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The Confused Kid by Bob

Note: This story is not true, but this is probably the most realistic of my stories so far.

I was 14 and figured out I was gay. It was a huge relief to finally know my sexuality, but the next part would be harder. I would have to come out to others. I lived in a state that in a notoriously close-minded state, Arkansas (no offense to them, but it is just a state that tends to be viewed as close-minded). I lived in a small, more or less old fashioned town. We still had barbers, and people still beat their children for discipline. My parents weren't extreme except I got the paddle when I broke major rules. They did not get pleasure from it; it was just the way things were.

Anyway, the city was small enough that we all knew each other and no one was blatantly anti-gay, but the kids at my school did make jokes about homosexuality. My best friend, Todd, would be the only one who might understand and keep it secret. I had suspicions that he was gay too.

As I said, I was in an old-fashioned town and an old-fashioned family; we had internet and social media. Computers and phones were common there just as they were everywhere else. No man had hair past his shoulders, and many adults had crewcuts and short backs and sides. Most kids either had the new styles like quiffs or old ones like bowl cuts. Mostly nerds or the sons of military had severe haircuts like the adults. I noticed this because short hair is my fetish. Nerds weren't treated differently from athletes, but people did tend hang out in different circles as they always do. Now that you know about my town, you can know the story of the confused kid.

In the summer after I came out to myself, I kept it secret from everyone. I decided to wait until after high school (I would be a freshman the next year by the way). I was still uncertain, so the growth in high school would help. My hair had always been fairly short. Although the sides and back weren't buzzed, they were shorter than the top. I brushed it in the morning, and my straight brown hair was never really a hassle. I mean I'd push out to the side with my hand every once in a while. I was secretly unhappy about my hair. I wanted to have to gel it in the morning and make it shiny; maybe I'd spike it or part it, but I just wanted it short. I wanted the feeling of clippers on my crown. However, just as I was afraid to speak about my sexuality, talking about my hair was uncomfortable.

I decided to just enjoy the summer with Todd. Todd and I spent the summer making videos for our twenty subscriber YouTube channel, swimming in the creek, and being normal kids. Todd had short wavy blonde hair that naturally drifted one way. His hair was a few inches just like mine. It didn't reach his eyes (unless you straightened it). The most memorable day was one that I'd have felt uncomfortable with anyone else. It wasn't really anything that would have gotten us grounded. His parents were away and we spent the day at his house.

"Hey Jeff, I'm kind of getting board of playing video games," he said.
"Yeah me too. Why don't we go swimming?" I replied
"We always go swimming. Let's do something different."
"Like make a video?"
"Invite other people to hang out?"
"I'm not really in the mood to hang out with anyone else."
"Yeah me too."

We ended up spending the afternoon doing mildly entertaining things that would last a couple of minutes. I went to the bathroom and saw something on the sink. I was curious, so I called Todd into the room after I finished of course.

"Hey, Todd, what is this?" I asked pointing to a cylindrical container labelled "Manly Man Stiff-Hold Extra Shine Super Gel". I knew what hair gel was, but for some reason, I didn't make the connection.
"It's my brother's hair gel. He uses from time-to-time. Why?"

My heart skipped a beat. This was my chance to have fun with my fetish. My pants hid my boner pretty well. I decided to play dumb.

"Just wondering. This may sound dumb, but how do you use it?" I ask, hiding my knowledge. I'd never been attracted to my friends, but I couldn't stop it now. I knew how to use hair gel from
"You've never gelled your hair before?? Dude, how do you think I got my hair to stand up at eighth grade graduation?"
"I guess I'll just show you, but it'd probably be best if I get my hair damp first." He wets his hair and dries it a little. He unscrewed the cap and exposed a clearish blue gel substance. He put it on one finger and rubbed his hands together. I watched with my penis hard as he firmly rubbed the gel in his hair, and it made the exact sound I thought it would. He combed the hair to the side with his fingers and the makes a hard part with a comb. He combed the sides back. Todd looked like he stepped out of the 50s. I couldn't handle it.
"Can I try?" I asked sheepishly.

I did it myself and said, "That was kind of fun, and it looks good."
Todd said, "That's not the only way you can style your hair. Let me show you. I have to shower first though."
We got the gel out by showering in our bathing suits and shampooing it out.

We spent the afternoon doing our hair like this and having a blast. We gelled it into spikes (albeit long ones), mohawks, slicked it back, and we even used a hairdryer to form rough quiffs. I looked at the time, and it was 5:30. I showered and went home. We didn't really discuss it much after, and nothing happened until two weeks before school.

We were at Todd's house, and his dad called for him. I followed.
"Todd, we're going to the barber and getting you a haircut. You're in high school, and you know what that means," his dad remarked
"Do I have to? I like my hair the way it is." I was suddenly intrigued.
"Yes, you do have to. When I became a freshman, my dad made me get a short haircut, it happened to your brother, and now, you are getting one too. No more sissy scissor cuts."
"Yes, sir."
I said, "I guess that means I'll go home. Bye Todd. Bye Mr. Brown."
"Don't think you're off the hook, Jeffrey. I talked to your parents, and they agreed that it is time for you to get your hair cut like a man."

