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Flattop in England 2 William' brother by Bald K

It had been four weeks since William had met Cody and got his first high and tight flattop with the landing strip. During those four weeks William and Cody had become really good friends and William had started to work a few hours at the supermarket with Cody. William had become really good with styling his flattop after Cody had helped him the first few times and enjoyed the look. One day after finishing his shift at the supermarket William started to make his way back to the apartment and saw a young man with his hair tied back sitting on the doorstep to the block where his apartment was smoking cigarette. William recognised the young man was his brother and walked up to him.
"What are you doing here Steve?" William asked as he got to the door.
"Oh so somebody finally shows up then, it was a good job it was not cold or raining." Steve replied. "Get the haircut as a bet did you hedgehog?"
"Very funny bro but you did not answer my question did you." William said as he unlocked the main door before walking up the stairs to the apartment and unlocking the door to the appartment.
"Split with my bird and mum got involved with a new bloke that I did not get on with." Steve told Will as he tossed his rucksack on the sofa. "Nice place by the way. "
"How did you find where we were?" Will inquired.
"Got my mate Ash to look at your redirection card at his place." Steve replied as he flopped on the sofa. "Got any lager in the fridge?"
"What about your job?" William asked as he got a can of lager from the fridge.
"Got the bullet for being sick so I am jobless." Steve told Will as he opened the can of lager. "What is for tea I am starving?"
"I better ring dad as he is bringing home fish and chips." William told Steve as he took his phone out of his pocket. "Hi dad you better make it three portions for tea as Steve has turned up."
"So what’s with the hedgehog haircut then bro?" Steve asked William as he got a cigarette out.
"Get outside Steve dad does not allow smoking indoors." William told Steve as he went to light up. "And the haircut is a flattop for your information."
"Looks more like a scrubbing brush or a hedgehog bro." Steve said as walked out of the door for his cigarette.
"Why the hell did he have to turn up?" William thought to himself as he got the plates ready for tea.

"So the prodigal son returns." Roger said as he walked into the lounge with the fish and chips.
"Oh nice dad, you could have said nice to see you son." Steve retorted.
"What do you expect? It has been nearly two years since I have seen you and you have not even had the decency to call me or William." Roger replied.
"Yeah well you could have called me." Steve said as he picked up a plate with his food on it.
"Well it will have to be the sofa you sleep on as it is only a two bedroom apartment." Roger told Steve.
"Yeah whatever." Steve said as he ate his food. "You going to take me to the pub a bit later?"
"I have to be at work for six in the morning so no I will not be taking you to the pub." Roger told Steve in no uncertain terms.
"Still the same bore then dad, guess I will have to go by myself so don’t wait up." Steve replied. "Got a key I can use?"
William passed Steve his keys and showed him which one to use for the main door and the one for the apartment.
"So Steve why are you here?" Roger inquired.
"Lost my bird did not get on with mums new bloke and got the bullet from work so I decided to visit you." Steve replied.
"Oh so it is a short visit then?" Roger asked Steve.
"Maybe I will see how I get on with my hedgehog brother." Steve said as he took a cigarette out of his packet.
"At least William takes pride in his appearance more than you." Roger told Steve.
"Yeah I know little hedgehog always has been your favourite." Steve replied as he walked out of the apartment. "Don’t wait up losers."
"Why has he come here?" William sighed. "I will see you later as I am going to thrash Cody on FIFA."

"The next morning William woke and put his dressing gown on and headed to the bathroom. William sighed as he saw his brother laying on the sofa and saw the tattoos that he had down both arms. William showered and got dressed after styling his flattop before going to the kitchen and putting some bread in the toaster and poured some fruit juice.
"Cheers bro, got some marmalade for my toast?" Steve said as he picked up the glass of fruit juice.
"Oi Get your own!" William shouted at Steve.
"Chill man its only juice." Steve replied as he walked out. "Bring my toast in."
"What the hell did your last slave die of?" William shouted to his brother.
"Still alive with a hedgehog on his head!" Steve shouted back as he put the TV on.
"Pity you don’t get a haircut." William thought to himself as he spread the toast and took it into his brother.
"So going to take your brother into town and show him the sights?" Steve asked William.
"Go yourself you need to catch the number two bus that leaves every fifteen minutes." William replied as he walked back into the kitchen. "I am meeting Cody then working!"

