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A buzzcut at the beach by Andrew

I remember about 3 years ago I met Brandon at the local pool. He was in the pool playing with his little sister Amy who was 11 at the time. He seemed kind of friendly so I decided to join him in the pool. At first we just splashed around by ourselves. About 2 minutes in I decided that I needed to man up and talk to him. We talked a little bit and realized we had a lot in common. One of the things he asked me was ''have you ever thought about getting a haircut?''I put my hand on my head and whipped around my 4 inch long curly hair around. He told me his dad wouldn't let him leave the house with hair like mine. We talked a little more and we soon became friends. The next summer his family invited me to their beach house. I was thrilled getting into their car. We stopped at Shaw's and picked up some food. It was only me Brandon's dad and Brandon. We stopped at a small brick building that read Bill's barbershop. I was confused but got out of the car with them. Inside a boy who looked no older than 11 was sitting in the barber chair. ''What will it be today asked the bald,lazy looking barber. The boy didn't get a chance to speak because his father blurted out that he wants the most possible hair taken off. Brandon leaned over towards me and whispered into my ear ''That's the haircut my dad usually gets. I giggled because I thought he was joking. My family would never let me use electric clippers. Apparently they were never used in my family and they never would be. I watched as chunks of the boy's dark brown hair fell onto the ground. It only took a minute or so
for his haircut to finish. The only thing left on his head looked like stubble or a shadow. The dad rubbed the boy's head and told him that that was the only haircut a man should have. The boy rubbed his shaved head and bit his lip to keep from crying. Brandon was the next one to go. He and his dad both got a #1 on the sides and a #2 on the top. He looked so different with his golden hair sheared into what bristles still stood on his head. They asked me what I wanted but I told them I was OK. After the beach I spent the night at his house. At 11:00 me and Brandon layer down to sleep. The next thing I knew my hands were tied to the bedpost and my legs were tied to the end of the bed. I tried to call Brandon but all I could hear was a buzzing sound getting closer and closer. Then Brandon and his dad walked through the door holding a pair of electric clippers.He walked up to me and placed them on my forehead. I didn't speak. Then with a stroke of the clippers he plowed through the middle of my head. With brisk strokes my hair fell from my head. It felt like nothing ever had before. The clippers just glided over my head changing my hair into what looked like sandpaper. Finally his dad had finished. He untied me,said he was sorry and told me to feel my head. I put my hand onto my freshly shaven head. It was the greatest thing in the world. It didn't just look like sandpaper it felt like it too. Brandon and I compared ourselves in the mirror. My hair was even shorter than his. Now every time I go to the barbershop I ask for a buzz cut and I get the greatest possible haircut

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