I was excited. I didn't know what a short haircut entailed, but judging from Mr. Brown's super short Ivy League haircut, we were in for some change. We drove to Dunn and Son's Family Barbershop. We were actually friends with Byron Dunn, son of Clinton Dunn (he was the son in Dunn and son). Carson Dunn, owner of Dunn and Son's, had died a few years back. Byron swept hair there. When we walked in, no one else was there.

"Hey, Geoff," Mr. Dunn (Clinton) said. My heart jumped, but I remembered that Mr. Brown's first name was Geoffrey. Most of his friends called him Brown, but people he was really close with called him Geoff.
He continued, "What can I do for you today?"

While they talked about us and caught up about the week, we talked to Byron.
"Hey guys what's up? You getting a haircut?"
"Yeah, my dad is making us go short," Todd says.
"Damn, that's gay," Byron replies. My heart jumps again.
"What are you talking about Bryon? You had a buzzcut until last year," I said. Byron's dad came from the military and didn't tolerate haircuts longer than an inch in his house. However, he cut whatever he was paid to cut. He didn't let his personal opinions of how hair should be in the way of his business. Byron currently

Byron blushed a little and said, "Lighten up, I was just joking. Anyway, did you guys--"
Byron was interrupted by his dad, "Mr. Brown just gave me what both of you are getting. No ifs, ands, nor buts. If either one of you complains, you will have your head shaved on the spot. That being said, you do get some options since your parents want you to decide how we cut your hair.
"Yes, sir," we both replied. Neither one had noticed that Mr. Brown left to go run some errands.
"Byron, I need you to go pick up some things from the store. Here is the list."
'"Yes, sir. Later guys." Byron left us alone with his father. We both were scared to speak just in case he misunderstood our point and shaved our heads. My hair fetish was with short hair not no hair.
"Todd, you go first. You're dad said that you can choose from an Ivy League haircut like his, a short crew cut, or a buzz cut."
"I'll choose a ----," just then a train passed by and I couldn't hear what Todd said.

Mr. Dunn pulled out his clippers, and started attacking the sides. He did not put a guard on. I fell into a daze for a while contemplating what I should choose from those options. I didn't want to feel turned on by my best friend, but I knew I would after he was finished.

"Jeff!!" Mr. Dunn shouted
"I've been calling your name for two minutes. You need to listen."
"Wait, where is Todd?"
"Did you not see him go with Byron next door to our house a few minutes ago? They asked you to meet them there."
"I apologize, sir, I guess I just zoned out."
"Your options are same."
I finally chose.

He pushed my head down violently. My boner instantly throbbed He turned on the clippers, and they violently whirred on the sides of my head. I didn't feel lighter, but I did feel the draft of the fan. Mr. Dunn finished with the sides and back, and he spread shaving cream where he just buzzed. He used a razor to get it smooth all around. He cut the top to the length I had asked for. It felt blissful. I couldn't see through a mirror, but I could sense it was much shorter than before. He reached for a container that read "Manly Man Stiff-Hold Extra Shine Super Gel". He vigorously ruffled my hair with the gel. I could tell that my spiky crew cut was going well. I felt it was stiff, and I loved it. This haircut had been what I wanted and more. No more "Sissy Jeff". The spiky crew-cut inspired me. He showed me a mirror and I loved the dark wet hair. My hair had been lighter brown, but it looked messy and wet and dark like I was underwater. This change was amazing and boosted my confidence.

"Thank you, sir. It looks great."
"No problem, Jeff. Here's some gel on the house," Mr. Dunn said.

I went over to Byron's house, and he said that Todd had gone home. I texted Todd to come to my house in a few hours. My parents were going out at dinner for a long time, and the house was ours. It got dark, and I waited by the creek. Todd came and I finally got to see his haircut. It was similar to mine, but it was brushed into one single spike in the front middle rather than many small spikes and a big one in the front. He was gorgeous. His hair glistened in the moonlight. I was dumbfounded. It was time.

"Todd, I-I need to tell you something. Remember that time this summer when we were gelling each other's hair and all that?"
"I knew what gel was, but I really wanted to gel my hair with you b-because I-I'm--"

He grabbed my face and kissed me.
Todd said, "I was trying to lead YOU into doing that, Jeff. I've been harboring feelings for you since then. I was confused. I didn't know whether you agreed. I wasn't even sure if I was gay. Now let's go have some fun. You just got some hair gel right?"

This whole time, he had been the confused kid.
We proceeded to make out, gel each other's hair, shower without our bathing suits, and we even gave each other blow jobs. It was full of love and vigor. Todd and I secretly dated in high school, and we are still together today, in college. I loved the confused kid.

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