"You seem a bit distant mate." Cody said as they walked back to William’s apartment.
"My brother has shown up and I hate him." William replied as he opened the door to the apartment.
"You don’t get on then?" Cody inquired.
"Not seen him for two years and he turns up." William sighed as he closed the door. "And he cannot even be bothered to clear up after himself." William continued seeing the plates and cups left on the coffee table.
"Well if it isn’t the hedgehog twins." Steve said as he walked out of the bathroom. "Oh and I have borrowed Twenty quid out of your pot bro."
"That was for tomorrow when me and Cody go to the cinema so give it back!" William shouted at his brother.
"Sure daddy will lend his favourite hedgehog the money." Steve said as he walked out.
"See what I mean mate about hating him." William said to Cody.
"Looks like he needs a visit to my dad mate, let’s see if we can arrange it." Cody replied winking. "I can always sub you some cash for tomorrow mate."

"I have had enough of this." Roger thought to himself as he saw the plates and cups left by Steve in the kitchen.
"Oh hi dad I thought I would let you see what Steve does as I am fed up of being his bloody servant." William said as he walked out of his room.
"It is time for Steven to get real William, when is your next haircut?" Roger asked William.
"Next week but I can always bring it forward." William replied.
"You can take your brother with you and get him to get a decent haircut." Roger told Will.
"I will love doing that dad." William replied with mischievous smile on his face. "Let me get in touch with Cody."
William got his phone out of his pocket and pressed the call button for Cody and waited for him to answer. "Hey mate fancy bringing our haircut forward a week?" William asked Cody.
"Sure mate I was going to ask you the same thing tomorrow as my dad commented about it." Cody replied.
"How about tomorrow then mate? And my brother will be with us." William told Cody.
"Sure we can do it after work mate." Cody said. "See you at work tomorrow."
"All sorted dad tomorrow at five so make sure he will be there." William told his dad.
"He will be where?" Steve said as he walked in.
"Tomorrow at five you will be meeting your brother and getting a decent haircut and start looking for a job no excuses got that." Roger told Steve.
"And what if I don’t?" Steve inquired.
"Then you will be homeless as me and William have had enough of your attitude since you arrived." Roger replied.
"Fine the ends need a trim so where is this place?" Steve asked William.
"Couple of doors down from the supermarket I work in." William replied.
"Yeah fine I will see you there as I have no option." Steve sighed as he flopped onto the sofa.

