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Scalped part 2 by Stillcrop

It was with a degree of hesitation that I reached for the door hand!e at Enzo's , after all here I was , a grown man being sent back to the barbers by my wife who was going to decide on my next haircut! On entering , Enzo was busy shaving a client who's head was tilted right back, the white foam covering his cheeks Enzo nodded to me to take a seat then said something to his customer and removed his razor as they both burst out laughing , the joke obviously at my expense. I had texted my arrival to my wife who asked if I was in the chair yet, my negative response got the reply of 'wait for me '.
Although it was only a few minutes it seemed like hours before Enzo had finished and as he offered me into the chair I hesitated as my wife had 't arrived , then she walked in , as I sat down she started berating Enzo pointing at and turning my head as she spoke Enzo's only response was:
'He aska for short and straight - b!ocka - sides and back and that what I give him , he likea , he giva me nice tip'
I thought she was goi ng to explode as she locked eyes in the mirror with me , then she calmed down and asked ' what can you do to make it more, well less brutal not so much BLOCKA!'
Enzo gave a cursory comb through my hair pushing the top forward then he let out an exasperated sigh ' Lady , like I told yo ona phone I already clipper him extra short and high ata neck like he ask ,I can clipper the top nice and short lika crew -cut or I cana no ... I thinks a crew - cut clipper him nice and close, what you say?'
It was weird sitting , listening to my hair being discussed and without having an input then my wife spoke ' you were going to suggest something other than a what did you call it ? crew cut'. Enzo blew out his cheeks then turned to my wife ' the weather is nice and warm sunny, he have nice tan why not I shave him nice and smooth and he get nice tan all over his head , it look good he has good shape head" . my wife unfolded her arms and reached inside her handbag, next she squirted a little cream onto her fingertips then gently caressed my freshly shaved nape she stood back and said ' you know it might just work and Kojak was my favourite detective when I was young, - do it Enzo but on one condition - totally smooth and polished - no shadow , smooth. Enzo clapped his hands ' lady I make him shine like a cue ball!'.And that was it I was to be shaved.
I opened my mouth to protest but my wife simply ran her fingers through the top of my head , winked at me in the mirror and mouthed the word KOJAK. Enzo wasted no time he fired up his clippers and with no attachment ran them from my forehead to crown clipping my hair close to the scalp , at the same time he asked my wife to boil the kettle, another few passes of the clippers left me with a fine pelt on my head , then he wrapped a hot towel round my scalp while he whisked up a thick mug of shaving cream. Brushing the warm cream all over my head felt good then I watched him strop his razor over and over again on the thick leather strap hanging from the counter , then he began telling me ' Relax, enjoy ' and amazingly after the first stroke and my watching skin appearing on my scalp I did . The rasping of the razor against my scalp and bit by bit the revealing of skin was relaxing and I was slightly dissaponted as he wiped the remaining traces of foam off my scalp with his towel , and a white scalped bald me stared back at me from the mirror. But he wasn't finished.
Again I was wrapped in a hot towel , then after a few minutes he bent me over the sink and ran almost freezing water over my scalp , which took my breath away , then he dabbed me dry and rubbed some brown coloured cream from a jar into my scalp then wrapped me for the third time in the hot towel. After removing it he gently massaged the cream which now formed a beige cream all over my scalp and once again he stropped his razor telling my wife and I ' now I Maka mister smooth as cue ball' and he started shaving me against the grain first front to back, then up the sides and back . As he gave me a final wipe all semblance of my scalp ever having sported hair was gone I looked naturally bald except for the colour contrast between white scalp and tanned face. Next my wife was behind me she traced her finger across my scalp and let out a gentle ' WOW! that feels awesome' she squirted some more cream on my scalp and Enzo rubbed it in with a soft cloth which had a dual effect , the waxy white scalp was now a toned beige more in keeping with my tanned face and the top of my head was shining reflecting the fluorescent light above my head. As I rose from the chair I felt my bald head for the first time and gave my wife a broad grin.
'Everybody now happy?' Asked Enzo , my wife replied ' No Enzo , not happy. Delighted, you were wonderful we couldn't have planned this any better. I've wanted him smooth for years , how long will the hair growth reducer work for?'
Enzo smiled ' about 3 months first time, after 4 treatments no more hair ona head'.
I looked at them both while stroking my bald pate ' You two planned this?' And then we all burst out laughing.

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