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Dr. Rick gets sheared by BaldBearded

Eran and Rick were two of the most popular doctors at Swedish Hospital. Eran, a pediatric Surgeon, tall shaved head and a big black beard and Rick, equally tall, with long, flaming red hair, his equally big beard topped with enormous walrus mustache gave him the nickname the "gentle lion", was a pediatric oncologist. The two met as interns, and married as residents. They had tough jobs, but they both loved children, and the children loved them.

Maybe the one person on the staff who did not love them so much was Adam. Adam was in the Israeli army with Eran, and followed him to the US, after medical school. While Eran was accepted as an Intern at Seattle Children’s, where he met Rick, Adam did not quite make it, and wound having to take a job as a Surgical Nurse. This kept him close to Eran, but he was bitter, and extremely jealous of the wonder couple. When the two were not working at the hospital, they were volunteering for Doctors without Boarders. Eran was able to buy his parents a new apartment on the beach in Tel Aviv, and make sure that his nieces and nephews all had their college tuitions paid for. Rick was as equally generous. He made sure his parents were taken care of, and paid them back for supporting him through college and med school.

Eran and Rick had a modest house in Ballard, and shared one car, they had a ton of friends and had a really great life. Things did not work out so well for Adam. Adams parents never forgave him for not becoming a doctor, and ridiculed him whenever he was back home, visiting. Unlike earn, his parents never came to visit him in his small condo in W. Seattle, saying "we will come when you have a proper house for us to stay in".

It also didn’t help Adam that he was small, balding, with a scraggly beard and a bad attitude. He had few friends, and was not well liked by the doctors and nurses at Children’s. When the opportunity came up for him to take a similar job at Swedish, he jumped at the chance.

So, when the day came when Eran noticed that Adam was scheduled to be his scruff nurse for a surgery, he panicked. They met in the army, had a quick fling, and Eran had quickly broken up with Adam after Adam decided to broadcast to the entire medical unit that they were a couple. Adam took the breakup poorly. The stress started to cause his hair to fall out, and at 20, he was as bald as a 50 year old. This, of course, he blamed on Eran. Of course, now everything was Eran’s fault. His not passing the boards, his not becoming a doctor. And the biggest insult, marrying that big, Norwegian god, with his gorgeous hair and beard, and flawless looks. Eran quickly contacted surgical scheduling, and tried to have Adam taken off his service. The nurse in charge normally had no problem with this, but it was flu season, and he had three other surgical nurses out sick.

Eran tried to keep his calm, when Adam walked in to scrub in for surgery, but as soon as Adam saw Eran, he started cooing in that syrupy voice that you know was really sarcastic. "Nice haircut, sweetie", Adam said in Hebrew. "I started to loose my hair, so Rick thought I should shave it". Rick, as soon as Adam heard that name, he flinched. Rick, who was in his place, his rightful place. "And how is your big Norwegian" Goy (non-Jew). "Rick converted when we got married, so he’s Jewish now". "Oh how nice, mazal tov, now you can make some ginger-babies". The other staff were unaware of what was being said, but Eran was getting angry". "Adam, let’s keep this professional, we have a delicate procedure on a five year-old child, we need to keep focused".

During the procedure, Adam made some serious mistakes, handing Eran the wrong instruments, and the wrong gauge silk for stitches. With each mishap, Adam muttered some quick nasty remark, in Hebrew. Of course this was on the record, as all surgeries are video-taped and recorded. Luckily, the procedure was a success, but Eran was fuming, and Eran filed a complaint with the head of the department.

That night, at home, Eran told Rick all that had happened, and Rick suggested that Eran have Adam fired. Rick knew the whole story. What he did not tell Eran that Adam had been sending him nasty notes ever since they got married. "You need to do something before someone gets hurt, or killed", Rick suggested. Eran knew he was right. He also knew that losing his job, under these circumstances could get Eran not just fired, but deported, since he was on a Visa, not able to get a green-card like he did.

