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Dad's Decision Part Two by Buzzz

It had been about a month since my brutal haircut. My Dad was arriving home later that evening and I was hoping that he would forget about bringing me to the barbers and would instead let me have control of my hair. After dinner the door opened and my dad walked in carrying his luggage. He greeted my Mom with a hug and kiss and looked me up and down saying, "Your hair has grown so much Peter! Don't worry, I will take you for a haircut tomorrow." I sighed and marched solemnly up to my room.

The next morning, a Saturday, my Dad woke me with the sunrise, "C'mon buddy lets go get our haircuts."

"Dad I don't want another haircut." I said groggily.

"Well I do and your getting one with me." He said assertively, "Get up."

With that he walked out of my room and I rolled out of my bed and changed, thinking of ways to get out of another scalping.

My hair had grown out to a long buzzcut. On the way to the barbers I decided to put my foot down, "Im not getting another buzzcut, Im growing my hair out to a normal length again." I said, unsure of myself.

"Ok, I guess you can just get the sides cleaned up and grow the top out." He said quickly. Well that was easy I thought. This time I walked into the barber shop more confident than before knowing that my haircut wouldn't be too bad.

There was a long wait in the shop, especially for so early in the morning, only one waiting chair was available so Dad made me stand in the corner. For over an hour we waited, old men got short haircuts over and over again. Finally when it was our turn my Dad said "I'll go first Oliver." To the old barber, he got his usual short back and sides while he and Oliver chatted away about the business trip my dad had been on and football. After the cut was finished Dad was brushed off and I switched places with him in the barbers chair, the cape was swung around me and a tissue tied tightly around my neck.

"What would you like for him John." Oliver said picking up his clippers. I sat ready for a short back and sides which was better than nearly bald like before.

"Lets do the same as last time." My Dad said, "But this time take it a little tighter on the top." My Stomach dropped, I wanted to run but I was frozen still.

"Will do," Oliver said gleefully, "I'll give him a recon." But just as he turned on the clippers and tried to bend my head downwards I leapt out of the chair.

"You lied," I said pointing to my Dad and raising my voice. "I cant believe you f**king lied, thats it this is absolute bull s**t."

"Son, get back in the chair I swear to God." He said looking mortified, glancing at the other people in the shop.

"No. F**k this, f**k you." I said ripping the cape off and storming out of the shop, I sat in the car, realizing the mistake I had just made.

A minute later my dad walked out of the shop, his face was red with anger, or embarrassment. He got in the drivers seat and started the car quickly, he breathed heavily and I could tell that I was screwed. "Im sorry Dad I shouldn't of said that."

"Not another word young man." He responded through gritted teeth. We pulled up to a Walgreens and my dad went inside without saying a word to me. 5 minutes later he came out holding a bag. He tossed whatever it was in he back seat. We drove home as I was terrified for whatever was to come next.

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