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Spur of the moment!!! by GP

On a weekend away with my girlfriend at the time I mentioned that I was going to get my haircut shorter than usual in a few days when we returned home, my girlfriend seemed surprised that I wanted to go shorter as I had shoulder length hair and had done all the way through our six month relationship but seemed to rather like the idea.
We had gone to the coast for a couple of nights away and after a long walk and on many occasions questions about my upcoming haircut I sensed my girlfriend was really quite keen to see my hair short, as we walked back to the bed & breakfast we were stopping at I caught sight of a barber shop with an attractive late twenties barberette sitting there waiting for her next customer.
I stopped, looked at my girlfriend and said ‘I’m going to do it now’.......she replied ‘do what?’......’get my hair cut right now and you can sit and watch’ I said, there was a pause then a glint in her eye......she liked the idea, this was definitely going to happen.
We walked into the barber shop and was directed straight to the chair, within seconds I was caped up, the barberette asked what I wanted......I replied ‘I’d like something shorter, maybe a grade 4 on the back & sides’ which would mean a lot of hair coming off, she looked at me then looked at my girlfriend and said ‘How would you like your guy to go properly short, cropped short on top and taken all the way off at the back & sides?’
I was shocked by the suggestion but also felt incredibly turned on too......my girlfriend could sense I was excited by this and said ‘I’d love to see him have all that hair come off’.....within seconds the clippers were fired up and my hair was raining down on the cape and sliding onto the floor, I glanced in the mirror and could see my girlfriend just loving seeing my hair come off, when the cut was done the cape was removed and I just stared at the guy looking back at me....I had been properly shaved on the back & sides.
On the walk back to our digs for the night my girlfriend couldn’t stop touching the back of my head.....I sensed I was in for a very enjoyable evening.....I was right!!!

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