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When I decided to cut my surfer hair... by Ollie Dickenson

So, it was September and I hadn't had a haircut in months so my beloved surfer hair was ridiculously long and thick. When brushed down my bangs would cover my nose and touch my top lip and the back reached way below my collar. I wasn't too bothered about how long my hair had become but my mum was fuming because my hair looked so messy. My mum therefore gave me some money for a haircut after school. After school I turned up at my local barbershop expecting to leave with my skater hair just trimmed. When I arrived there was just one barber and one client so I sat in the waiting area. The client was about my age (15) and the barber was just putting the cape around his neck meaning that his haircut was just starting. The client had similar long surfer hair like me and I presumed that he was just going to get it trimmed. To my astonishment instead of picking up the scissors the barber took his clippers and slowly began shaving the boys surfer hair. I watched in amazement wondering how that boy had the guts to have such a severe haircut. Up until that point I had NEVER had a haircut with the clippers and I was always so nervous about getting my haircut. The barber just kept on shaving the clients hair shorter and shorter on the back and sides. Once the boys haircut was complete he looked completely different and I realised just how much I liked the look of that haircut. Whilst the previous client was paying I was thinking to myself "should I get a haircut like that?"
But I kept doubting myself because I had never had the clippers used on my head and I was so nervous. Finally it was time for my haircut. The barber called me up and put the cape around my neck before saying,
"What can I do for you young man?"

At this point I had so many thoughts pinging through my head I was considering getting a trim or the haircut like the previous client but I was just so nervous.

Slowly I replied "I'll have it done like the last guy please"

The barber then said "what exactly the same?"

I said "yes"

I was so nervous at that time as I was about to get my ferst ever haircut with the clippers!

Tne barber then turned on the clippers and slowly began shaving the back of my hair short like the other boys, he began working his way around to the sides removing my thick surfer hair. Whilst this happened I was having so many emotions and feelings shoot through my body I kept doubting if it would look good I wondered what my family would think of it as they only expected me to get a trim. But it was too late to go back as my back and sides were now cut super short. The barber then asked me what I wanted done to the top I literally just said cut it like the other guys. So he took the scissors and cut my bangs off and kept thinning out my hair until it was thin and short. Finally the barber said:

"I presume that you want your sideburns cut like the other guys as well"

Obviously I replied "yes" because I didn't know what else to say.

The barber then shaved my sideburns and trimmed my neck. He finally applied some gel in my hair and styled it. Before he took a mirror and allowed me to observe my new haircut. I absolutely loved it. Even though my ears stuck out and you could see my forehead the haircut suites me really well and I was really happy that I took the risk to try out a new haircut. I paid the barber and sprung out onto the street with my haircut. Outside the barbers I saw the guy who had his haircut before me. He saw me and said:

"Hey, were you that guy in the barber just now?"

"Yeah" I replied

"I swear that you had long hair a minute ago" he said

"Yeah, I decided to do what you did and get a short haircut, I told the barber that I wanted my haircut like yours!" I said

"Really?" He replied

"Yeah, because I really liked your haircut" I said

"Thanks" he replied

"No problem" I said

He then asked me if I wanted to go get an ice cream with him. I agreed and we spent the whole afternoon together.

Once I arrived home I had had such a good time I had completely forgotten about my haircut and when my mum saw me she just froze and exclaimed "wow! Ollie what a great haircut!" I told her about how I decided to get a short haircut. From this experience I learnt to get over my nervousness about haircuts and I had my first ever experience with the clippers. The boy who had his haircut before me also became a really good friend and even now 23 years later we are still friends. I always find it amazing how this one haircut experience made me a friend for life and how it helped me learn to try new styles without being nervous.

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