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Eran and Adam... a love story? by BaldBearded

This is a prequel to the story Dr. Rick gets Sheared.

Adam stepped out of the shower, wrapped his skinny body in a towel, and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was not handsome, and his attempts to grow beard, like some of his classmates, in a an attempt to avoid the daily shave in the army, was a futile one. To make matters worse, his long hair, grown since the end of middle school, greasy and stringy, was starting to thin. There was no bald spots, that he could see, but the tell take signs were there. Hairs clogged the shower drain, and now, as he brushed, long strands of hair were left in the brush. He was heartbroken, since he wished he could look more like his crush, Eran.

Eran, tall, muscular, handsome, athletic, and quite furry. At 14, Eran had his first mustache, and in their junior year in high school, returned from a summer abroad, with a full beard. Eran was outgoing and charismatic, compared to Adams, moody demeanor.

Eran, stepped out of the shower on that same, morning, and glanced at his own reflection in the mirror. His beard, dark and thick, was just like his fathers’. His hair, grown out, like his other male classmates, was thick, and luxurious. The brushed his hair, and wondered how long he would keep it. He knew that he would be buzzing it all off in the next week, getting ready for army service. But his father, had done the same when he went into the army, 28 years before, and came out bald, at 21. His uncles were bald, and so were both of his grandfathers. Unlike his classmate Adam, he didn’t care. One thing Eran was not, was vain.

Adam was obsessed with Eran, despite the fact he did not really have the guts to approach him. It was clear that Eran was gay, and that was not a problem for him in their high school in their affluent suburb of Tel Aviv. But Adam felt inferior, so he would just observe Eran, never approaching or talking to him. He did know that Eran was accepted into the elite Givati brigade, and pushed his father, who was a retired general to pull strings, despite his low physical profile, to get into the unit that Eran would be inducted into.

It was the day of the big bonfire at Apollonia Beach, where they would party, and drink, and finish the evening with the boys being sheared, and the hair thrown into the bonfire. Everyone arrived, and had a great time, even Adam managed to loosen up, and talk with his classmates. The boys and talking about the units they would be joining. When the haircutting time came, Eran was the first to volunteer. His friend Sammy volunteered to cut off the long ponytail, as Sammy chopped away at the pony tail, everyone cheered. Eran took the pony tail from Sammy, and ceremoniously tossed it on the fire. Next, out came the clippers, and someone else from the group offered to shear off the rest of Eran’s hair. In a few minutes, it was done, and the rest of his hair was tossed on the flames. It took about an hour, and everyone was done, except for Adam.

Adam was nervous, he didn’t want anyone to cut his hair, but he knew that if he showed up at the induction center with long hair, he would be subject to the army barber, he also knew if he didn’t do this now, his classmates would be mad at him. Eran stepped out of the crowd, and pulled Adam onto the chair, and brandishing the scissors, chopped off Adam’s long, stringy ponytail. The crowd cheered as the ponytail hit the flames. Next, Eran took the clippers to Adam’s head, and started peeling off the rest of Adam’s greasy hair. Sammy was standing next to Eran, and noticed a shine at the back of Adam’s head, and shouted out to the crowd "baldy, Adam’s got a bald spot". Adam was horrified, he knew his hair was thinning a bit, but never noticed a bald spot, perhaps the ponytail had covered it up. No matter, he was devastated. Eran told Sammy to shut up. As soon as Eran was done, Adam got up from the chair, and fled. Eran ran after him, and tried to catch up with him.

"Hey Adam, don’t worry about it, Sammy was just f***ing with you". Adam was stunned that Eran came after him, let alone talk to him. "Thanks, but I know my hair is thinning, but had no idea it was that bad". Eran patted Adam on the head and said "hey, you look fine, and I will probably go bald by the time I am out of the army, just like my dad". Adam was not 100% reassured, but was so flattered by this sudden attention. The party was wrapping up, and Eran offered to drive Adam home. The chatted all the way home, and Eran was excited to hear that someone else from his class was going to be serving in the same unit as he. When they arrived at Adam’s house, Eran leaned over and gave Adam a kiss, full on the lips. Adam was in heaven, feeling Eran’s thick beard brushing his lips, he was in heaven. Eran smiled "don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at me these past couple of years, I knew, but I wasn’t sure how to approach you". Adam was speechless, still in shock. "I am glad we will be serving together". They said good night, and Adam rushed into the house, and went straight to the bathroom. He examined his reflection in the mirror. His once long, stringy hair was deduced to stubble. There was a clear "M" pattern at his hairline, the hand mirror showed that Sammy was right, there was indeed a bald-spot forming at his crown, now exposed by the new buzzcut. He brushed his hands through his scraggly beard, hoping he could keep it, and would have been more upset, but the kiss had his head spinning.

Two weeks later, at the induction center, the boys arrived together for their day of induction. At the end of the day they travelled to their new base. When they arrived on base, and met their new commander, during line-up, he passed by the new recruits, and stopped at Adam. "What is that s**t on your face". Adam turned red. "Report to the barber, at once… and have that s**t shaved off your face". Adam started to complain, and said that rules say that beards are allowed, and pointed to Eran". His commander shouted at him, and pointed to Eran "when you can grow a beard that like, you can keep a beard", drop and give me 20, and then get you face shaved".

Adam did the pushups as required, and then reported to the barber, as he at in the chair, he watched the barber put the clippers to his beard "keep the mustache please", he said. But as soon as the words came out of his mouth the clippers zipped the mustache off of his top lip. He was furious. What was worse, the barber would not shave him, which meant he had to the canteen, buy a razor, go and shave. By the time he was done, he has missed breakfast, and was given punishment, great, on his first day.

