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Eric's Pride by GregoryNation

Eric stretched as he got out of the shower. He flex his slender arms. Grasping the towel, he dried his face before pulling it around his waist and stepping out of the shower stall. Looking left and right he continued, barefoot, down the corridor. He was the only guy left in the locker room. A plus to taking such long showers. He stopped as he reached the mirror in front of the lockers. Dropping his towel he smiled. His hair was closely cropped to his head, the top was slightly long on top; allowing for a small, yet defined, pompadour. It almost resembled a halo, which led the eye to his more proud feature, his mullet. It extended down his back like a golden waterfall. It reached just below his butt when wet. He smiled, his third leg growing in excitement. He tossed his head back and let the wet tendrils slap to his rump, he smiled widely. Flexing in the mirror his rocket readied for launch. He took such long shower for this moment. With the steam still rolling off of his small, yet tight body, he looked like Adonis. Equally his shiny blonde hair needed lots of attention, curling conditioner, an all natural shampoo, and a curling mousse to dry it. He liked his mullet to form ringlets behind his head, which would rest on his mid back. He had been growing his mullet out for four years. Since the start of high school. Though he had already has a short mullet style, so he had a little bit of a head start.
But joining the baseball team had inspired him to let it grow. As his muscles, brain, and stamina on the field grew, so did his hair. It was the coat of arms that never left him and represented the journey that he had undertaken since the start of his freshman year. All who gazed upon it were stuck with awe and could tell that it took much maintenance. None could deny that.
And that is where his pride shone at it’s greatest, when he was on the field, his mullet would spill out from the back of his helmet, obscuring his name and number, yet you wouldn’t doubt that it was Eric. HE was the star of his league, and this comet’s tail was well known.

He began to pump his arm, flexing all muscles, using his right hand to pump his second head, and his left to curl his blond mane. Soon, he began dripping more than just water. Girls and boys alike loved to touch his mullet, at parties, after practice, and often when they thought he wasn’t paying attention. He loved a girl to use it steady herself as he plowed his bounty into her, at the thought of someone grasping his hair, he grasped his own mullet and tugged. With the third tug he let loose a torrent of his soldiers who spewed across the mirror. Squealing in delight he finished his admiration and left the mirror to find his clothes.

After putting on a tight v-neck and jeans, that sagged ever so slightly, Eric swayed crotch first out of the locker room, ready and virale.

Eric spent the next days as he normally would. Every morning he would untangle his mullet, stretch, flex, and pump himself into the next morning. He had to train extra hard for the next few days as the championships were coming up, his time versus his rival schools. And with his golden banner and swinging skill, he knew his team would be the champs.

After an exhausting workout, leaving him glistening in the sun, Eric took his shirt off. He began to serpentine back and forth between different cones, practicing his endurance. His blonde curls bounced and bounced, little did he know, they had flagged down the attention of three rival team members watching from across the field. They watched as the thin sportsman practiced his swing, his run, and his hair toss. As he was so recognizable with his mullet, they knew from across the field that it was him. Without such an eye-catching trait, they wouldn’t have known.

Eric payed the figures across the field no mind. Being as popular as he was, it wasn’t odd for a few onlookers to stop across the field to catch a glimpse of his awe. They got that, and they got mullet. He used special mousse that helped to keep his hair glossed and shined, even when working out. And thanks to the clouds, he wasn’t sweating. Satisfied with his agility he decided to go into the gym for a round of arm pumps. Leaving his shirt outside where he had discarded it, he stalked into the school gym. His curls bounced against his bare back, the mullet itself was perfectly ideal. It was a thin sheet of thick blonde hair, allowing optimal curl, but having just lack of hair that it often wouldn’t knot.

Watching the bare-chested athlete go inside allowed the three rival team members to cross the field and slip into the gym, where they found Eric having just put down to weights and flexing in the mirror.
Seeing them behind him he turned around, "Oh hey fellas! You three don’t look familiar." He put his hand behind his neck, grinning cockily before tossing his mullet back. The three boys eyed his mullet before one in a red hoodie looked at him.
He stepped forward, "We just arrived, and we are a bit lost. Thought we would tour the campus."
Eric relaxed, "Makes sense. And you came to the right place, it’s the best if you want to get ripped" he flexed laughing.
The second guy in the group, wearing a baseball cap laughed, "Damn, you are ripped. I don’t recognize you, but I recognise that mullet! You are the batter who always hit home runs aren’t you?"
Eric smiled at the recognition, stroking his abs happily and taking a step toward the guys, "I don’t like to toot my own horn but I can’t deny that. The name Eric." He put his hand out.
The third member of the group took it, "I’m Kenny, that’s Ryan," he pointed to the guy in the baseball cap, "And that Jim." he patted the middle companion.
Eric smiled, shaking each of their hands, a few ringlets from his mullet falling over his shoulder and over his chest, the ends curling around his navel, "Pleased to meet you three."
Kenny lightly touched one of the ringlets on Eric’s chest, "That’s a long ass mullet bro."
Eric grinned, his gym shorts stirring, "F*** yea it is! Four years and this bad boy is still growing!"
Jim walked around him and took another strand in his hand, "Damn it is soft too!"
Eric was surprised at the sudden attention to his mullet, he loved it! Puffing up his chest he put his hands on his hips.
Ryan laughed, "You always seem to be in the lead! What’s your secret man?" Jim began to gather more strands of the ringlets in his hand, pulling them to their full length before letting go and watching the thin sheet of a mullet bounce back into place.
Eric grinned, "It’s the mullet man! Even you guys love it, those rival teams love watching my curls bounce right on past them!" And with that he tossed his hair, the mullet flying up, hitting Jim in the face, before all settling on his back.
Kenny sighed, "That's what we thought, Jim, if you would."
Behind Eric, Jim smiled, "Finally! F***ing thing hit me in the face." And with that he grabbed the majority of Eric’s mullet and yanked him onto the ground.
Eric yelped in surprise, "What are you guys doing!?!" He kicked Kenny before trying to turn and hit Jim, but Jim pulled his mullet harder, forcing Eric to stop and yell out in pain.
Kenny rubbed his stomach, "Not f***ing cool dude!" Ryan grabbed Eric’s arms and held them to his sides.
Eric shook violently yelling, "What are you doing stop! You can’t do this! Don’t you know who I am?"
Jim fondly tugged at Eric’s mullet, causing Eric’s erection to become painfully bulging, "Don’t we know who you are? You are the star of the show aren’t you? The big baseball jock on campus!?!"
Kenny pulled out a pair of scissors, "Or are you an overinflated muscle head, who has too much based on a fragile piece of hair."
Eric’s eyes widened in fear at the scissors, "No, what are you doing with that!?! Who are you???" He tried to moved, but Kenny keeped his arms still, laughing as the shirtless stud couldn’t move. His head was still immobilized by Jim who had a firm grasp on his mullet.
Kenny stalked forward, "We are the team you are up against, and we don’t want your unfair advantages." And with that he leaned down to cut the kicking stud’s mullet off. In three quick snips the curly mullet fell to the floor, Jim’s grip on Eric was ended, and Ryan let his arms go.
Eric was too stunned to do anything but gasp at his pride and hair as the three boys laughed leaving.

The following game did not go well for Eric’s team, they lost the game, Eric just wasn’t as fast as everyone thought, it was truly his mullet that allowed him to be such a force on the field.

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