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Ramon's Ears part 2 by John Nelson

Ramon had had his first buzz cut. It was number 2 clipper and that was short enough. A bald head would not have looked good with those huge ears. I was amazed at the size, perfect shape, and how they stuck out. I never talked to him or said much about them to him.

Ramon continued to live with me for 3 years! I couldn't get rid of him. He sort of became like family. He never asked for money ever. He just watched tv , ate, and slept. Basically lived in my living room. I just couldn't get rid of him. Sometimes when I was tired or wanted privacy I resented him there. But mostly I really liked him and he was so mellow. I had never met a person so easy to deal with.

Sometimes he would go shopping with me or we'd go somewhere. My family kept wondering who is he? When's he leaving? Is he looking for a job? I mean it was a weird thing to explain a big slacker living on your couch away. The big expense was fast food. He was 200 pounds and ate a lot. Other than that basically no other cost except electricity and thrift store shoes, clothes and stuff.

I did like giving him a buzz cut every couple of months. I'd say cut your hair today ok he'd say. We'd always use a number 2 clipper guard all around. I loved it when those HUGE EARS showed the most after a fresh cut. They were so amazing. I'd never seen anything like them. Mijio Mousey look it up on Google images. Just like those ears!

Ramon was Mexican but third generation. He easily could have gotten a job. He always was looking , yet nothing ever materialized. It was possible maybe for him to go back to Texas and live with his brothers or sisters. Not his parents though. I never really understood why his family didn't want him. He was nice , quiet no drugs and didn't really drink much alcohol at all. Or oh maybe it was he was the laziest dude I'd ever met. I even had to do his laundry or his clothes started to smell.

Anyway months turned to years time went by. In 2005 Ramon was now 29 he went to live with his oldest sister. He was supposed to help her take care of her kids. Yeah right.I paid for a Greyhound ticket one day and off he went. I tell you I really missed him. Even though he was a slacker I'd gotten used to him being there. After a while I got used to him being gone it was kind of a relief. If I finally didn't tell him you gotta go he'd still be here today. The poor couch would have been ruined. Now 12 years have passed. Every now and then he still calls from Texas and wants to come back. I always come up with oh not now or some excuse.

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