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Twin Punishment by Captain

twin punishment.

Hi im mark my brother is bring over his to 12 year old twin boys "logan and Braden" for the summer since he has a bisnuces trip but i didnt know they will be trouble.

Ding dong coming . i open the dorr and see my brother and his kids. Man you guys have gotten big when was the last time i saw you like 2 or 3 christmases ago. yeah i guese so uncle mark said brden. come on in your room is upstairs down the hall and on the left, and say bye to your dad. bye dad the twins said. so is their anything i need to know. they are not alergic to anything the will be a bit spoiled since my job pays well but they will agust and there preetty nice to me and they have haircut tommorow at the barbershop in town the newer one not the old one, and if theirs any questions just text me. k nice to see you i take good care of them. and also my bisnusee trip will cut in to school a bit but not long. k nice to see you have a safe trip bye. The kids got settled in and called it a night. the next day. Logan Braden wake up time for breakfist. they started down the stairs and they could spell pancakes then they ran. mmmm thanks uncle mark they both said. their my moms homemade recipe i took this as and exuse to make some since i hadnt had them in a while. the day went on the kids played fine then it was time for their haircuts. kids time to go. we got in the car and drove their they both are blonde and there hair is a bit shaggy so i dont know what style they got i parked outside and we got out. okay you go in their and tell them to get started with your haircut and that i will be in the store acrost the street to get some groeries. by the time i got back they finished up and went to the car they both got a short modern quiff that was perfect looking. then i got the bill. both of them added up together was fifty bucks. i cant pay for that every time. i paid the bill and left to the car and went home. a few weeks later they were misbehaving and were goinh to get haircuts soon i wasnt going to punish them until... kids time to get off the consle and go out side. then one of them said shut-up. and the other called me a retard. i thought that was the last straw i wasnt going to take away their consle or yell at them but do something else over the past few weeks i realised they love their hair. a few days later they came up to me and said our haircuts are today are you stupid or somthing we are going to be late. no we wont you both go sit at the dining room table i will be over their in a second. they both looked confused. i got up aqnd went to my closet and grabbed a brand new box of clippers and not some cheap little ones i went online and found some ones that cut hair well. i went over then they saw what i had and they looked worried. i sat down and said. im tired of you mis behaving if you would have been good i would have paid for your expensive haircuts but you faild that test sow itch one of you want to go first. they both looked at eachother and pleaded saying please dont we will do anything take away our consle or wifi. ok i will they both looked like they won until i said. so whos going first. braden was the one who didnt give up quickly but logan did. logan said i waill with a defeated look on his face. i pulled his chair into a open space and he sat down. then i opend the box and he said give me the longest gaurd. then i turned around and took the gaurd off. then logan looked realy worried and then read the box of the clippers and saw the part that said balding clippers. and he started to tear up. i plug them in and clack he almost jumped out of his chair. then i place the clippers at the top of his head and zip i put a jiant strip through his head and ther was know stuble at all i did his sides the rest of the top and hew was donw completley bald then it was bradens turn after seeing his brother shaven bald he started crying he hopped in the chair and a few minutes later he was bald. when their hair grew back i shaved it off again when school started back up again i made a deal with them if their good they can get their regular haircuts. but they wernt so on the day befor school started they were bald and the next day they went to school and they wernt happy but they learned their lesson and were good all the way until their dad came home then in great timing they were bad mouthing me and their dad came he wqas furious i finnaly let the kids have their normal haircut but when their dad was looking for a punishment i showed them the clippers and they knew what was going to happen next but their dad wasnt done he grabbed his belt and took them into the bathroom and the behaved the rest of their lives the end.

sorry if this story has alot of grammer errors it is my first one.

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