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Totally unexpected shearing by GP

Growing up in the late 70s and early 80s I’d always had shoulder length hair, every few months I had the obligatory tidy up at the barbers in the town and was always taken there by my dad.
One morning just after school was out for the summer I was in town with my mom to get shoes so that I could wear them in for school, I thought we were heading to the bus when my mom sprung it on me that I was getting a haircut right now.
As I sat in the barbers waiting my turn I had a feeling that something wasn’t right.....and what unfolded was just horrifying, it was my turn and I took my seat in the big leather chair, the lady who was about to cut my hair was attractive so I quite liked that as I’ve always preferred and still do like a female cutting my hair.
She wrapped the cape around me and then asked my mom how I was having my hair, the usual trim was what I was expecting to hear......there was a moment of silence and then the words came out.....I’m sick of his hair being untidy so it’s got to go!!!!
I sat there stunned as my mom & the female barber decided that a short back & sides would be the best option, The Barber then asked if I had finished school for the summer because she could take my hair all the way off.
My mom agreed and as I stared wide eyed the barber picked up the clippers, pushed my head down and started shearing me all the way down to the skin, my hair tumbled onto the floor and onto the cape.....it rained down in front of me. I sneaked a glance and saw for the first time in the mirror behind that I had been shaved right down to the skin.
I had gone from a shaggy shoulder length hairstyle into a severely shaved crew cut in a matter of minutes.
The cape was removed and I ran my hand up my shaved neck....all I could feel was stubble, I didn’t recognise the kid in the mirror......I trudged back through my hair that was lying on the floor to get my jacket trying to understand why I had been so cruelly sheared, this was to be a regular occurrence after this trip.....I never got used to being shaved to the skin each holiday but sadly knew that it was going to happen.

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