The next day, Eran and Adam were pulled into a meeting. The department head played the video, with another staff member, translating the jibes. Adam, I don’t know how things were at Children’s, but at Swedish, we have a zero tolerance policy for shenanigans in the OR. I am sorry, but we are letting you go. Adam was furious. He knew he would have to leave Seattle, and go back to Israel, and live with his mean parents until he found a job. After getting fired, this would be on his record, he would be lucky to get a job as an orderly. As Eran got up to leave, Adam screamed at him, in Hebrew, that he would get his revenge".

Adam was in a rage, after he left HR. There were no benefits for getting fired, and his visa was dependent on this job. He had two weeks to sell his condo, pack his things, and return home. He would get back at Eran, and he knew the best way to do it.

At home, that night, Rick assured Eran that things were fine, that Adam would be too pre-occupied with leaving to get any revenge on him. Eran was not so sure, but he decided to head his husbands’ advice, and just go about his normal routine.

Two days passed, and things were quiet, Eran and Rick assumed that Adam was soon on his way home, and that was it. It was late, Eran had gone home, and Rick was pulling a double-shift as the other Pediatric Oncologist was out with the flu. You could not risk getting these kids sick, with their weakened immune systems. After late rounds, Rick decided he could use a nap, and went into the on-call for a short lie-down. Rick slipped into the on-call, and shut the light. A few minutes passed when he was awoken by the sounds of the door opening and closing. He then felt someone get into the bed with him. Ha he knew it Eran hated sleeping alone, and on many occasions, he had come back to the hospital to sleep with him. Before Rick could turn around, he felt a sharp jab of pain in his neck, and then everything went blank.

When Rick came to, he was sitting upright, bound in a chair. He could see and hear, but was paralyzed and could not speak. He was scared, because he instantly saw Adam, and knew that he was in deep danger. Adam had stripped him totally naked. "wakey wakey you hair beast", Adam rubbed his hand on Rick’s red, furry chest. "What beautiful hair your hair", and started to run his hands through Rick’s long mane. "I had beautiful hair like this, once, but now it’s gone, and it’s Eran’s fault. He can’t pay any more, but you can". Rick was frightened, what was the maniac going to do? He tried to move, but he was paralyzed. He realized that he was sitting in front of a mirror. And laid out, in front of him were surgical scissors, clippers and razors.

Adam picked a lock of Rick’s hair, and then with the surgical scissors, snipped it off at the scalp, and placed it in Rick’s naked lap. Then another. Tears formed in Rick’s eyes. Slowly, savoring every moment, Adam cut off more and more of Rick’s long, red hair. Soon, it was all gone, laying in a heap on his lap, and now covering the floor. "Not so much a lion, anymore, are we", Adam snarled at Rick. "But we are not done yet". Adam put down the scissors, and picked up the surgical clippers, light, and battery operated, they cut close. Adam placed the clippers at Rick’s forehead and plowed backwards, leaving a trail of stubble on his victims head. Pass after pass, a shower of short, red hairs started to fly. Soon, he has done. Or was he?

"Not quite done, as we", and with that Adam started to dry-shave Rick’s scalp with the surgical razor. It took a few blades, and Adam nicked Rick’s head a few times, but he was done.

Rick looked at his reflection in the mirror, he was humiliated. Her tried to move, but the paralytic was too strong. All he could do was cry.

A home, Eran was becoming worried, he usually heard from Rick, and when Rick did not answer his phone or texts, he got even more worried. He would not think that Adam would have the nerve to do something, was he that angry, that jealous?

Back in the hospital, Adam started to play with Ricks’ bushy big beard. Running his fingers through it, and making handlebars out his huge mustache. Normally this would have been a huge turn-on for Rick, but this was not foreplay, it was torture.

Adam started to pick up the clippers, and then put them down, and grabbed the scissors. With his left hand, he grabbed a chunk of red beard, and cut. Then, he grabbed a bunch of hair at the chin, placed the blades at the chin, and crunch. A massive pile of red beard hair came down. Adam was now in a frenzy, cutting more and more chunks out of Ricks massive beard, being careful to leave the huge mustache for last.