William and Cody finished their shifts at the supermarket and walked down the path to Cody’s dads barber shop and walked in.
"Be with you in a minute guys just finishing up Jamie. Alan told them.
"It’s ok dad we have to wait for William’s brother to turn up." Cody replied. "You decided on your brother’s fate?"
"Yeah I have mate." William replied grinning.
"Jesus what is this place?" Steve said as he walked in. "Where is the chick to cut my hair and pour me a coffee?"
"This is a barbers shop young man not some fancy salon in town." Alan told Steven as Jamie got up out the chair and paid Alan.
"S**t that is some short haircut you gave that guy." Steven said as he flopped into a waiting chair.
"I think you will find you are next young man." Alan said as he looked at Steve.
"Nah its ok you can trim the hedgehogs first." Steve replied.
"You are next young man now get in the chair if you please." Alan told Steve.
"Yeah ok whatever." Steve said as he stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down.
Alan placed a paper strip round Steve’s neck and caped him up before removing the band hold his hair in the ponytail and combing through Steve’s long brown hair.
"Just trim the ends please mate." Steve told Alan as he looked in the mirror.
Without saying a word Alan turned the chair so Steve was facing Cody and William.
"Hey what are you doing man!" Steve shouted. "Turn me back to face the mirror!"
"Nah Alan let us watch." William laughed as Alan picked up a pair of scissors.
Steve felt the scissors start removing large chunks of hair but could not see how much as Alan made sure the hair fell on the floor behind Steve.
"Hey Bro starting to look better." William laughed as Alan continued to cut Steve’s hair with the scissors.
"Shut it William." Steve snarled as Alan placed the scissors on the worktop and picked up the clippers and oiled them.
"Hey dude what are you doing no clippers." Steve said as Alan flicked the switch.
"It’s only to tidy up the back sir." Alan told Steve as he winked at William and Cody.
"Oh that’s ok then." Steve replied as he relaxed back in the chair.
Without saying another word Alan gently pushed Steve’s head forward before running the bare blade clippers straight up the back of Steve’s head depositing about two inches of hair into the cape.
"Holy s**t man you said you were only tidying up the neck!" Steve shouted at Alan.
"Sorry sir I slipped." Alan told Steve as he smiled at William and Cody.
"Yeah well I am not paying for this man and what guard you got on the clippers?" Steve told Alan.
"It is a number four sir so you still have about half an inch left." Alan replied as he slipped the guard on the clippers and showed Steve.
"Yeah well man just be careful." Steve told Alan.
"I am really sorry sir I will fix it as best as I can sir." Alan said to Steve as he removed the guard and carried on shaving the back of Steve’s head before doing the same to the sides.
Alan put the clippers down and wet the remaining hair on the top of Steve’s head before blow-drying it so it stood upright. Alan picked up his flat comb and started to remove the hair on top until it was down to a quarter of an inch before running the bare blade clippers down the centre to get the landing strip.
"Looks like it the hedgehog triplets now bro." William told Steve as he tried not to laugh. "Finish him off so he will look like me and Cody."
"I will get you for this bro." Steve snarled as he felt the hot lather being spread over the stubble on the back and sides of his head as well as the strip of shaved hair on top.
"Be very still sir I do not want to cut you." Alan told Steve as he put a new blade in the razor.
Steve sat motionless as Alan started to shave the back of his head with short strokes of the razor making sure he did not miss a spot. After about five minutes Alan put the razor down and wiped the excess lather off of Steve’s head before he removed the cape and turned the chair so Steve could see his flattop in the mirror.
Steve looked in the mirror with a shocked expression on his face at his new haircut before feeling the smooth skin with his hand.
"Like the hedgehog cut then bro?" William asked as he walked over to Steve.
"You will regret this bro." Steve said as he got out of the chair.
"Yeah whatever hedgehog twin." William laughed as he sat in the chair ready to get his flattop tidied up. "Same as last time Al please." William continued as Alan caped him up.
"How does it feel Steve to look like your brother?" Cody inquired. "Hedgehog brothers."
"Shut it Cody." Steve snarled as he watched his brother getting his flattop redone.

"See you tomorrow mate." William told Cody as he rubbed the back of freshly shaved flattop and handed Alan a twenty pound note for both haircuts.
"Yeah mate what time bus we getting into town?" Cody replied.
"Get the ten thirty mate." William told Cody. "Who knows it could be the hedgehog triplets on the bus."
"See you then mate." Cody grinned as his dad started shaving Cody and William and Steve left.
"So come on hedgehog brother how do you like your new look?" William asked Steve.
"I bloody well hate it." Steve replied as they started to walk home.
"Aww poor Steve does not like his haircut." William mocked.
William and Steve walked home in silence and walked into the apartment where Roger was waiting.
"Well that is a vast improvement on you Steve." Roger said as he handed him a beer.
"Yeah well I am not keeping it." Steve replied as he took a mouthful of beer.
"You will keep it short and look for work after you get a job I may let you grow it out." Roger told Steve in no uncertain terms.

"Bro can you show me how to do my hair please?" Steve inquired the next morning as William came out of the bedroom.
"Thought you did not like it bro." William said.
"It was the shock of losing so much hair mate and I am sorry for treating you so badly since I arrived." Steve sighed. "Can we start over hedgehog triplets?"
"Yeah I guess so man." William replied. "Come into the bathroom I will show you how to do your hair."
William showed Steve how to do what little hair he had left to stand upright before they went to meet Cody.
"How is the newest hedgehog then?" Cody inquired.
"Liking it mate, I am sorry for being such a prick to you and my bro." Steve replied.
"No harm done mate we can start over." Cody replied as the three of them got on the bus.

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