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You give, and you get... by Baldbearded

* This story contains homoerotic content.

I hope this makes up for the last story!

David always knew he was handsome. His parents, grandparents aunts and uncles always told him this. He was the only son of the only son, so he was also spoiled rotten. David always got his way, whether it was presents for birthdays and holidays, or how he kept his room, or his hair. David had beautiful hair, everyone told him so, and so as a teenager he grew it long.

David would spend hours on his hair, the right shampoos, conditioners and other lotions and potions. Every six weeks, David would go to the salon, with his mom, Irene, and have the ends trimmed. Even there, the ladies fawned over him, his thick, slightly wavy dark brown hair with the natural red and blond highlights.

It was no surprise that David was lazy in school. A doctors note got him out of gym, and he only did well in the subjects he cared about. Despite growing into a bit of a vain asshole, David had lots of friends. What David did not realize that most of these so-called friends only wanted to be around him because he was handsome, and he had money. David would spend lots of money taking his friends to the movies, and throwing great parties.

When David was sixteen, his parents bought him a car, of course. Being the only child, he got what he wanted, a BMW convertible, which he soon wrecked, and it was replaced by another. When it was time for college, David of course had no idea of what he wanted to study, but that was no matter, since he was going into business with his father and his grandfather, in their clothing business. This suited David just fine, because his father and grandfather owned a chain of high-end men’s clothing business. This was great because it guaranteed him a steady supply of new clothes, buying trips to Europe and the chance to meet some really handsome men. He would gladly suffer four years of college for what he considered a smooth ride.

Since David’s grades were terrible, and his PSAT scores even worse, his father found someone to take the SATs for him, and basically bought him into a decent private business college.

While David was the darling of high school, he truly struggled in college. He had trouble making friends, and his good looks were not as much of an asset. This was especially true of his hair. His long hairstyle was not really in fashion anymore, and most guys on campus had short hair. This was especially true of the frat boys who all had buzzcuts, and would constantly tease David, calling him faggot and hippy.

David refused to cut his hair, he was vain, and this was the part of him that he thought was the most beautiful. David was indeed depressed. He missed his friends from High school, but soon realized that once he was no longer there to buy them dinner, movie or concert tickets are rides in the car, they had all but disappeared. He did not even have a brother or sister to confide in, since his parents were too afraid to even bring another child into the house, fearing that David would not be able to handle the loss of attention.

David started to spend less and less time on campus, and more and more time in town. Every evening he would go from one gay bar to another, trying to see if maybe he could meet someone. Of course the bars that David went to were the Twink bars where he was competing with guys his own age who had not neglected their bodies, and while not fat, David had no muscles. He avoided the bear bar, as he would not even think about being with someone so fat and hairy.

David managed to squeeze through his first semester without failing, but it was a struggle. During winter break, David also found out that his roommate had decided to ditch him, complaining that he took up too much space in the room, and spent too much time in the bathroom, preening in front of the mirror.

David returned to school, after the winter break, to find he had a new roommate, Sam. Sam opened the door to their small room, wearing leather motorcycle gear, carrying a helmet in one hand, and an army duffle in the other. David was a bit put off by Sam’s appearance. His head was totally bald, and he had a thick back beard and mustache. Sam threw the duffle down on the empty bed, and extended a leather-gloved hand "hi, I am Sam, I had no idea that these rooms were co-ed". David frowned "I am not a girl", Sam laughed "well, with that hair, you could have fooled me". Sam smiled, his blue eyes sparkled, and he laughed. "Just kidding dude".

Sam was pretty easy going, and the two of them got along despite their differences. Sam needed little closet space, and spent little time in the bathroom, choosing to shave his head in the shower every morning. It was, pretty obvious to Sam that David was spoiled and lazy. The car, the clothes, the fact that he studied maybe an hour or two a week, and didn’t need to have a job.

After about a month together, Sam realized that David didn’t go out, or participate in any on-campus activities. One Saturday night, Sam decided to ask David to go into the city with him, as he was going to meet some good friends at a biker bar in town. "David, why don’t you take a ride with me into town". David explained that some of his friends flew in from out of town, and they were going to meet at a bar in the city. Sam protested, but David was adamant. Sam pushed, and handed David a spare helmet. "It will mess up my hair, David protested". "Tie it, braid it, chop it off, who gives a f***", let’s go. David sighed, and braided his hair, and tried on the helmet, it fit. They both put on jackets, Sam, his leather racing jacket, and David his puffy jacket. He looked ridiculous, but it was cold out.

Outside, Sam started up the big BMW, and told David how to get on behind him, and hold him tight. David mounted the bike, a bit shaky, but once they started moving, he actually started to enjoy himself. He liked the feeling of the speed, holding tight onto the handsome Sam, feeling the bike lean as Sam took the curves at speed. They finally stopped, and parked along a strip of other motorcycles. It was at this point David realized it was a gay bar. Once they had their helmets off, David asked Sam "you are gay". Sam laughed, of course I’m gay, now let’s go in, I am freezing". David followed Sam into the dark bar. The place did not look like the other gay bars he was familiar with. It was dark, with lots of leather. There was motorcycle memorabilia on all the walls, along with witch patches from all sorts of biker clubs, which David would soon realize were all gay. Sam’s friends were waiting for him, and they hugged and kissed him, and were happy to see their friend. They were quite the mix, some older, guys with long hair and beards, some guys with shaved heads, like Sam, and all had facial hair of some type. Some had huge muscles and some were heavy-set. It took a while, but he soon realized that everyone was gay, even though they didn’t look it, at least to him.

