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Head Shave, the Indian way. by R. Agastya

It was hot summer day in Bangalore and I was lazing under the fan with my cousin. My cousin pointed out tat my hair has grown very long and I needed a haircut badly. He also suggested that I get a short haircut, similar to his buzzcut to beat the heat. We decided to go to the barbers in the evening.
It was about 7:00 pm, I changed into an old dhoti and a vest and started walking towards the barber shop. The shop was not crowded, and there were only one boy and his father waiting. It was soon the boys turn and his father instructed the barber to give him a buzz cut with #1. I was flicking the magazine when I spotted a bald model. I then asked my cousin, "How would I look bald?" and he replied "Bald!"
By the time we could finish the conversation, it was my turn. By then the crowd had increased and most of them were young kids or boys of my age. I was a bit nervous to ask the barber to shave my head. I sat on the seat and told the barber, "Thale full bolsi" meaning "Shave my head clean!". He asked whether I was sure, and I replied with a loud and firm voice "YES!"
He capped me and started wetting my hair. My long and shabby hair were dripping wet. He took his razor and changed the blade.
He started shaving the crown, then the sides and finally the back. In a matter of few minutes, I was bald. I then asked him to reverse shave my head to make it more smooth.
He applied some after shave. My cousin, who was watching this was stunned. After I was done, he told me, "I never knew you were serious!"
We paid the barber and started walking back.
It was a fun experience and I am waiting for my hair to regrow, to get it shaved again!

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