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A Whole New Look - part 2 by Titan

The story of a young man wanting to become an executive in the Finance Industry but not looking the part.


Of course I briefly scanned the letter Tony presented me that seemed to give me no legal say in anything that happened in this shop.

I was more than a little worried what this barber may do to me though a part of me was more than turned on by someone controlling how I should look. I was even more worried when he turned the barbers chair away from the mirror.
Sensing my fear he said. "So I like to surprise my customers at the end, you know, like the big reveal." Tony joked as he picked up a pair of clippers.

I wasn't so sure as I heard the sound of the clippers start up with a tremendous clack. I hadn't had clippers used for a long time, as my usual stylist preferred scissor cutting with only small battery trimmers being used on the sides and neck, and at this very moment I did too.
Without being able to see in a mirror I could still feel it's powerful, vibrating teeth chew through my thick, front hairline drawing back towards the crown before stopping. Now I was worried.
"Now you...you..not taking it too short....I ....."
Tony cut me off, "You agreed complete artistic freedom. You want Bankers job, you let me do my job. I know what you need to look like. A had a good friend Giovanni who was a banker. I help him look like the real gentleman for his job."

I sat there totally shocked. I thought the customer was always right! Apparently not here though Phillip at the North-Western bank had sung Tonys praise. The personal assistant to the bank manager had assured me Tony could help me look the part for a new bankers position and if not at that bank then another one.
The clippers were used sparingly over my head giving me hope I would keep some of my hair.

This was short lived as they were fired up again. It seemed the barber was attaching different guides to the clipper. He seemed to work more on the top which worried me even more. Every so often he turn the hair clippers off and look at me square on before he muttered a few words then he would begin again.
"Yes Sir, you are going to like how I make you look. A real banker just like I remember in Napoli. Giovanni and what a man he was, confident and virile. You are going to love being the new Giovanni, no?"
"Giovanni? Who is that....I mean......."
Again Tony cut me off with a wave of his hand.

I wasn't sure what to say, as Tony was in charge for now. I just knew I didn't have much hair left with the way those clippers had been going over my head and I was at the mercy of a Italian barber who wanted me to look like someone from his Naples named Giovanni.

Wanting this all to end I was surprised when the clippers were silenced.
Was that it? Could I leave now?
Again Tony looked carefully at me. "Yes, yes it's amazing but you do look like my Giovanni a little, but first you need to have that beard gone."
Hearing this was worrying as I had been growing out my goatee for the past year and had nearly got it to the thickness I wanted.
A small beard trimmer was turned on and before I could react the barber was shaving away my prized whiskers.

Wouldn't I look younger without my beard?
It was quick work but then I realized he hadn't touched my top lip.
No, surely he wasn't leaving me with a mustache? I didn't want to look like some porn star from their 80's. But sure enough he used the trimmer to edge a line just on my top lip.
"Much better look for a man." The barber said as he studied the work on my top lip.
I knew I wouldn't like it.

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