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Generations by Baldy

For as long as I can remember, my grandfather and dad have had a typical Saturday ritual. Every Saturday morning as a child, my dad would take me and pick up my grandfather. They would head to the local barber shop.

My grandfather would always be first. He got his typical all over #1 crewcut. Then it would be my turn. During the school year, I got a usual trim. Once school let out, it would be a #2 overall crewcut for me. My dad would then take his turn and would be clipper shaved.

Once we were done, my dad would drive to the local cigar shop and buy 2 cigars for him and my grandfather. We then went to my grandfather's where they would enjoy their cigars while talking.

I graduated in 1984 and found a local job. I still went with my dad and grandfather for their haircuts and cigar every Saturday.

I decided to surprise my dad. I picked him up and then my grandfather. We drove to the barber shop. My grandfather went first as usual. It was then my turn. I got into the chair. The barber asked if I wanted the usual. I said no. I told him I wanted my head clipper shaved just like my dad.

The barber then shaved my head down to stubble. My dad then got into the chair and received his usual clipper shave.

We left the barber shop and drove to the cigar shop. I went in with my dad. He went to buy two cigars. I told him to make it three cigars. I paid for them and went to my grandfather's house where I had my first cigar with them.

We talked and laughed as we smoked our cigars. As time went on, when we got our haircuts, I started shaving my head and would have then barber shave me smooth.

Since 1985, this has been our weekly ritual together. My grandfather is now 89. My dad is 71 and I am 50.

We are three generations of weekly haircuts and cigars. Will there be a fourth? Who knows. My son is 14. It time will tell.

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