

One day he acts me to cut his hair. He'd seen my hair clippers in the bathroom. Oh I'd get to cut his mop and see those ears!
The moment came. I said how should I cut it. He told me he always wanted a buzz cut but my ears are too big. He couldn't decide how he wanted it though. I suggested a # 3. Then a #2. He said yes!! Oh boy buzzing that mop and those big ears. They did look huge afterward. Touching and folding down those ears was amazing. He lived with me 3 years then went to Texas. I gave him a # 2 about every 2 months. True story here.

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