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The Boarding School forced hair chop! by Jasper Green

I was 15 and I was at a boarding school in the UK. The school that I was at insisted that all pupils were suitably dressed and wore short and smart haircuts. My hair was overdue and my hair was definitely not short and smart it was the absolute opposite. The sides had grown out to be thick and messy and the top was really thick and long styled as a bang. My hair was definitely not within school regulations.

It was a summer afternoon and my headmaster called me up to his office. He told me that I was a disgrace to the school and that I had to get my haircut by the school barber who would come round to deal with me that evening.

The school barber. They were dreaded words. The school barber could d whatever he wanted to the boys who needed a forced haircut! I spent the rest of the afternoon in my dorm looking at my hair in the mirror. I styled it and ran my hands through it as I thought about how long it took to grow out and how it would just get shaven off later. At 6pm the school barber arrived and I was called down to the common room.
"Who needs the haircut" asked the barber
"Me, sir" I said slowly
"That mop is out of control, when did you last cut it" said the barber

" a few months ago" I said
"Well let’s get on with the cut" said the barber

I was asked to remove my t shirt and sit down. All around me my friends stood watching with awe at what the barber would do to my hair. I took a deep breath and preyed that it wouldn’t be to harsh and drastic. The barber sprayed the hair with water and combed it. He then reached for the clippers and placed them on the back of my neck. I could feel the cold metal of the clippers on my skin. I had no idea what grade I was being given with the clippers but I was pretty sure that it would be short. Buzz Buzz he kept on shaving the sides of my hair. Each swipe of the clippers removed a huge amount of hair and after having just trimmed the sides the pile of cut hair was massive! The barber then looked at my long bangs and was clearly startled by how long it was. At this moment i was just begging for one thing that he did not use the clippers to give me a buzz cut. I hated buzz cuts and I hoped that he would just trim the top. NO! I thought to myself as he reached for the clippers once again. The barber placed the clippers on the front of my forehead and pulled them back towards the middle of my head. The clippers were cutting away all of my bangs and leaving me with a full on buzz cut. The barber kept on shaving removing more and more hair until finally the buzzing stopped and the clippers were placed down.

"That’ll teach you to let your hair grow" said the barber as he used a brush to sweep away the hair clippings from my shirtless chest.

I stood up and ran straight to my room to look in the mirror. I looked completely different. I seemed virtually bald. The barber had given my a 000 all over and as my hair was blonde it looked as though no hair was left. I hated how it looked. 15 minutes ago I had a really nice messy skater mop with a bang that all the girls were crazy about and now after a few minutes of shaving I looked bald. My ears stuck out and the clippers had left a rash all over my neck where they had been used to cut the hair really close to my scalp. I was told that I had to go back up to the headmasters office and upon seeing my haircut he grinned and said
"What do you think of the new trim, Jasper?"
I didnf reply. I just stood in the office rubbing my head and hating the sandpaper feel of the short hair.

The barber had definitely taught me a lesson about keeping my hair in an appropriate style as since then throughout my school years my hair was kept in a crew cut.

RIP JASPER’S COOL MESSY HAIR- Shaved off by school barber

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