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Ryan gets a Revenge Haircut by SailorNaruto52

Part 4 of a 4 part Story

When Ryan woke up he was tied up in a chair. He was in dark room that had a dank smell. He looked around to find that there was almost nothing in the room except for one thing that caught his eyes. It was a pair of normal clippers and a pair of balding clippers. He suddenly started breathing heavily. Just then someone walked in. It was Tyler Geswindt and he still had his horseshoe haircut and was standing over him.
"Hello Ryan." Tyler said with a devilish smile.
"What are you doing? Where am I?" Ryan asked panicking.
"Oh don’t worry Ryan. You’ll find out soon enough."
Ryan was breathing extremely hard and he felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. He was also seating like a pig and his hair was dropping from the sweat. Tyler walked away. Then George walked in his scalp covered in stubble.
"Hello Ryan," George walked up to Ryan. "How are you today?"
"What are doing George?" Ryan was really nervous now.
"Oh nothing," George smiled. "Just going to give you a little makeover in the hair department."
"Look, I’m sorry for what I did, but you don’t need to do anything drastic."
"Oh, don’t worry you’ll understand what it’s like to transform now. Aren’t you excited Ryan?"
"Pleass George, just let me go."
"Can’t do that Ryan. Tyler and I need revenge and you’re our first customer."
With that George put tape over Ryan’s mouth. George then grabbed the clippers and put the #2 attachment on. He set them on Ryan’s forehead. He pulled back the clippers gliding through the luxurious length leaving only short bristles in it’s wake. He let the hair in the clipper fall in front of Ryan’s face. He continued reducing the top to only short bristles. Long locks of brown hair falling all over Ryan.
George then cut the sides down to bristles. Hair was all over Ryan now. Ryan just wanted to cry, but George was not finished yet. George picked up the balding clippers and was ready for phase two of the makeover. Ryan was ready to cry.
"George please stop." He begged.
"No can do gotta make sure you’re humbled now."
With that said George started shaving the top of Ryan’s head. He got rid of all the bristles and revealed a swath of white scalp. Any hair on the top of Ryan’s head was reduced to stubble. George stopped and brushed off the top of Ryan’s head. Tyler then came back with two bowls with different mixtures.
"What are those?" Ryan said terrified.
"Oh these," Tyler lifted gestured with the bowls. "Well one is high concentrated bleach and another is balding solution."
"Why are you doing this?"
"Why did you cut our hair like this?" George asked.
"I don’t know," Ryan was about to cry. "Because it felt good."
"Well that’s how we feel," George smiled. "Welcome to Old Man land."
Tyler applied a clear mixture on the top of Ryan’s head. It felt cool and nice on the top of his head. Tyler then applied a pure white mixture on sides and back of Ryan’s head. It burned a bit, and tyler then placed a white sheet over the top part of Ryan’s head. Finally he then placed a clear cap over Ryan’s head.
Ryan was very confused and wasn’t sure what was going on. But he had a bad feeling in his stomach. He gulped so loud that he felt like it resonated around the room. After a while Tyler came back with a bucket of water. Tyler removed the plastic cap and tilted the chair Ryan was in back. He then poured the bucket of water over Ryan’s head. He then got a towel and dried off Ryan’s head. Ryan was in a state of shock the whole time it was going on.
"Well Ryan your makeover is complete," Tyler said with a mirror now in his hand. "Time for you to see the new you."
Tyler lifted up the mirror and showed Ryan his new look.
The sides of Ryan’s head where pure white and still short bristles. That alone scared him, but the top was even worse. It was as bald. As in bald bald. He looked like a 50 year old rather than the 30 year old he was. He then started crying. George walked in.
"Now you’ll be keeping this haircut," George walked around the room. "So you might wanna get used to it ya old geezer."
Ryan then dropped his head down in despair. His days of being that guy with the awesome pompadour were over. He was now officially the old geezer barber. He was ready to just crawl up in a corner and cry just about now.
As Ryan despaired George started untying the ropes and pushed Ryan out of the chair.
"If you ever f*** with us again," George threatened while standing over Ryan. "You’ll get an even worse treatment. Get out!"
Ryan left and then it was only George and Tyler.
"Well I would say that went well. How about you Ty?"
"I would agree."
The two got closer.
"You know George. You’re getting a bit scruffy up top."
"Yeah. So are you. Why don’t we solve that problem."
With that Tyler sat in the chair and George kissed him on the lips and picked up the clippers.
. . .
A few months had passed since George and Tyler had gotten their revenge and George was finally meeting Tyler’s dad. He was nervous. He had kept his shaved head as he discovered that not only he like it, but so did Tyler. Tyler had also kept his horseshoe flattop.
George was at the door to Tyler’s house and rang the bell. Tyler answered the door.
"Hey babe. Dinner’s ready. Are you?"
"Yeah I’m excited and nervous. I know how close you are to your dad."
"You’ll do great honey."
Tyler and George kissed.
"He’ll love you Georgie-poo. I know my dad."
George kind of hated when Tyler called him that, but he couldn’t help, but be happy. They then walked into the house and Tyler’s dad was there. Mr. Geswindt still had grown out his high and tight to #4 buzzcut.
"So this is the famous George I hear about." Mr. Geswindt said.
"Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Geschwindt." George then held out his hand.
"Oh please," Mr. Geswindt took George into a hug. "We’re huggers in this family."
Mr. Geswindt then let George go.
"Well should we eat dinner?" Mr. Geswindt asked grinning.
Everyone laughed and they all felt at peace their lives finally together.
. . .
It was a slow day for Ryan. His business had not slowed, but Ryan definitely noticed a change in the reactions he got from customers. Most kids called him a geezer and made fun of his looks. He missed the luxurious pompadour, but no matter what he tried the hair wouldn’t grow back on the top of his head. And he had tried dying the sides of his head, but found he couldn’t change the color. So he now sported a kind of pathetic combover that was pure white. He was miserable.
So as he was sitting in his barber’s chair when a young man with a black undercut that was slicked back with lots of gel.
"Hey old dude. You still open?" He asked quite brazenly
"Yes." Ryan snipped back.
"Cool beans."
The young man then sat down. Ryan caped him up. He started combing through the hair. The hair gel was clearly drooping from the comb.
"What would you like young man?"
"Just trim up the sides to like a number 1 and trim the slip ends off the top."
"Sure thing." Ryan said feeling a bit better now.
Ryan got his clippers and started cutting the sides. As he did the young man piped up.
"So how long you been cutting hair old dude?"
"You know I’m only 30."
"Then why do you look so old?"
"Bad luck."
"Ha ha. Sucks to be you. If I had anything shorting than this I’d die from embarrassment."
Ryan was miffed now. As he cut the back he went all the up to the crown and pushed the clippers forward. Starting the old forced haircut trick as the young man’s face went into shock.

Thank you to those who read this. If your interested in the adventures of a Ryan as a barber with his new look. Then leave a comment showing interest. Thank you.

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