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A Whole New You - part three by Titan

Part 3
Finally he seemed happy with whatever remained of my mustache. He put down the trimmers and proceeded to recline the heavy chair back. He moved to different parts of his counter preparing his equipment.
Soon I felt warm lather on my face. He used a small shave brush to ensure the whiskers would be softened and easier to remove.
I had to admit the sight of the old fashioned blade scared me, though in the hands of the experienced barber it was almost relaxing.
When he finished shaving the remaining stubble from my former beard he surprised me by taking the shave brush and applying the warm lather to my face again. He was shaving me again but this time he seemed to go against the grain. I had to admit the guy was thorough.
When he was finished I wasn't sure I wanted to look in the mirror.

"Now we clean up the top, make you look like the mature banker, like my Giovanni became."
And with that I was more than surprised to have the shave brush applied to the top of my head. Thick lather was being applied to my head. What the hell, this was more than I was prepared for, I knew what was coming next. I got up as best I could from the chairs relined position. "No, that's enough. I don't want to look like some guy named Giovanni and I definitely dont want to be bald!" I shouted as I looked at the surprised barber.
"You said I had freedom to make you look like hotshot banker."
"Yeah but I said nothing about wanting to look like some old boyfriend with a bald head let alone a greasy Italian with a porn mustache." I said forgetting myself.
"What you say? Greasy Italian eh?" Tony looked hurt as he said this. "What is wrong with looking like the Italian man?"
"Well... sorry...but ...I... I mean I don't want to look like this friend of yours."
"Too late, you look very much like my Giovanni. I saw the similar look when you first come in. He very beautiful Italian, not greasy as you say and yes he was a very good banker and he have the beautiful balding at only 24. He look very good and very mature." Tony said as he held the cut throat razor in one hand. "Especially with the big mustache."

I could see the anger in the barber's eye. Obviously Giovanni and he had been very close. I hadn't even thought about the barbers sexuality but now it was obvious.
"Look, I'm not trying to offend you but I don't want to be bald."
"You not bald, you still have hair, just like mature man. Just not so much." Tony said seeing me look towards the mirror.
S**t! I may as well be bald I thought as I looked in the mirror now. I was buzzed down to stubble on my crown, the lighter coloring of my hair barely showing and below a thick circle of darker hair like some old balding dude. Then there was no goatee just my mustache and that was definitely looking obvious without my beard. It was much thicker than I thought sitting squarely above my top lip. I had to admit it made me look a few years older.

"Okay, okay, you no want to look like my Giovanni, but you let me finish, you like how I make you look okay? If not I change." Tony said holding the blade very close to my scalp.
"But I don't want to look too old, I just want to look more conservative, for the position at the bank."
"You sign form and let me do haircut. Okay, if you don't get the job you come back and I fix!" Tony replied.

I was in a difficult place, so I agreed especially since he'd gone this far and held a sharp razor in his hand. "Now you stay still for Tony, yes?"
What could I do except shave the rest off when I got home though I was sure that would be too radical for most banks around here.

Then he took the blade and started to outline my new bald look. Lying back I couldn't see his work but it felt odd at first. I could feel the slow movement of the blade as it cleared the stubble in its path. As more and more hair was shaved there was less impedance and the blade was gliding over smooth skin. It felt amazing and I was getting turned on. I shifted a little on the chair hoping Tony didn't notice.
"This is a very nice feeling, no?" Tony suddenly said. Obviously he noticed I was turned on. I said nothing still angry at being put in this position and not wanting him thinking I liked any of this.

When he had finished he did the same thing again as he'd done for my face, re-lathering my crown area before shaving against the grain.
I think I was relieved when he finished, using a hose attachment to wash my head in a small basin.
I felt his hands massage the scalp and the feeling was incredible. He used some lotion which he rubbed into the naked scalp area. It started to feel tingly after awhile but I quickly forgot about that.
Thinking he was finished when he raised the seat-back up again I was surprised he started to comb my longer hair on the sides. "Too much for the mature man." And with that he started to use the scissors over the comb. I wanted to see what he was doing but I was still turned away from the mirror.

He worked the scissors meticulously, I felt for way too long. He would mutter a few things in Italian then look at me square on. "You look very handsome now." The way he said it was a little unnerving. "Not like a greasy Italian."
"Look I said I was sorry....." I tried to say.
"Be still, don't move or I make mistake." He interrupted.
I was sure everything that had already happened in this shop had been a huge mistake, how much worse could it get.
"You are very annoying, just like Giovanni when he first come to my shop." He suddenly said as he worked the scissors around the back.
"What do you mean by that?" I said a little bewildered by his statement.
"He didn't trust Tony to help him get job."
Whatever did the guy mean? I thought Giovanni had been a banker when they met.
"You...you helped him get the bank job?" I could see a smile forming on his lips.
"Yes, of course....just like I help you."

Finally the scissors were laid down.
"But wasn't he working in a bank before you met?"
"No.... he very young and stupid when he come in shop. He needed a good job and he needed to grow up. I help give him direction."
"You...you made him bald! You said he had early baldness." I was now very nervous.
"He looked very good after haircut just like you do. You will like, I show you now."
Tony then turned the chair back towards the mirror slowly.

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