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23 to 63 - part 11 by Titan

"Here for a haircut Officer?" Clyde asked surprised by the appearance of the policeman.
"No,no, just a routine enquiry sir." Officer Terry Peters replied knowing his hair was in desperate need of a haircut.
"Oh!" Clyde said a touch nervously. Had Keith been to the police after all he wondered.
"I'm just looking into a missing persons report actually. Your address was listed as a recent contact."
"I'd like to help anyway I can." Clyde replied, a slight nervousness now showing.
"It's a Mr Brian Adders. He runs a small tobacconist on Belmont. Is he a customer of yours? He seems to have been missing for a while and its totally out of character." The policeman asked while looking in the mirror at his own hair, hating how thick it had become.

"Yes, ah...I know Mr Adders." Clyde decided not to lie. "He has been in a few times but I wouldn't call him a regular client. Oh dear, I hope nothing has happened to him." Clyde tried to sound concerned.
"Well its just an equiry I am obliged to follow up." Terry replied taking in the shop. "Sure is a nice set-up you have here, been here long?"
"Ah....about three years now...I...I didn't know he had any close family, who...who reported him....ah, missing I mean?" Clydes nervousness now starting to really show.
"The landlord of his business. When was he last here?" Terry noticed the barbers nervousness.
"Oh...ah..about a week ago I think." Clyde suddenly realized Brian had failed to go back to his shop now that he had a new master in Avery, never leaving the pub, the Rose and Thistle. Of course he had intended Seamus to take over the running of the shop its just he'd forgotten to organize that. That wasn't like him he thought to himself.

"I see. And did he seem alright."
"Well now if you mean normal, why yes. Something about a new boyfriend I think." Clyde decided to swing back to some truth.
"Oh...the policeman said a little embarrassed. "Did he mention a name?"
"No...no...he didn't and I ah, don't like to pry he just said he was starting a new life and he wanted a new look to go with it."
Terry thought about that last statement. What barber doesn't ask you your life story when you're in the chair. Something wasn't right. "A new life eh? What was the new look you gave him?" Terry asked interested in what the barber may have done.
"Ah, well I shaved him bald."
"Really?" Terry's eyes widened. "To the skin?"
"Ah, yes, he was already on his way to going bald, I just helped him along." Clyde couldn't believe he was saying all this.
"So you even do head-shaves here?"
"Certainly do, Officer. One of my specialties."
"Well its been a long time since I had a head-shave. It use to be so much cooler in the summer."
"Well you're welcome to experience my relaxing shaves, in fact I'm free now." Clyde said with a smile. "Ah, maybe another time." He answered as he looked in the mirror at his own hair trying to imagine himself bald again. He sported the shaved look when he graduated from police academy, the look having strangely turned him on. When he married later his wife hated the look. Well now there was no wife; maybe he should shave his head again.

"Well then if you think of anything else, here's my card. I really have to admit its a nice shop you've got here. Reminds me of one I use to go to near to the academy. Very traditional and all."
"Well then please come back when you have more time, on the house of course." Clyde pushed.
"Mighty nice of you but not necessary." Terry knew something was up but he had no time today. His Captain had told him not to worry about an investigation just yet. Still too early and they didnt have the resources. So he would return to the shop in his own time and maybe get that haircut and find out what was going on at this barbershop at the same time.

After the Officer left Clyde watched him through the front window. Did he suspect anything? Surely not...then again. None of this sat well with Clyde.
He had to find a way to dampen the worry over Brian's disappearance. Then all of a sudden Keith came into view stopping the cop. He kept looking at the shop while he nervously touched his thinning hair. They seemed to speak for ages, something Clyde had been trying to avoid. He wished he knew what they were saying. When they finally parted Keith was heading for the barbershop. Great, Clyde thought; he would find out what the two had been talking about.

As Keith left the policeman he had been assured there was probably nothing to worry about, but that the police would look into the barber named Clyde.
Keith had seen the policeman leave the barbershop and of course bailed up Officer Terry asking if he was looking into Sean's disappearance. Terry assured him it was someone else they were looking for but was surprised by another missing person. Keith then explained his neighbour had mysteriously left and he believed Clyde had changed him into an older- looking man. Terry said that if Sean hadn't complained or been forced then Clyde had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law. Keith explained he wasn't sure if Sean hadn't been coerced into becoming uncle Seamus.

