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Swayed by a pretty face by GP

I’ve always had a haircut fetish for as long as o can remember.....more often than not I’ve chickened out and had a short cut but not as short as I’d like, this story takes me back to when I was 17, I went to my local barbers for a tidy up and was met with a very attractive lady.... I reckon she was early 40s and looked fantastic.
She was the barbers wife, I don’t think I’d seen her before but I was more than happy that she was leading me to the chair, I was quickly caped and awaiting the usual ‘how do you want your hair?’ question......but nothing, she just stood behind me with a hand on each of my shoulders.
It seemed as if neither of us spoke for hours but it was really just a few seconds, then the lady spoke and said.....’do you trust me?’.....I said ‘yes’ with a slight nervous wobble in my voice, the lady then said ‘you are a nice looking young man but that haircut does nothing for you...I’m going to give you a short haircut that will look great on you’
I just nodded.......my heart was racing, I felt so turned on and more than a little scared......I watched as this lady picked up the clippers, attach something to them and walk towards me, she took the clippers up the side of my head, I’d never seen so much hair come away, she took the clippers around my ear and then moved to the other side and repeated the shearing.
It was then she moved round to the back and took the clippers slowly up the back of my head repeatedly, I was about to explode......I’d never felt so aroused, the haircut seemed to last for ever and I was loving every second of it although I couldn’t believe I was doing this.
When the cut was finally over the cape was removed and I ran my hand around my head......my hair was gone, I was reduced to stubble apart from a short amount on top, the lady leaned into me and said ‘I knew I was going to take all that hair off from the minute you walked in’.......she looked down while I sat in the chair and could see the obvious excitement I was feeling and said ‘I can see you enjoyed it too’
I never had my haircut by that lady again but saw her from time to time around the area.....we glanced at each other and smiled, occasionally she would rub the back of her head with a look of satisfaction......it was an afternoon I’ll never forget.

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