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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 3 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 3

Ed quickly came back with a small box and started pulling some stuff out. "This was sent to me as a gift from one of my suppliers and never had to use it before now." He quickly unloaded the box and got a small pot warming up with some blue stuff in it. "This my son, is a waxing unit. The wax is one of the best around. It not only removes hair but also stops most of it from ever growing back."

Ed got the wax heating up while he got Trent settled in the chair. "Last chance to back out son."

"Let’s go for it Dad." Trent said as he smiled.

Ed grabbed his clippers and put a short blade on and shaved down the top of Trent’s head, outlining his new hairline. When he was finished he grabbed the wax and carefully put it over the area to be stripped clean. The first round was painful for Trent but he soon adjusted to it. Ed was having so much fun grooming up Trent to be as bald as he was. When he was done stripping his scalp of the hair, he quickly groomed up the sides to make him look like he always had male pattern baldness. Ed then set to work and groomed up Trent’s beard so as it grew in it would look impressive.

As Ed worked Trent told him everything he was working on and had planned. Ed kept Trent turned away from the mirror so he never got to see what was going on. It was torture for him, but he was in paradise.

"You ready for the new you son?"

"It is now or never Dad."

Ed turned Trent to face himself in the mirror and Trent’s mouth dropped open. He was speechless. Finally he formed a massive grin on his face and jumped up and hugged Ed thanking him.

"This is perfect. This is what I have always wanted. Amazing work Dad."

"Anything to make my son happy. Now let’s get the cape off of you and the door opened for business. Grab the broom and start sweeping up the mess and don’t be running off. You will be helping your Dad in the shop today." As Ed got the door unlocked, Trent went to the corner and grabbed the broom. When Ed got the shop opened a flood of people poured in.

"Hey you old gezzer, why the delay today?" one of the regulars asked.

"My son came into town and I wanted to get him cleaned up. He is going to be spending a few weeks in town. He has even offered to help me in the shop just so we can spend time together." Ed said as he smiled at Trent.

Trent had fun that day sweeping the shop and making coffee. He even took every chance he had to look at himself in the mirror. He was over joyed with being as bald as Ed was now. He was one step closer to his achieving his dream.

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