Terry left wondering if this kid named Keith was just a busybody, but then something about Clyde raised his suspicious nature. The barber had definitely been rattled by his visit. What was he up to?

As Keith came through the door he didn't look happy, a little nervous to be honest. Despite knowing the barber had been responsible for Sean's drastic change he himself felt the barber may be able to help him.
"Hello young man. Step right up there's no waiting today." Clyde gave his cheesiest smile.
"Um, well I'm not sure if you can help me. I mean... I'm not really here for a haircut.....I ah....." Keith was nervous. He wasn't even sure why he was here knowing what Clyde was capable of. He just remembered Seamus advice about what he could do about his growing baldness, but his initial fear of what Clyde had done to Sean pressed heavily on his mind and now a cop was looking into a missing person at this same barbershop.

"Please laddie have no fear. You've obviously come to me for a reason. No need to be all the jitters. Why don't you sit in the chair anyway and tell old Clyde why you're here and I've got just the thing to relax you. Take your jacket off and make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back."
"Ah...thanks...." Keith started to relax a little as the friendly barber with the soft Scottish accent went out the back. He didn't seem sinister.

Sitting in the red, leather chair he had no idea about Clydes plans for him. He realized the man was also gay and had been the one responsible for the apparent 'aging' of Sean so his nervousness was immense to say the least but he seemed to have forgotten about that for the moment conscious of his own hair crisis.
He only started to feel better after trying one of the special drinks he was offered.
"So is the drink alright?"
"Yeah its fine though I'm not really a whisky drinker."
"Well the way your putting them away I think its your new drink of choice."
"Well it does taste good."
"Well in that case you'll have another." Clyde went back to make another one of his special whiskies.

"So I'm Clyde just as the sign outside says. " The barber said as he offered the drugged drink.
"My names....ah Keith.... I um... was told by a friend of yours, Seamus, you may be able to help me."
"Ah Seamus yes he's sharing upstairs accommodation. A fine gentleman, so what seems to be the trouble Keith. It looks like you need a haircut judging by the mess of hair if you don't mind me saying."
"No that's just it. I'm loosing my hair and I don't want to loose anymore."
"Oh! I see. Have you thought about going shorter. It creates the illusion you have more hair you know." Clyde almost laughed.
"But that's just it. Over the last few months it's been getting thinner, but in the last few days it's literally falling out overnight."
"Well son there is nothing wrong with baldness even if I do say so. I have many customers that like the style." The barber grinned as he looked at his handiwork on top of the guys head while running his left palm over his own smooth scalp. Maybe he'd been too aggressive with the electrolysis, the pale scalp was very visible now especially on the crown."
"Of course not." Keith said apologetically as he realized the barbers baldness. "It looks fine on you, I'm...I'm....well just not ready for that. I'm only 32."
"Well young man I'm not that much older you know but if you aren't ready to embrace male pattern baldness I wont press you, so then lets have a closer look." Clyde returned wanting to tell him he was ten years younger than Keith. "Ah...yes...there does seem to be typical early onset of male pattern baldness. Maybe a four, does it run in your family?
"I'm...ah...not sure. I'm an orphan."
"I see." Clyde said with another sly grin realizing how perfect Keith was now with no close relatives to ask questions just like Seamus.
"Wh..what's a four mean."
"Oh sorry, here see this chart." Clyde pointed to a chart on the wall that showed various stages of hairlines. "This is the Norwood scale and see here you are nearly a four."
"Oh. Looks even worse than I thought."
"Well you have a ways to go till you're a seven, the final stage like me." Clyde rubbed his own smooth head again. "Though, if its falling out as quickly as you say, maybe in a few months you could be as bald as me." Clyde decided to worry the guy even more.
"Really? Is that what happened to Sean?" The now more confident and drugged Keith brazenly announced "or did he want to look like some old dude with the haircut you seem to like?"
"Sean? I don't know a Sean.....do I?" Clyde knew he'd have to think fast though the drugs were already working on the kid.

"Seamus might be more familiar!" Keith said in a softer voice now.
Again Clyde thought while he had Keith in the chair he'd be honest. "Okay, you have me there. Sean wanted to become the older man he always felt in his personality. I just helped him find his true, masculine look. With the massive changes we decided to create a fictitious uncle Seamus as nobody would understand the massive changes."

