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The day I got a H&T by shavedboy

this story happened me when i was 14 years old

my name is David and my dad is a officer so he always gets high and tights , one day on my summer vacations my dad told me to go with him to the barbershop I always wore a mohawk after we arrived to the barbershop my dad took sit and the barber combed and cut his hair , for my surprise when the barber finished my dad told me to take sit , I was actually happy because i was thinking that my mohawk needed to get a touch up , when the barber asked me I was about to tell him to work for it , but my dad got close and told the barber to do a high and tight but a really short as his so the barber put a number 2 guard and started passing the number 2 on top of my head , next he took the trimmers and started passing them on my back and sides , the barber called my dad and asked him if this was ok , but my dad told him to razor shave it, my dad took sit again an the barber put a hot towel in my head , then he rubbed a good amount of shaving gel on my back and sides , finally he took a gillete razor and shave my head he applied some after shave and a gel to make it shiny , then my dad payed and whe left.

the next weekend I was on home when my dad called me he was on the bathroom and he told me to sit on a chair he had prepared , he told me to just relax , he rubbed my hair with hot water and then applied some shaving gel and took his gillete fusion and make my head smooth again ,I had a little shadow beard (pretty awesome for my age) and also my dad shave it, then he told me that he will shave it every weekend , I was happy because i liked that haircut

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