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Boy Band by CharlieBrown

In 2010 there was a popular boy band in America which consisted of 3 boys; all of them were 19 years old. They were pretty popular at first until their popularity began to fizzle out. When the group first started they had 6 consecutive top 10 hits; 2 years later and the last couple songs they released barely made it into the top 40. The boy group consisted of Levi, Juan, and most importantly Z. Z was considered the bad boy of the group he had tats covering his entire arm and he smoked a lot. He is a very good looking guy his skin was golden brown, he had a perfectly trimmed beard, and his hair was dense, long and jet black. The color of his hair was similar to the color of a Raven it was brilliantly black. Z's latest style was 6 inches at the top all jelled upward while he slicked the side of his hair to the back; it was a very edgy yet sexy look.

The manager of the group came in; "Hey you guys I know its been tough but I got you a gig at some kid show! That will get you guys some publicity that y'all desperately need!" All the boys smiled and said cool. The manager added on, "Remember this is a kid show so don't do any shenanigans in a week that will get you negative press or the kid show will cancel on us! By the way they're prepared to give each of you a million bucks just for the episode you'll be on!"

Juan exclaimed "Wow each of us will get a million bucks just to be on some dumb kid show for one episode? Thats amazing!"

Levi, the leader of the group gave a stern look at Z and told him; "You better not mess this up; dont do anything stupid that will get us off the episode. You understand?"

Z rolled his eyes; "Calm down and get that stick out of your ass. I'm not gonna do s**t!"

The following day all the boys were hanging out in their condo. Levi and Juan were playing video games while Z kept blow drying his hair to get some volume to it.

Levi shouted at Z; "Hey stop messing with your hair and join us on some video games!"

Z replied, "Um not right now. I'm gonna get some fresh air for a bit."

Z stopped blow drying his soft thick jet black locks and went to the nearest park to smoke a cigarette; his band mates refused to let him smoke indoors since he almost burnt the place down once. Ever since that day Z was too scared to smoke a cigarette indoors. Little did he know there was a paparazzi that snapped a photo of him smoking that day in the park.

Z went back home and slept until he abruptly woke up after ice-cold water was dumped on him. Z gasped "What the Hell" He was still foggy and his eyes were half closed. Levi smacked Z on the head; "You f***ing dumb ass I told you not to screw this up! Look at the news!"

Z stammered; "What are you talking about?" Levi grabbed Z by the shirt and basically dragged him to the living room where the news was on the TV. Z watched the news as the anchor showed a picture of Z smoking at the park. The anchor said that the Boy band was supposed to be make an appearance on a kid show but after the picture of Z broke out the kid channel decided to cancel the boy band's gig since they don't condone smoking and its a bad influence on the children make up most of the views on the program.

Both Levi and Juan shouted at Z hurling insults at him for getting them booted out of a kid show that was supposed to give them good publicity and money. Z repeatedly apologized. Z called their manager to try to get him to talk to the kid channel so they can get back on the show. After a couple of hours the manager came at the boy band's condo. Levi quickly opened the door and asked his manager frantically if what happened.

The manager spoke, "Ok boys I talked to the kid Chanel's representative and he decided to give you guys one more chance but if any of you screw this up, and I'm especially talking to you Z, then this great opportunity is over! So don't screw up and Z you better not smoke!"

All the boys breathed a sigh of relief and thanked their manager.

Levi closed the door then shoved Z to the floor. Levi grabbed Z's hair and told him, "If I see you smoke before our gig I'm gonna shave your head bald do you f***ing understand??" Z shoved Levi off and yelled, "Get off me you dick!" Levi stared at Z and told him, "I'm being f***ing serious. You will be bald if I catch you smoking before our gig." Levi walked away while Juan sat next to Z closed his fists and rubbed Z's scalp making a buzzing noise. Juan told Z, "Dont screw up."

Only 4 more days till the gig but Z couldn't stop thinking about cigarettes. Z kept rubbing his arms to try to sooth himself but he couldn't take it any more so he got up and went outside. Levi shouted "Where are you going Z?" Z replied "I'm going outside" Juan shouted back, "You better not smoke a cigarette or you'll be kissing your pretty hair goodbye!"

Z just rolled his eyes and walked out of the condo. Z couldn't overcome the urge of smoking a cigarette he decided to smoke in an alley in between his condo building and an apartment complex. Z looked around cautiously got his cigarette out and lit it. He put it in between his lips and inhaled. The taste of the cigarette numbed his body and calmed his nerves as he exhaled.

Z gasped when he heard Levi's voice condescendingly repeating his name, "Z, Z, Z, all you had to do was not smoke until we got the gig but you were too stupid to do that." Z's eyes widened he started to panic. His voice shook as he said, "Guys... Just give me a break." Levi and Juan grabbed Z by his arms and lifted him up while dragging him back to the condo as Z screamed.

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