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The Vampire by Bob

Note: It would probably benefit you to read "The Confused Kid" before this. This will probably be an unrealistic story like my things other than "The Confused Kid".

It was a normal day. I was in the locker room changing for cross-country. Three of my friends stared at my hair and whispered, but I guess I could give you some background on who I am though.

I'm Todd Brown, a freshman in high school. I chose to run as my sport while my secret boyfriend, Jeff, decided to pursue football. Jeff and I have been dating for a few months, and it's going great. We share a common fetish: hair, especially hair gel. My hair has grown out a little since the summer. It grew about an inch, and I part it with a glob of gel everyday. Now that you're caught up, back to the story.

The three friends staring were Byron, Patrick, and Clint. They shared one thing: all three of them currently had shaved sides and backs, and hair gelled up flat on top. It was a like wet looking flattop, but it was long enough to not have a landing strip. That wasn't the only thing. Recently, they had seemed to resemble Clint. I'm sure it was my imagination.
I didn't expect anything until Byron suspiciously came up to me and said, "Hey, Todd, I'm sorry."
"Wait, wha-" I blacked out.

"Todd? Todd! TODD WAKE UP!!" Byron shouted.
"Where am I?" I asked with my vision blurry.
"Are you interested in joining our group?" Byron replied.
"That's not answering the question."
"And that's not answering mine. Are you interested in joining our group?"

So I'm knocked out, taken to a random place, and he asks whether or not I want to join his group? I didn't even know how to reply to that.

"I'll take that silence as a yes. Let me explain first. We are the Flat Headed Phantoms of Arkansas. FHPA for short. As our name suggests we are phantoms. That implies that we're ghosts, but we're more like vampires. We are undead beings that get sustenance from transforming mortals into flat headed beings like us. It is permanent, and once you join, your hair never falls. We flat headed phantoms receive supernatural powers like flight and the power of invisibility, but the real power is-- well, you'll see soon enough. Once you join us, you will crave to transform people, and you won't age nor be able to step in direct sunlight, but it's worth it. You'll like it when you are one. I've been like this for almost a month, and it is sweet."

"Wait a minute, you're going to make me a vampire?!?!??"
"Not a vampire, a phantom. Don't ruin this for me. This is my first catch, and it will prove myself to Patrick and Clint. Anyway how this works is that I step inside you and mold you how I want. I'm going to start in 3, 2, 1"

It began. Byron took a step forward inside of me. Nothing happened for a second until intense pain occurred. I got a vision: I was in a barbershop with Byron caped up.

"What will it be, Todd?" Byron asks.
"I'm feeling a flattop today."
"Excellent choice."

He pulls out a pair of clippers, a razor, scissors, and gel. He uses the clippers along the back, but I don't feel it. I don't feel the cold vibration along my skull. He lathers the side, but it doesn't feel like it. I see and hear Byron do it, but I don't feel it. He wets my stiff hair and says, "Looks like we'll have to wash all of this gel out." He wets my head, shampoos it, and blow dries it. Then he scissor cuts it just enough so that it wasn't a landing strip. He gels it up and gives it a wet look. This is what I saw, but it was not what was actually happening.

When he possessed me, you could see the hair changing to match his. My facial features also changed. My bones appeared more like Byron's. My eyes and nose changed. My jaw line flattened. I shrunk in inch, and my skin tone become more tan. I somewhat resembled Mr. Dunn. New memories filled my brain. I swept hair in a barbershop, my name is Byron? Or is it Todd? Maybe Clint? I had no idea. My hair stiffened and receded. I grew a very small widow's peak.

"Looks like we're done." Byron suddenly remarked.
"We're going to have a lot of adventures together."

To be continued

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