As Adam was picking up the clippers, Eran was racing across town to the hospital, he called hospital security, and said that if they can’t find him to call 911. Hospital security started to search the hospital, quietly locking down the exists, not to create a panic, so late at night.

Adam ran the clippers down Rick’s cheeks, removing the beard that he had spent years growing. Rick started at himself in the mirror… his head shaved, the beard he wore since college, also gone, with just stubble remaining. The only thing left, his mustache. Rick loved his mustache, he had never shaved it. His Norwegian heritage gave him the huge mustache that his father, uncles and grandfather had also grown.

Adam then started to play with Rick’s massive mustache. Rick loved when Eran did this, but this again, was not play, he was being kidnapped and assaulted.

Eran reached the hospital, and after arguing with security, was able to gain entrance. The head of security said that they were searching floor by floor, and not found either Adam or Eran. "The on-call room on 8, that’s where he usually goes to take a nap". They raced to the elevators as the officer radioed to his staff.

Adam grabbed the scissor, and with his free hand, grabbed the base of the mustache where it met the right corner of Rick’s mouth. Rick found that the paralytic was starting to wear off, but he still could not move, but he could scream. As the scissors came down on his giant mustache, he let out a scream as the loud crunch was heard. A foot of wiry, red mustache came off of his face. Adam was startled by the screen, he was sure he had given Rick enough of the drug, but this had taken longer than he had planned. He quickly grabbed the other side of the statue, worried that he would be robbed of pleasure of shaving Rick’s lip, clean. Crunch…. and the left side of the massive mustache was gone.

Eran heard the screams coming from down the hallway, as the elevator doors opened. The big security guard fumbled with the keys, as they tried to get the door open. "Careful, he has a sharp object" Rick screamed as he heard the door being opened. Adam lunged at the guard, as he opened the door. He was no match for the burly guard, who pinned him to the floor. Eran followed quickly, and was devastated by what he saw. His husband was bald, his massive beard was nothing but stubble, and most of his huge mustache was gone. Rick struggled to get up, but still could barely move "he gave me a shot of a paralytic, I am not sure what".

A second security guard came in, and placed Adam in handcuffs, who was now shouting profanities, in Hebrew at everyone. When he saw Eran, he shouted to him "look at your lovely husband now". Eran approached him, and looked him squarely in the eyes "my husband will always be more handsome than you, no matter what you did to him, but he is also smarter than you, and kinder than you will ever be".

Eran found some scrubs, and helped Rick get dressed. A nurse with a wheelchair, came and quickly brought him down to the ER, while Eran searched, and found the vial of the paralytic, so they could administer a reversal drug. The staff in the ER were shocked to see Dr. Rick, denuded of his hair and beard, and could not believe that someone could do such a horrible thing.

Adam was taken into police custody, charged with kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and endangerment. Eran took Rick home. And the next morning, they both woke late, after being told to take a couple of days off. Over coffee, Eran evaluated the damage. The scrapes on Rick’s scalp would heal, and the beard would and hair would certainly grow back. The mustache was a disaster, with the sides chopped off short, and the middle a bit longer. "After breakfast, we will fix your mustache". Which they did. And that, eventually would grow back as well. They were lucky that Eran showed up when he did, as they had no idea of what else Adam had planned.

The DA charged decided to place charges, and let Rick know he and Eran would have to testify. It took a couple of months, but they trial date came. Eran and Rick showed up for trial, Rick was sporting a short crewcut, and his beard and mustache had also started to come back. Adam, was brought in, and as if to add insult to injury his hair and beard had been shaved in prison.

Eran and Rick retold the story, and Adams public defender had no real defense, Adams parents had refused to pay for an attorney. The guy found Adam guilty on all counts, and he would go to jail, and at the end of his sentence, would be sent back to Israel, never allowed to return. His condo, car and bank accounts would be liquidated, and forfeited as compensation to the victim.

After five years, Dr. Rick had his mane, back, now tinged with a bit of grey. And Adam, was back in Israel, working as an orderly, in a hospital, far away from his parents.

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