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23 to 63 - part 12 by Titan

The next day Clyde was already making careful plans as to what to do with his neighborhood cop. He had been in contact with a mutual friend facing early retirement who worked at the same precinct for a while before transferring to another division. Gus had been an old customer and was not reluctant to sell information for the right price, however he always seemed to keep his nose clean.

Gus had known Terry Peters when he was there and knew about his failed marriage. It was rumored he was gay and his wife had found out when she came home early one day and there was Terry in their bed with another man. Through some digging, Gus had also discovered Terry had started heavy drinking afterwards and had to be rebuked by supervisors when he arrived for a shift drunk. He was sent to a rehab clinic and apparently had been sober for the last twelve months.

Clyde knew it was risky what he was about to do but he was more worried about what may happen if he did nothing.
He rang the contact number on the business card for Officer Peters and left a message that he had some information about Brian's whereabouts.
Peters rang straight back and said that he was off work for a few days and he would be straight around to the barbershop.

It wasn't long before the handsome policeman entered the barbershop. He was dressed in civilian cloths, khakis and a pastel polo and looked a little washed out, his hair disheveled and he hadn't shaved his face for a few days, the growth being quite heavy.
"So what is this information you have for me, you know where Brian is?
"Yes, I've run into him at a local pub and let him know you were looking for him."
"Oh, I see.....so his alright then."
"Appeared to be in excellent health, seems his a bit sick of the shop."
"So he doesn't want to be found or what is it?" Terry pressed.
"Wouldn't you be more comfortable in my chair?" Clyde asked taking a fresh cape. "I'll give you that overdue haircut and fill you in on Brian at the same time. You sure could use a haircut and a shave."
Seeing himself in the mirror he had to agree with the barber. "Well I have time at the moment, I suppose I could use a trim, but no...nothing too short."
"Good, now step on up and we'll get started."
As Clyde fixed the cape around the cops neck he noticed how nervous he suddenly seemed. "Now just relax sir, I'm an expert at men's styles."
"Yeah.. um...its just been a while since I was in a barbers chair. I used to go to my wife's stylist."
"Oh, so you're married?" Clyde said as he picked up a fresh, white barber cape and draped it around the policeman's shoulders.
"Ex-wife sorry." Terry replied looking suddenly dejected.
"Well there's nothing like a new haircut to cheer you up and it sure looks like you need it." Clyde cheerfully said as he started with his scissors and comb.
As he watched the barber work in the mirror ahead of him he asked about Brian. Clyde filled him in and of course, only what he wanted him to know.

"So you are sure he is living at this bar." Peters asked.
"Saw him there myself. The Rose and Thistle is an old favorite of mine, reminds me of pubs in Scotland."
"Thanks for letting me know so quickly." Peters said noticing how well his hair was looking already. Clyde had scaled the sides right back without using clippers, leaving the fringe and top a little longer. After some pomade was rubbed through it was combed back making the policeman look even younger.
When he had finished Clyde asked did he want it any shorter, he could take the sides closer with the clippers. He noticed a movement under the cape as Terry seemed to adjust himself. Clyde wondered if Terry was getting turned on by the haircut.
"Well...I dont think they'd like it too short, I mean at the station." Terry said already turned on by the thought of clippers. He used to shave his head when he was younger and loved the whole experience of the barber taking his time running a blade over his scalp feeling the total smoothness as he would run a hand back and forwards over bare skin.

Clyde knew he could now control the situation. "Didn't you say you used to have a shaved head?"
"Ah... yes, a long time ago."
"Why did you stop shaving it?"
"My wife didn't like it when she met me."
"Oh! Well now, you aren't married anymore?" Clyde stared at the mirror, seeing Terry's eyes flinch.
"Ah...sorry.... my ex-wife. I'm going through the divorce at the moment. Tha...ts ah...why I'm taking some time off work."
"Oh I am sorry. No wonder you look so down. I tell you what, how about we go a bit shorter. A new look for a new life." Clyde was already holding the clippers in one hand. "And I think we need to shave off that stubble too."
Terry could hardly believe what he was hearing. Letting this barber near his hair had been a mistake, it was obvious he wanted to do something radical but he was so turned on by all that was happening he didnt protest.

He jumped a little as he heard the clack of the heavy duty clippers. Clyde relished how into this Peters was. "Yes, I'm going to make a new man out of you son."
Suddenly Terry felt the warm metal against his skin. The vibrating teeth were already making short work of his long sideburns. He wanted to say stop but as he touched his crotch lightly he knew to let the barber go on.
Clyde changed guards a few times creating a very high, tight fade, Terry watched in silence as the barber meticulously went over and over the hair so no obvious lines remained, the remaining hair on top looked like a modern pomp and Clyde knew it made the cop look gay.

Just as Terry thought the barber had finished he was lowered back, almost horizontal for the beard to be shaved. A hot towel was wrapped around his face and left for a few minutes. He could hear the lather machine being started up. He'd never had a barbershop shave before and now he was about to experience one. He was going to really enjoy this though when he saw the straight edge razor being used he became a little worried. Clyde would carefully remove the warm lather with the blade wiping it on a towel over Terry's shoulder. As more and more lather was removed Terry noted how much younger he looked in the face especially with his new haircut.

As Clyde finished up Terry noticed he hadn't shaved above the top lip at all.
The dark stubble already showing the signs it could be a decent moustache.
Taking some after shave he finished up the shave with a bracing sting from the lotion. It actually stung more than he thought it should but he was too busy looking at himself in the mirror.
Brushing him down and removing the cape, Clyde spoke first, "I thought as the haircut made you look too youthful, maybe you should grow a moustache, give you a little edge. You've already got a great start with the way your hair grows."

As he stood he realized the moustache was already very dark and obvious, maybe he should let it grow seeing he had some time off. He'd never grown one before, though many at the precinct were sporting them.

Clyde watched the cop get into a small, red SUV and drive off. He was very surprised the cop put up with the changes, he was obviously into haircuts and shaving. That gave him another idea so he phoned the pub and spoke to it's bartender and owner, Avery. Overnight, he had formulated a plan to deal with Officer Peters, he just hoped it worked.

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