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Boy Band Part 2 by CharlieBrown

Levi opened the condo door as Juan threw Z in. Z desperately tried to plea to them to no avail as he felt a sharp pain on his abdomen when Levi punched him. Gasping for air Z stammered "Please just..." Before Z could finish his sentence Juan kicked him hard in the stomach. Z just clenched his stomach in pain; he couldn't move or yell as he desperately tried to breath.

Levi instructed Juan; "Go get the clippers." Juan smiled and obediently ran to get them.

Z still clenching his stomach dragged himself to the couch trying to stand up until he felt a strong hand grabbing his face. Z heard the loud clippers and felt them dive into his thick black hair. "Aaahhh!" Z moaned as he felt his head being pulled back by the dull clippers. The clippers could barely go through Z's thick dense locks only leaving a small bald patch on the front of his head. Levi aggressively slammed the clippers on Z's head and pulled the clippers back as Z yelled in pain. The clippers only made the bald patch an inch bigger before getting clogged up by Z's hair.

Levi angrily yelled, "Damn it! Juan get some scissors!" Juan ran to the kitchen and got two pairs of scissors one for himself and one for Levi.

Z started crying as he held some clumps of his hair that was on the floor, "WTF is wrong with you guys??"

Levi shouted back; "WTF is wrong with us?? WTF is wrong with you!! You keep messing everything up! I gave you a simple direction; just don't smoke until we get the gig because last time the paparazzi took a pic of you and we almost lost the gig!"

Z stared at Levi with his watery brown eyes and said, "I could call the cops on you. This is assault."

Levi laughed; "If you call the cops on us then the band is over. If the band is over then you can't finish paying your mom's house mortgage and she'll be a little bum! So whats it gonna be Z? Accept your punishment or call the cops and ruin your mom and your life?"

Z looked at Levi disgustedly and mumbled, "Just get it over with."

Levi smiled, "Alright Z. Hey Juan come help me cut this s**t off Z's pretty little head!"

Juan laughed as both of the boys began grabbing Z's hair and cutting it off. Z sat there with a blank look as his head kept being pulled from one side to the other as Levi and Juan kept grabbing handfuls of Z's hair and hacking it off. All Z could hear was the crunching of the scissors and the laughter of his band mates at his expense. 10 minutes passed as Z's head was being pulled back and forth while his hair was being cut savagely.

Levi looked at Juan and asked him "Should we get the clippers?"

Juan was too busy throwing handful of Z's hair into the air while laughing as if it was snow being thrown up in the air by a three year old. Finally Juan responded, "Um... you cut pretty much all of it off but I think it should be a little shorter since the clippers suck."

Levi examined Z's shorn hair and responded; "Alright... there's still some parts of Z's hair thats two inches long so I'll keep cutting his s**t."

Levi grabbed Z's handsome face and tauntingly asked; "How are you liking your new barber?"

Z continued to stare blankly and silently as Levi laid the scissors right on top of Z's scalp and continued to cut what was barely left. After a few minutes Levi gazed admirably at the horrendous haircut he gave Z. His once beautiful dense black locks were all cut down to the scalp with some bald spots showing.
Juan exclaimed; "Finally now I can shave Z with the clippers!"

Juan shoved the clippers down Z’s head shaving what was left down to only grey grains of hair. Z’s scalp was like sand, only microscopic little dots of hair remained. Juan enjoyed taunting Z by grabbing his head aggressively and holing it in awkward positions as the clippers drove up and down side to side all over Z’s head. Juan shoved Z’s head down to his chest as the clippers went up his head. Then Juan yanked Z’s head to the side as the clippers drove around his ears. Finally Juan grabbed Z’s chin as he drove the clippers all over Z’s scalp. Since Juan held the clippers in awkward positions instead of shaving Z’s scalp front to back it made the buzz cut look patchy. There were strips of Z’s head that appeared to be completely smooth, other parts looked like rough sand paper, while some patches were a cm long.

Levi went to Z’s face and laughed while roughly rubbing Z’s scalp, "Oh yeah, look at that bald f***ing head of yours; such a gray scalp I love it! Don’t you want to style your hair with some jell?"

Z rolled his eyes trying to compose himself; "Alright we’re done here; all my hair is shaved off you had your fun."
All the sudden Z heard a squirting noise as a sticky substance went on his shorn scalp. It was Juan squirting hair jell on Z’s scalp. Both Juan and Levi historically laughed.

Juan couldn’t stop laughing as he rubbed the hair jell on Z’s scalp; "Hey Z I’m gonna give you that spikey hair style you always do!"
Levi was red with laughter rolling around the floor as Juan kept rubbing and slapping the hair jell on Z’s bald scalp.
Z just sat there; he felt like crying but he didn’t want to give them the satisfaction, so he put a tough face and just exhaled.
After Levi stopped laughing he ordered Juan to wipe off all the jell from Z’s scalp. Juan placed an old raggedy towel on Z’s head and wiped all the jell off Z’s gray patchy scalp.

Levi told Z condescendingly, "Is your little head cold? You really should have had that buzz cut over the summer instead of the middle of November!" Levi laughed as he felt impressed with his mediocre taunting.

However Z didn’t want Levi to experience the satisfaction so Z teasingly responded while smiling, "Well my hair was getting a bit long anyway and the shaved head does help my bad boy image that all the girls seem to love. I guess it feels a bit breezy but I’ll get used to it."
Levi was definitely not amused as he glared at Z but then responded to Z in an equally sassy way, "Oh well I don’t want your buzz cut to feel like a burden to you since you feel a bit chilly, so let me help you out." Levi had a devilish grin on his face; Z looked composed but in the inside he felt a little scared…. What did Levi have in mind?"
To Be Continued!!!!

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