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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 2 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 2

The Tuesday after I left the firm I arrived at Ed’s shop just as he opened. "Damn son, you look scruffy. What’s going on?" Ed said with a worrying look. "Well I am selling my apartment, I left my job and as soon as I find what I want I will be moving away."

"And what is it you want son?"

"I want to own my own pub in a small town. That is part of why I came here today. I am working on growing out a beard. I was hoping you could help me with it. But I was also hoping you could help me with something else."

"And what would that be son?"

"This is hard for me to ask, but I want a drastic change in my hair style. I really want I have a hairline like yours."

"You mean to tell me you want to trade that fancy pants look for being a bald headed old looking f***er like me?"

"Yes Sir" Why did I just say Sir. I have never called Ed that before but it felt right.

"Well it is about damn time you found your manners son. Let me give us some privacy for a bit. I think we will need it, don’t you think so son?" Ed said as he lower the shades down, locked the doors and put up a sign.

"Yes Sir."

"Now get your ass in the chair son and if you forget your manners again, Dad will blister your tail with my razor strap. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Now you only have one chance to back out before I begin so is this what you really want?

"Yes Dad. I have always though Patrick Stewart was so sexy with his bald head and you as well. Can you help me?"

"I can, but if I do this there is no turning back. I won’t do just a shave job. I will make it permanent. Your daddy can make you as bald as he is. Is that why you have also started growing the beard?"

"Yes Sir. I have loved them for ages and now with my new change in life I can pursue everything I have always wanted."

"Then you wait right here son and I will get what I need." Ed said as he walked into the backroom of his shop, leaving Trent in the chair to wonder and worry.

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