Sam made sure to introduce David to everyone, and they were genuinely nice to him. Most of the evening was spent with the guys catching up, but they made sure to include David. What David realized, was that he had nothing much to say. He had true few interests, other than himself. He also realized that had few social skills. These men were not interested in what he could buy for them, as they didn’t his money. He also realized that no one was drinking. "Sam, no beers, David asked". "Nope, we are all riding, only the bitches can drink". "Bitches… David quizzed". "Yep, bitches, those like you, who ride on the back, you can have two beers, the rest of us who ride, we don’t drink, club rules".

David bought himself a beer, and he felt himself loosening up a bit. The guys got up, and started to dance, Sam came over, and started to dance with him. David realized just how handsome Sam really was, despite the beard and the shaved head. As the evening wore on, David felt ore and more at east, and found himself more and more attracted to his roommate. The ride home was a bit of a blur, after two beers, David was a bit of a lightweight with the alcohol.

Once back at the room, Sam started to make his moves on his roommate. "You had a good time tonight, did’t you". David smiled, and said yes, his friends were nice. "And you want me, don’t you". David blushed "umm, yes". "And you get everything you want, don’t you". David slurred, "yes, of course, I always do". Sam really wanted David, but knew that this spoiled brat needed a bit of a lesson. "You want me, that’s great, but I need you to give me something". David was confused, was Sam a rent-boy, did he want payment. David was horny enough that he went to get his checkbook. "Not money you idiot". David was confused "what do you want". Sam reached out, and yanked at David’s braid. "I want this". David was shocked "you want my hair?". "Yes, I want your hair, you spoiled little boy, I am not your mommy and I am not going to give you what you want, just because you ask for it." At this point, Sam had taken off all of his clothes, and he was gorgeous. Under the fur of his chest and abdomen, David saw that Sam really worked out. David realized that he was as hard as a rock. "I want you Sam, I really want you, but I won’t give up my hair, that’s stupid".

Sam started to get dressed "What are you doing, David shouted. "I bet all of your life you got everything you wanted, and you never had to do anything, but ask. You don’t work in school, you don’t work on your body, you don’t work at friendships or relationships. If you can’t buy it, you don’t want it. Except for your hair, that is the only thing you work on. If you want me, if you want to have sex with me, and maybe be my friend, or even my boyfriend, you will need to work for it".

David heard the words that Sam had spoken. They were true. All his life, his family gave him everything. But he had nothing. No friends, no love, no hobbies or interests other than hair and clothes. But his hair. He knew that Sam wanted all of it, it was clear.

"OK, you can take it". David was trembling as the words came out of his mouth. "Oh no, I am not going to take it, you are going to give it to me". Sam reached into his closet, and took out a small, black bag. From that bag, he produced a pair of small, sharp scissors. "Now cut it". Sam dragged David into the small bathroom, and stood him in front of the bathroom mirror, and handed him the scissors. "Now, cut". David’s hands were shaking, and he started to cry. With his left hand, he reached up and pulled the braid that was tied at his nape, and with the right, he reached around, and placed the scissors at the base of the braid, and started to cut. The sound of the scissors scrunching competed with the sound of his heart beating. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Finally, the heavy braid came free. With tears in his eyes, he handed the braid to Sam "this is yours", he said. Sam smiled, reached over and embraced David, and kissed him deeply. David felt warm, a warmth he had never felt before. He should have been upset my the loss of his hair, but he had never been held like this before.

"Now sit". Sam brought over a chair, and David sat down. Sam then plugged in a pair of clippers, and quickly started to clean up what was left of David’s hair. David was silent as the clippers started to move up the back of his head, into the crown. Slowly Sam worked the clippers around the side of David’s head. Hair was falling everywhere. Next the top, Sam took out a comb, and started to craft a perfect flattop. Without hair covering his face, Sam realized how masculine David looked. When he was done, he embraced David again, and led him back into the room. David kissed Sam, deeply "Thank you", and now I will give you something, for what you have given me". Sam took David to his bed, and they made love, for hours.

The next morning, David awoke to see Sam getting ready for a run. Normally, David would stay in bed for a few more hours, until it was time for brunch in the campus dining hall, but on this day, he got up, put on some sweats "I am joining you". Sam was easy on David, but was happy for the company, and the sudden interest in physical fitness.

Back at the room, they both showered together, David was amazed watching Sam shave his head in the shower. When they got out, David went over the to sink to start to shave. Sam quickly grabbed the razor out of David’s hands. "The only thing getting shaved, here is my head." and he quickly tossed the razor in the trash.

After brunch, they went for a ride. That night, they had sex again. That Monday, David was early for class, and found a new vigor. Instead of TV, he was actually studying. When Spring break came around, he went home, and had a big surprise for his parents. First, they were shocked to see their son, full beard and short hair, and in good shape. He also had some surprises for them, one getting a 4.0 for all of his mid-term exams, and a guest was coming for dinner. At dinner, David introduced his parents to his boyfriend, Sam. It was tense for a bit, since David had neglected to officially come out to his parents, but after a bit of shock, the evening went OK.

"So, David, where are you flying off to for Spring Break", his mom asked. "Dad, if it’s alright with you, I want to work in one of the stores". His dad was surprised, David never wanted to work in the stores, he just wanted the clothes.

David was truly a new person, he realized that when he gave up his hair, he gained so much more.

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