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Barber shave by Alexandru

Barber shave

Hello. My name is Alexander . I wrote for the firs time in english language. I live in Romania, central east part of Europe. This is a true story.
A few yers ago it was a hot summer, after graduation the college. My hair at that time was get longer again ,it was shaggy.
I wake up in the morning, and go walk around my neighborhoodnd , to find a proper barbershop. Finally,I saw a old fashioned barbershop.I walked up to the door and go inside. There were three chairs, but only one barber .The barber was young, under twenty â€"five , with a short haircut. He saw me , with my shorts and undershirt " Very warm today, no? asked me."Yes, it is" I said to him. "Why don't you have a seat’ asked me. I slowly walked over to the chair. I sat down , and the barber snapped a white cape around me.
"What can I do you for you?" the barber asked.
"I need to be buzzed down, for summer, maybe number 2 buzz. It is a hot July". I said.
"Number 2 ?!" answerd the young man barber. "I don’t think so. This shaggy hair, keep warm. A nice, buzzed all of, it will make you feel like a new man "
He runs his hand through my hair, behind me, and began smilling. Without another word,picked up the clippers, plugged them, and first placed the # 1 attachment, but he decided he didn’ t need one, turned the clippers and removed the attachment…".Everything of, number #0000, it is much better" said with enthusiasm.
Before I know, I fell the vibration of the clippers shave straight across the top of my head. Four inches of brown hair tumbling onto the cape and floor . After a few passes of the clippers, the barber smile was huge ,as my hair fell away. I couldn t belive what I saw . He shave my head, without any hair. I was very happy, with this new haircut.
"How does a real haircut fell ?" barber asked me, and remove the cape. "Tomorow, I will cut all my hair of, like you. You look good." Say the barber. "Thank you", and I smilled to.
I left the barber shop, feeling pretty pleased, with me, and also feeling a bit more mature.

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