"Just...just...like that. He....wanted you....you change him so....drastically?" Keith was getting a little confused now.
"Yes, he was more than happy with the process." Clyde looked into the glazed eyes.
"So...ah....you didn't influence...... him?" Keith asked.
"Now laddie, Sean was a lost soul. An older soul in a young body, much like myself, he merely felt more comfortable as a older man. I merely helped him on the journey."
"Wh...what do you mean. How...can....can anyone want...to look......"
"Older?" Clyde finished for the him noticing his drugged state.
"There are many of us that love the virial, masculinity of a balding, older man. I for one and I love that Seamus has followed his intincts."
"Really? Hmm.....I feel....odd!"
"Too many whiskies laddie. You better slow down. Now then, what are we doing to your hair then?" Clyde pressed trying to change the subject.

In his drugged state Keith was relaxed and easy to manipulate now.
"Well.. ah...Sean.....oh I mean Seamus......well he suggested...a...wig."
"Yes that is one of my specialties though I like to call them hairpieces." Clyde states.
"I guess..... um well he said I should try one."
"Well you've come to the right place."
"There uncomfortable aren't they....and...and...expensive."
"No, there has been some big changes in their fitting. And though the custom wigs are more expensive maybe we could work something out with one of my stock pieces especially since you were sent by our Seamus."
"That's..ah...very good of you but...but... not sure. I mean I'll have to wear it all the time to hide my.....b..bald..."
"No my dear boy. When you sleep or are alone you can take it off, or wear a baseball cap. No one has to know you're balding."

Clyde could see by his eyes that the drugs had taken effect.
"So let me get something to match your hair color." Clyde said leaving Keith staring in the mirror.
On his return from the back room he noticed the silver colored hairpiece in Clyde's hand. Clyde quickly interjected before the kid could say anything, "I know its not your matching hair color but its the best quality one I've got. We just have to color the hair to match, that's easy."
"Oh.....I ah was worried...for a...a moment....." maybe it was the drinks but then he added. "Do..do you have a..trial period....ah...you know....just in case I don't like it?"
"I always insist on a trial my boy. Would you like to try this piece?"
"I guess..ah..wh..wh... have I got...to loose?"
"Only your hair. Sorry I couldn't resist the pun."
Keith tried to smile but he felt weird, what was with those drinks?"

"But what about the upkeep and all that?"
"Again that's easy, I can help you look after it as well as keep your hair shaped to look neat and natural. No one will know your bald plus I will charge a reasonable rate for that and as you mature we can change the hairpiece as your baldness increases. Who knows, one day you may be able to throw away your hairpiece and embrace your male pattern baldness like Seamus and I."
Keith shuddered at the thought though he saw Clyde was wearing the biggest smile.

"Yes I think this one will still look natural though I might have to do a little trimming and coloring but so we don't get disturbed I'll lock the door so you feel perfectly at ease."
"Oh, that's...g...good." He said not really wanting anyone else seeing him doing this.
"Please don't worry Keith, I want this all to be a relaxing experience for you." Clyde smiled .
"Keith sank back in the chair, his mind spinning, but overall very relaxed now he was drugged.

"Well lets take a closer look at your scalp." Clyde said while admiring how much his desecration of Keith's hair had aged the guy already. There was a large bald spot on the crown as well as patchy hair on the temples forming a prominent widows peak.
"Yes, I think this piece will work." Clyde said with a big smile as he placed it over Keith's head, the difference in hair color so obvious. "Now don't fret none son, this is all early days there is a lot of work still to come. Keith felt a little better but in his state he didn't really worry too much as he seemed to trust whatever the barber was doing.