Eran did well during training, while Adam was problematic. Eran excelled at everything, while Adam had to struggle. Adding insult to injury, after each leave, he would come back, with a few days stubble, trying to grow a beard, and his commander made his shave, each time.

The only thing that kept Adam going, was Eran. They became close, and Eran pushed Adam to succeed, whether it was phsyical training, or keeping his bunk straight. When there was the option to attend the paramedics course, Eran pushed Adam to sign-up. It was during the paramedics course, when they shared a room did they start to have sex.

After the course was completed, and they were sent back to their unit, Eran continued to have sex with Adam. Adam would run his hands through Eran’s thick beard, and his short black hair, both enjoying the sensation, and being jealous of Eran at the same time. When the unit was posted to a base in the Occupied Territories, rules were more lax. Adam was allowed to let his beard grow, but it was nowhere near as full and luxurious as Eran’s. They were allowed to grow their hair out beyond the basic crew cut. It was one night, in bed, after they had finished their duty that Adam noticed that Eran had a bald spot on his crown. "You are going bald", Adam said. Eran laughed at him "ha, and so are you". Adam’s hair had continued to fall out during their service. Now at 19, he had a huge bald spot at his crown, and his front hairline had receded enough that there was just a peninsula of hair in the front.

"Well, let’s shave our heads", Eran suggested. He was laughing. Adam was not in such a good mood. He was not a great looking guy to begin with, and without hair, thought he would look worse. Eran jumped out of bed, and grabbed his unused beard trimmer from his pack. "Me first", and he sat on a stool, and handed the clippers to Adam. Adam took the guard off the clippers, and slowly started peeling the short, black hair from Eran’s head. In a few minutes, Adam had reduced Eran’s head to stubble. "OK, get your razor, and shave it". Adam dug his razor out of his pack, and found some water, and a pail. He started to shave Eran’s head, being careful not to nick him. When he was done, Eran’s head gleaned. Eran found a mirror, and started to laugh.

"OK, your turn". Adam was shaking, when he sat down on the stool. Eran turned on the clippers, and nothing. "Damn, let me go and get the surgical clippers from the clinic". Adam sat on the stool, shaking while Eran ran out to get the clippers. Five minutes later, he was back. The surgical clippers made quick work of Adams thinning hair. When Eran was doing the back, he pointed out to Adam that his crown was thinning, as well. When he was done with he clippers, he grabbed the bucket, and shaved Adam’s head. Once they were done, they had sex, again, rubbing each other’s bald heads.

The next day, at breakfast, the talk was all about Eran and Adams’s shaved heads. Other guys in the unit wanted a cut also. It was at this point that Adam blurted out "only boyfriends get the full treatment". Eran was taken aback. Why would Adam make such a comment. He did not hide his sexuality, but if their commander knew that they were a couple, they would no longer be able to service together. Eran got up from the table, and ran outside. Adam, turned red as a beet, and ran after him.

"I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that". Adam was almost in tears. "You know that we could be separated now". Adam knew he had made a mistake. And later during the day, they were called into their commanders office. David had no problems with his soldiers being gay, and in fact, many of the paramedics in the unit were gay. However, there were unwritten rules against couples in a combat unit, because it could compromise the safety of the soldiers, as well as other members of the unit. Both Eran and Adam knew they couldn’t like to their commander, since the truth would come out. Eran spoke first, and said that it was true, they were a couple. Adam confirmed. Eran said he would volunteer to be transferred. It would take a couple of days, in which the boys slept in different huts. When it was time, they said their goodbyes.

As the weeks passed, Adam realized that he had lost Eran, forever. The stress was taking it’s toll on him. Adam didn’t sleep, and didn’t eat. His performance was poor, and worse, as his hair grew back, it started fall out in earnest. In three months time, he was , at 21, as bald as his father at 45.

A few years would pass, Eran and Adam both finished their service. Eran would go on to study pre-med in Tel Aviv, and Adam in Jerusalem. Eran had moved on, and had a serious of boyfriends. Adam had tried, in vain to contact Eran, but Eran had moved on. As the years passed, Adam grew increasingly bitter. He would not cross paths with Eran again, until med school in Washington.

It was a cool August morning when Adam arrived at the UW campus in Seattle. It was a huge difference from after three years of study in conservative Jerusalem. At the orientation meeting, he spotted a tall, handsome black-bearded man with a thick, black horseshoe fringe. The top of his head, was totally bald, like his own. He quickly walked over, and realized that it was Eran. "Eran", Adam was ecstatic. Eran looked up from his lap-top and was surprised to see his former boyfriend staring down at him. Eran rose, and gave Adam a hug, but quickly turned his head, avoiding a kiss from Adam. "What are you doing here", Eran quizzed Adam. "Med school, just like you". Adam reached up and rubbed the top of Eran’s now bald head. "Yep, a bit after I transferred to a new unit, we saw lots of combat, had lots of stress, and it started to fall out, by the time I was released, it was all gone". Adam related a similar story. Adam suggested that they get a beer, after the seminar, but Eran begged off "I would like to stay friends Adam, but I don’t want to re-start anything with you, we both have some tough years of study ahead, and needed to focused". Adam was crushed. For the past three years, all he could think of was Eran. Just as he had given up hope, he was here again, and now he didn’t want him.

Adam was angry, but he knew if he showed Eran his anger, he would probably regret it, and never get Eran back. "OK, I totally get you, we will just be friends". Eran smiled back at Adam, and shook his hand. Adam turned walked away, but his mind was spinning. He knew he would win Eran back, it would just take time.

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