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A Whole New Look.- part 1 by Titan

Eric was a loner, a little unsure of his sexuality although he thought he wanted to marry and have kids. He had done well at college and was on his way to a career in finance.

At 23 he looked very young, something that really bothered him most of the time. He currently wore a goatee to help make him look older. His thick brown hair was styled in the current fashion, a little shorter around the sides and the back, long and brushed back on top.

And here he was, in a old-fashion barbershop waiting to have his hair cut.

He´d been to a recent interview and noticed all the candidates looked more mature than him. After being knocked back he asked the managers personal assistant for some advice. The assistant was a well dressed and styled man with a short, flattop who seemed to be extremely aloof. When I pressed him he said that maybe I should look at my appearance. I thought I presented very well, my clothes and grooming but he told me in the finance business, maturity and experience counted for everything.

I told him that was hard at my current age, but he merely smiled and told me I could at least change my appearance, the maturity would be visual.
I found this odd and I asked him if he had any suggestions for how I should look.
He smiled and gave me a card. It read Tony´s Barbershop.
¨I have being going here for many years and Tony is an expert at creating the ideal look for a gentleman.¨ The assistant said. Phillip was his name and despite his aloofness I appreciated his advice.

So the next day I was at Tonyś surprised to see a man who looked like he´d stepped straight out of a gangster movie.
¨Ah! Yes sir, Mr Phillip comes here all the time.¨ The jovial barber said after i told him of Phillips recommendation.
¨He told me I need to look older for this industry, I barely look 20 as I am." I told him, sitting in the chair looking at the mirror before me.
¨Hmm! You do look very young, I could shave your beard or take your hair shorter and more business-like.¨ Tony was studying me intently.¨But that still would´nt
age you by much. How old do you want to look?¨

Ï was´nt sure, I mean I had´nt really thought about the actual physical age. ¨Well I suppose at least old enough to appear experienced and worldly.¨ I stated.
¨Experienced and worldly and you are a banker. Hmm! And you´ll give me full artistic freedom?¨ He added.
¨Ah....I guess.¨ I said not really understanding what he meant.
¨You really want to be a top-notch banker eh?¨ He asked.
¨Well I´m only starting out but yeah....I would.¨
¨Good.¨ he seemed satisfied. ¨So whatever it takes to get the job.¨
¨Okay, sign here.¨ He held up a form with some legal babble on it.
¨Wh...what is that?¨ I asked a little confused on where this haircut was going.
¨Just a little safeguard in case you don like your haircut." He grinned offering a pen.
¨For a haircut?¨
¨Not everyone appreciates my work.¨
¨Should I read it?¨ I asked a little apprehensively.
¨Up to you sir.¨

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