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You'd Look Good with some Gel by Bob

Author's Note: This is completely separate from the Whitewalled and Spiky trilogy. If you are looking for a barbershop story, this is not exactly what you're looking for.

I'm Matthew. I'm lanky, about 6'1", and have brown eyes and hair I just graduated high school and moved out of my parents house, and things are already crazy. At my college, they open the dorms to the freshmen during the summer so that they have a chance to get used to the town. My story takes place about three weeks ago, a week after I got here.

Back then, I had a brown bowl cut below my ears and approaching my eyes. Looking back, I should have gotten rid of that mop the minute I got on campus. However, that was before my encounter with them (Author's Note: I would italicize the word them if I was able in this sentence), so how would I have known better?

I shared a dorm with some guy, but I never really saw him. All I knew was that he would never get groceries. One night, I noticed that we were out of toilet paper (they had provided a roll when we moved in), so I went to the convenience store across the street (how convenient). I picked up some toilet paper and paid. It seemed to be a slow night; the only people there were me, the cashier, and some guy behind me who seemed to be buying a lot of something. I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it was a bag full of tubes and containers. Maybe lotion? I didn't know and I didn't care. I paid and walked out.

"Hey, you," remarked the guy who was with me in the store casually. We were waiting for the light.
"Who, me?"
"Yeah, you. Who else? Are you a freshman?"
"Uh, yeah..."
"Same here, you kind of seem like a loner; you wanna hang out with me and my roommate? I'm Johnson, but you can call me John."
"Matthew. Pleasure to meet you."
"Pleasure's all mine," he chuckled with a gleam in his eye.

John was tall with blonde, very short, and seemingly wet hair that was spiked up in the middle and buzzed short on the sides. I followed him to his room, which just so happened to be down the hall from mine.

"Hey, John, did you get it?" his roommate asked.
"Yeah don't worry. Thought we could have some fun and bring Matthew here in on it."
"You make things so weird, John! Well, the name is Rick. I'm John's roommate."

Rick was stocky yet taller than me. His presence seemed warm yet intimidating. He had a short black Ivy League cut that seemed wet like John's. I wondered what could have made it so wet and why it stayed stiff in place.

"You could sure use a haircut. Especially if you want to be in our little group," John said.
"I'm down for whatever."
"Are you sure? You'll lose a lot of hair..." Rick warned.
"The bowl cut is pretty childish, and I've been wanting to mix up my style a little. It'll always grow back."
"That's the spirit." John said, "You'll be an entirely new person!"

Rick sat on his couch while John pulls up a chair, cape, clippers, scissors, spray bottle, a comb, and one of those containers that he bought at the store. I sit down and he puts the cape around me.
"I'll give you a few options. You can get what I have, what Rick has, or maybe something else." I obviously chose--

---------JOHN'S HAIRCUT---------

From the minute I saw his wet locks, John's haircut was perfect for me. It looked messy and wild. How would I ever get it in place though? I'd find out soon enough.

John took out the clippers and without a guard, placed it on the side of my head, and moved around. It was so cold and surreal. The vibrations were so relaxing, that I didn't notice my sides were gone until I felt a breeze. It was so cool. However, he wasn't done yet. He used the scissors to cut the top short and even length other than the front middle. It was less than an inch on top after he finished.

"From the moment I saw you, I thought you'd look good with some gel." John takes out the container labeled Manly Men Hair Gel (not a real brand) and unscrews squirts some on his hand. He rubbed the blue substance in his hand and it made a weird noise.
"What is this stuff?"
"You've never seen gel? Looks like you're in for a treat."

He massaged it through my hair that I still had and I could feel it was stiff. His massage was almost as soothing as the clippers. He pinched it in the front middle the most. Afterwards, I looked through the mirror amazed. It was a spikywet looking haircut. It was messily "gelled" up mostly towards the middle.

"Wow this looks great!"
"Here, take a tube. I knew you would look good in my shoes. It's time for the real reason we are going to enjoy this. We're going to have a night of gelling each other's hair and showering."


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