As Clyde adjusted and combed the hair Keith liked the thickness the hairpiece gave his remaining hair, making him look even younger despite the silver color.
Clyde then reclined the seat back. "First I'll need to do some recolouring so everything matches."
As he prepared the hair colorants he could see the drugs had completely worked. Keith seemed to be very relaxed.
"So Keith are you feeling relaxed?"
"Well you need to be completely relaxed as I change your hair color."
"You...you mean... the...hairpiece color....."
"Just relax and trust Clyde to make you look good."
"Hmm...y-y-yes." Keith answered softly.
"You only here my voice....just relax and listen to my voice."
"Now you're very relaxed almost floating as you here my voice its all you can focus on as you fall deeper into a relaxed state."
'Now I want you to enjoy everything about what is happening to you. You know you can trust old Clyde......you are more and more at ease and feeling very relaxed."
"Hmm...relaxed." The now zoned out Keith replied.
"Now Keith, as you trust me can you tell me what you told the young policeman outside?"
"I just...ask......if h...he looks for Sea...Sean....."
"Okay, so you are still relaxed and totally trusting of everything I do. You will let me do what ever I want so that you can look your very best. You will love coming here as Clyde creates a whole new look, one that makes you a very masculine and mature gentleman just like Seamus, you like old Seamus? You'd like to be closer to him wouldn't you? I can help you look more gentlemanly and masculine, just like Seamus." Keith was totally relaxed and responsive to Clydes voice. "J-just...like Seamus...." he softly replied.
"Are you excited about how good I will make you look?"
"No you must answer yes sir!" Clyde prompted.
"Yes Sir!" Keith answered straight away.
"Good, you will make sure you keep all this to yourself, you don't want anyone to know about your balding do you?"
"No... ah...sir."
"For now we will work on your baldness. We will completely hide the fact your becomming bald. Despite the color you will accept the new look I give you. You like looking older just like Seamus and I do. You are excited about your new hairpiece and at first you will love how it hides your baldness, but as you look at yourself in the mirror you realize there is something wrong; very wrong. You look nothing like a mature gentleman. You seem way too young and nothing like the man you should be, just like Seamus. There is nothing wrong with male pattern baldness. It is very becomming on many men especially your barber, and what about Seamus. It makes him look mature and sophisticated. You want to look like that. The hairpiece is stopping you. You will ask me to become a true mpb man and will enjoy the process I take you through. You will follow everything I tell you because you know its what you really want just as I helped Sean become Seamus. You will be indebted to me that I have done all this to make you over, into the man you should be and above all it will turn you on, more and more."

Clyde continued his hypnosis planting some additional ideas into Keith, he thought he may as well have some fun, but he was worried about that nosey cop. He had now stopped the threat of Keith going to the police but this lone cop wasn't about to leave him alone. He knew he was suspicious but how could he control the cop? Surely using his hypnosis on him was too dangerous.

An hour passed and a different Keith sat in the barbers chair.
"So what do you think?" Clyde asked as he showed Keith how his hair looked at the back in a hand held mirror.
"But the color... it's....grey. My hair....you changed the color to grey." The still out of it Keith slurred.
"Actually it's silver and its the only piece I have at the moment to suit you. You want to match the colors dont you?"
"But...but I thought you....change the wig.... not my hair color?" Keith said as he turned his head slowly from side to side. The coloring of the wig matched his own hair exactly and it made him look quite distinguished despite his initial reaction.

"Well young sir, I cannot color these hairpieces as successfully as your hair, plus I can give you this one free. I think you suit the silver coloring but if you want me to take the hairpiece back....?"
"N...no...ah..its just...." Keith stammered kind of intrigued how the thick hair and coloring changed him. He looked at least ten years older but he didn't seem to mind now.

A little latter as the drugs had worn off but the hypnosis had been firmly implanted in his mind, "Thank you so much Sir. Seamus was right about coming here."
"Maybe you should go up and thank him, he should be upstairs by now." Clyde pressed.
"Oh...okay... ah about payment...can...."
"Don't worry laddie I've got you covered, just remember how I've helped you."
"Thanks, that's very good of you."
"Well we have a gentlemans agreement then?"
"Yes....of course...." Keith liked the sound of them both being gentleman. But first he went upstairs to show Seamus.

"Well my boy, that is certainly an improvement. You look very dashing. All you need now is a beautiful mustache." Seamus smiled at the man before him. He came up and taking his pipe out of his mouth planted his lips on Keith's. The deep kiss lasted for a full minute, Keith tasting the pipe tobacco while the older man expertly used his tongue. When Seamus eased away he saw Keith wearing the biggest smile. Keith was surprised how much he enjoyed that passionate kiss, even with the smoky breath.

When Keith returned to his apartment he couldn't stop looking at his new hairpiece. Seamus had indeed liked it and and told him Clyde had done an excellent job. All the way home, Keith tried to see his reflection in shop windows touching the back every now and then. He couldn't believe Clyde wasn't charging him yet, it was a lucky break.

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